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    I already have a PSP, DS and PS3 so I'm pretty much set, I could care less for the Mobile game, puzzle style just isn't my thing.

    I saw someone in this thread deciding on whether to get a PSP or a DS, then I heard complaints about PSP costing too much...

    I believe the DS Lite is around $120-130, PSP is $160 so I don't see the big deal, specially considering the fact it has loads of multimedia capabilities.

    Go for the PSP, not only would it look prettier, but it would be the version most closely related to the main game.

    Cheer up, by the time the PS3 and/or PSP versions are released, both will be much cheaper than they are now. These games are at least a year or two away.
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    What can I say??? I'm a very big Bubble Bobble Fan.
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    VP is and RPG but it is much different than Final Fantasy or Pokemon in both Gameplay and Storytelling.
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    He is talking about VP - 2 for the PS2.

    VP - 1 was for PS1 and VP - Lenneth was the PSP Port.

    I own this game and it does in fact look absolutely beautiful, expecially if you use PS2 component cables and load the game up in it 480p mode.
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    You mean VI right? FF III (US) is actually number VI in the series.
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    I agree with most of what you wrote, except for #4. To actually get to know these characters well you needed to go outside of the storyline and figure it out on your own... for example... the Biggest problem I have with the Game is Sephiroth. While he may be the most popular villian in gaming history he actually has nothing to him. He is a cheap rip off of Kefka from FF VI. Only that Sephiroth is a confused person and not entirely evil.

    Everyone knows full well that he is not the offspring of Jenova, but the offspring of Lucrecia, now for someone who is almighty powerful and "wise" he didn't see any of this in Prof. Gasts books? Highly unlikely. Just by knowing this alone it should have brought closure to Sephiroths past and made him see things in a different light. This is my opinion, and the basis for why I think his character is weak.

    Then I look at a character like Cloud and see nothing but a compete panzy, his backstory is horrible!!! I don't even want to get into him, but what I will say is that if Cloud really thought he was Zack, and supposedly knew all that happened in Nibleheim... how did he know what went on inside Jenova's Holding area? Wasn't he outside of that room tending to Tifa?

    Now if you say "It was because of the Mako infusion he had", then that means he only remembered what happened before he was infused and somehow remembers it only as Zack saw it... now my question is this too... wouldn't he have remembered him and "another" person being prepared for the infusion too? Funny how he somehow completely forgot about that "other" person.

    The whole backstory to FF VII is very shaky and has way too many holes in it and could have been done so much better.
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    I still have them... 7 total, 2 Foiled from Saga
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    If you play Type 1 (I believe in Type 1 nothing is restricted) you should look into Force of Will (2 Blue 3 Colorless), it counters target spell... but it is actually an awesome card because it allows you to discard a card in your hand to play it with no casting cost!! It is an uncommon from Arabian Nights but it goes for about $20 a card although you can most likely grab it cheaper.

    If you wish to play life gaining however... look into a White/Green deck that runs off of green weenies like Bird of Paradise and Elves. Use Congregate to gain 2 life for each creature in play (which will be many) and Angelic Chorus (Whenever you bring a creature into play, you gain life equal to its toughness).

    Now the big part of the deck is the big bad monster... Serra Avatar (3 White, 4 Colorless) It's Power and Toughness are equal to your life total, so when you play it (Which is easy due to the many generating elves) your life total doubles!!!

    Better yet, when Serra Avatar is put into a graveyard from play you shuffle it back into your library.

    Now add a couple Tithes in there to grab some quick lands and a few Abeyance and your deck will be a force to reckon with. Then to top it off you cast Cataclysm which makes everyone sacrifice all they have until the only have 1 Land, 1 Monster, 1 Echantment and 1 Artifact... by that time the game is over because you are sitting with a Minimum 40/40 creature with nothing for them to defend with.

    Fun times with that deck...

    Oh yeah, if your feeling extra cheesy make that 1 artifact a Tangle Wire... this way they need to tap 3 permanets they control on the first turn... which will have to be their creature, artifact and land which will leave them open for a Fatal attack = Game Over.
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    I haven't played this game in ages since I graduated from High School. I stopped at the time "Invasion" was released.

