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    thank u so much! :I

    thank u so much! :I
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    Name saphire crystalite (saph)
    Age 16
    Gender female
    Animal Traits cat like agilaty and eys like a hawk
    Seal Magic ice
    Appearance blue shimmering hair, wears a blue cape and a white vest w/ blue shirt underneth and wite pants ,has ice crystal necklace, blue boots w/diamonds in them, blueish/silver eyes.
    Personality imaginative, smart, akward at times.
    History was consealed in an ice block most of her life by a great evil until she became strong enough to control the ice make it break and went out searching for the evil the had consealed her for 6 years.

    whats the evil persons name exactly?
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    Birthdate/Age:*16 6/14/1996
    Gender: *male
    General Appearance: *skruffy
    Skills: *fiighting, beating riku at streat fighters
    Partner(s):Riku, Kairi (You may have up to 2 partners)
    Phobias/Fears: being in darkness
    Bad Habits/Vices:being to loud
    Best Qualities: *being silly
    Worst Qualities: *to full of hifself
    Loves: Kairi, saving the world, and his shiny keyblade
    Hates: Xeanort
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    we see a beutiful island tree's,tree houses, ect. one the we see a boy spikey hair who goes by the name of Sora (me) but little does he know that he's about to go on the biggest journey of his life...

    *yawn* Sora wakes up on destiney island with a start for when he wakes up the island is in mayhem! a big black monster is eating his friends though nothing in his insane head is telling him he need to help them "OOOOooo...!" Sora says running up to the beast waiting for his turn then out of nowhere a big keylike shiny object hits him in the head, the beast gets scared it picks up the boy and trows him up into a big swirling hole of darkness...
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    kh II is my favritest game of all time! manly because sora says and does some of the sillyest/weirdest things I just lmho all through the game it's utterly AMAZING!
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    hi ya i'm new and stuff nice to meet ya'll ^-^
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