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    So and Amus both looked at her, Amus unamused. He turned his head back around and slumped once again, while So was oh so interested in what the panting girl at to say. She made her eyes wonder the room as if she was just looking around when really she was curiously awaiting to hear the girl finish her sentence.
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    Amus' eyes wondered around the room as he answered,
    "I don't know why everyone is worked up. The Basilisk that resided in the Chamber was killed. A long time ago. I don't see the Chamber as a threat anymore, it's probably some idiot students idea of a joke."

    So frowned, hunching her shoulders up and looking down. She wanted to believe Amus, he was almost always right and the Basilisk was killed for she had read about it. She looked back up at him to say a timid rebuttle,
    "I suppose your right...But, everyone is so worked up- aren't you worried? What if whoever opened the Chamber is someone sinister?"

    Amus' right eyebrow twitched in irritation. He took a silent deep breathe, collecting himself. He hated that everyone was getting so worked up over nothing, or at least he considered it nothing. He repeated,
    "I don't see a threat."

    So, discouraged by his tone, fell silent. She was honestly starting to worry about what was going on, despite her efforts to shut it out.
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    OOC: Hello everyone! I hope my jumping in isn't too rash

    So strolled leisurely through the the school, going to the Great Hall. Her time at Hogwarts this year had yet to be disrupted by the ongoings of the school and the reopening of The Chamber of Secrets. Her focus was school every year she had attended Hogwarts and this year was no exception, though she often found her mind buzzing about the subject, worrying.
    She made her way into the massive dining room, seeing a familiar face,
    "Amus!" She whispered, waving as she walked over to a boy sitting at the Ravenclaw table.

    Amus was sitting with his back towards the table, leaning rather slumpishly agaisnt it. He looked at her only with his eyes, only to look forward again, as if he didnt see her. Being as he was, he didnt care much about the Chamber of Secrets and whenever it was brought up he turned the other way.

    So wasn't discouraged by this. She plopped down next to him and started chatting,
    "Amus, you've heard about what's been going on, right? About the Chamber of Secrets? It's really frightening if you ask me."
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    Hi everyone<3
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    Ughaa, revived again!
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    This is soo dead ;____;
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    I see your current interest is Persona c:
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    Bye Demi :c We'll miss you

    Havent posted here forever...
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