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    Yeah, the beginning. Wow. Blood in the beginning. Quite a shocker for some.
    It was OK. I wouldn't say it was great or spectacular or horrible.
    There were some things in the movie that needed some work.
    There was a little to much cursing for me, personally. After a while, it gets annoying and you'd wish it would kind of tone down. I think it had the potential to be a good or even great movie. It was to fast, and hard to keep up with. I think Angelina Jolie and Morgan Freeman could have had better performances...they seemed kind of monotone.
    It is probably great for some people, but not so good for others. It all depends on what you like.
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    Me too! Years ago, if I saw a dog I was like "OMG! LOOK A DOG!". Same thing with ma horses. I used to be obssessed. But I LOVE them. Is that the same as obssessed?? Lol, who cares! xD

    Lol, ya, life without horses...that'd be strange. :O
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    No, I don't really "hate" her. I do find her annoying at times.
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    It's possible, but I am not 100% that his being shot is probable. There are plently of weirdos in this world; the idea of someone actually getting the guts to shoot someone like's kind disturbing.

    I have thought of this as well. I don't think a Hillary Clinton supporter would do it, but you never know. People can be unpredictable.
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    Jesus Camp

    I never liked the idea of "Jesus Camp". It just makes the real Christians who'd never publicly get on television and start this mess a bad name.
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    It's possible. The problem is we can't really "see" into their minds, so it's kind of difficult.
    But, we already have seen that animals can sense and smell things humans can't.
    My grandmother used to have breast cancer; once of my aunt's dogs, Rocky, a German shepherd, smelled the area in her breast where the tumor was. I presume she smelled the cancer, but was not trained to identify it.
    I am sure we will learn more about animals in the near future...:)
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    Meh, I love them all.
    Personally, anyone who knows me knows I am a horse-lover. I compete with them in Hunter/Jumpers. They're so beautiful and powerful.
    I also love birds. I feed wild birds and hummingbirds. I have seen many beautiful birds and interesting species from my feeding. I also own two Zebra Finches named Sunny and Snowflake.
    Dogs are great, I like cats but my cousin is allergic to them so no kitties...:-(. I would have fish, but they don't live very long! xD
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    (Have I posted in this thread before? Ugh...don't know)

    The first, first RPG I ever played was Final Fantasy X...with my cousin. She got me into video games. :)
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    For me, eh, I really don't remember. I haven't been able to play my games in a year due to some problems :(.

    The one thing I did hate was that I wanted to skip through scenes if I was coming back to finish off a battle I had lost a few times. Nothing else I can remember...:p
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    Well...this may be the end.

    Lol, not to scare you guys. I just believe this may be it for my KH-Vids days.

    If you have (or haven't) noticed, I haven't been on that much lately, or at all. Nothing has gone wrong with me, my life, or anything - I'm pretty fine to report.

    Just, I just I've outgrown this place.

    Yes, it's true. KH-Vids has left me. You guys were really nice for a while...then things changed when we came to the new server. Now, I know change is good sometimes but, to admit, this change was really weird.

    I don't want to sound synical, but I find this place a bit 'childish'. I know this is only my opinon, and whoever reads this may say, "Well, I like it this way!" or "Yeah, I" That's okay though.

    I hope you guys have fun, I MAY come back [now take notice to the emphasis on 'may'], it is a small chance. I REALLY MAY come back but not for a while, this may be the last post/thread I ever make on this forum.

    Please have fun and enjoy your time at KHV.

    N (aka, SilentNocturne). :D
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    Lol, I got some messages from the admins for telling the truth. And I was like, "So what? You don't want to hear the truth?"I should have seen that red flag once it started waving...
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    This is a question to see if anyone else has or has had problems with other forums outside of

    To explain:

    I went to a forum (not going to say...don't want no flame wars, lol) and I was being very civil and nice to people. I was okay for about say a good month and come to find out I was banned for no reason. Well, IMO, whoever was in charge of this forum was either just being some of the following:
    Someone could have spread a rumor about me and gotten me banned.
    They banned someone else who had a similar IP # as me and I got caught in the mess.
    They were being pointless?


    Hard to say. I believe this was deliberately done on purpose. I'm not 'blaming' anyone, but you know, I was very nice - I made a lot of friends there and then that'd happen? I never said anything offensive, I didn't spam, I never cursed or anything, I was just minding my own business and then this comes to happen.

    I left that place and went to another forum and was glad to find that there were other people who had the same problems, and that it wasn't only me.

    This is just a friendly discussion, nothing serious...but in topic: anyone else have weird problems with other forums??
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    Saxilesm, I agree.

    Seems like if you do ONE thing everyone says nasty things. I mean, I'm pass the period of offended but gosh...can't we be civil?
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