    My current decks are a Green Weenie deck that consists of cards such as Kavu Titans, Pouncing Jaguars, River Boas, Gaea's Cradle, Rhox, Llanowar Elves and Priests of Titania along with numerous artifacts like Tangle Wire. By 5th turn I can usually generate around 12-13 green and/or colorless mana and rid of my current hand, then pop out a snake basket using 15-20 Colorless mana to generate around 15+ 1/1 green snake tokens that I hit with a nice Overrun to hammer my opponents with a nice set of 20+ 4/4+ creatures with Trample by 6-7th turn which hurts big time.

    I also play a Blue counter deck with Counter spells, Creature Control, Force of Will... basically pure control.

    Wow... I miss this game.
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    Final Fantasy will not end for quite a few reasons, and I shall name a few of the big factors.

    #1 - Final Fantasy is nothing more than a name, each and every game is a completely different storyline in a completely different world, so technically they are all different games, only they bear the same name.

    #2 - Hype around XIII is low at the moment due to the release of XII in the US on Oct. 31st.

    #3 - Regardless of how the game comes out, it will sell. SE knows this, that is why the series will not crumble, it would be a bad choice by SE to do so.

    While yes, there are many more reason... I feel as though these are the most important.
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    ok... here is how it's going.

    I am not leaving now, I settled the dispute with the bank at the moment. So my bank account that was dipped down to $3.96 last week is now up to $1,564.41. I am making good progress and will not lose my internet. YAY!!!

    And with my Christmas Bonus right around the corner + my friend hitting 1 year at the job (using me as a reference) that will be another $1500-2000 coming my way.

    So I will have my account at $3,200+ in a couple weeks.

    Seems it takes more than ID theft to keep a good guy down!!!
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    It was very popular for many reasons.

    #1 - First game to truly utilize CG Video to tell a games story.
    #2 - First true 3d-RPG
    #3 - Most popular villian in gaming history

    List goes on... although as for it being as great as people claim... not even close.

    Final Fantasy VI has remained as my personal favorite among the FF series although that has unfortunately come to an end.

    In terms of Gameplay... it goes to XII Hands Down!!! No competition at all, they took everything that was great about FF and basically perfected it.

    In terms of storyline I must now lean to XII as well... it is nice for a change to play a FF game that does not revolve around Bad Guy vs Good Guy with an added Love Story.

    XII has no direct main character (Similar to VI), so much back story so everything is clear and in perspective.

    XII also has one of the most INCREDIBLE stories in FF History by leaps and bounds!!! No cheesy Love story, No real Good Guy vs Bad Guy and/or Evil Being rubbish. Story is Dark and full of twists, keep you wanting to play just to see what comes next. It seems for once like a story that could actually be believable.

    If you have not had the chance to experience this true RPG gem yet, do yourself a favor and give it a serious try.

    Even with all this AMAZINGNESS, FF VI will always hold a spot in my All Time Favorites. :D
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    Thanks for the support guys... but the only way I know of being able to get through this is to sell off just about all that I own to attempt and pay off the debt this jerk left behind for me.

    Hopefully I find a way through this... I can't bear to imagine not having my precious internet...
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    Just wanting to give you all the heads up... times have been rough lately for me.

    Recently my bank account has been declining due to me overspending... or so I thought...

    I have just been the latest in a group of victims of identity theft, having my entire bank account wiped out... every penny, and my credit card maxed out... $4000 limit. Not to mention numerous online purchases as well, meaning that I am on the verge of becoming a unfortunate 22 year old who may have to wind up filing bankruptcy... losing my car... destroying my near perfect credit score I worked so hard on, needing to give up my 2 adorable Ferrets because I won't be able to keep up with them, among other things.

    No timetable on when I will be able to return because God knows how long I will continue to have internet... grrr...

    Sucks to be me.... $9000+ left on my car, $4000 on Credit Card, $900 left on Pomeranian I purchased for my Mother during Christmas, 1 1/2 years left on a 2 year phone plan, etc...

    So I guess I will see you guys when I see you... it's been fun times for me here.

    - LeGioN
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