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    Holy crud they did it, they actually did it. There was a big smile on the female's face but it soon turned into a terrified expression as she saw the horde coming up them in the distance. Turning, she followed the other's to the portal that would lead them some where safer. She waited for the others to get in, being the last of the keybladers to escape into the mirror. And just in time too. The walls and floors began to tremor from the rampage heading their way. Diving in, Anora made it just in time before the portal closed. It was a warm and safe, she knew everything would be alright. Landing to the ground she looked around almost recognized the place from one of her dad's books. She knew it well actually, Master Yen Sid, the wizard she admired and grew up to idol as a future mage herself. She had only seen him a few times in person, but heard so many wondrous things about him from her father who knew and trained with the master himself! "I'll beat you there Kross." She laughed and hurried behind him. excited.
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    To be completely legit, these heartless were beginning to be annoying, their beady eyes, their constant want to pull your heart out of your chest or blast you into smithereens… or squish you, or claw the crap out of your face. Whatever, the point was that there seemed to still be an endless amount of these things. At least there were no more shadows but then again a baby with a stick can take those out in a heartbeat. (no pun intended.) Slashing her keyblade from left to right, up and down, front and back, the petite, blue eyed female took on some soldiers that were definitely becoming a pain in the kiester. They didn’t know what it meant to stay down, and no matter how many times the whitnette tried to push them down in order to block and dodge but it always seemed that they just kept on coming at her, not giving her a moment of rest. She was starting to get irritated with this nonstop attack as the group of three gained another 3 Soldiers who decided to attack from behind. In less than a second Anora was fending off this pack of six soldiers who were giving her a run for her money. Let’s face it, the Mage wasn’t very strong, it probably took her more hits than the others to take down any heartless and though this annoyed her it was something she had to face up to and deal with it, if not grow. Instead she relied on her quick defense to block attacks and dodge incoming shots, her perries were on point, being able to stop an attack as it came down, and pushing the enemy back, but she would be lieing if she didn’t say it took a toll on her body, she could feel her heart squeezing itself in her chest causing her to let out a groan of pain. “Tch,” she winced as another pull of her heart caused her to fumble in her defense, a heartless taking this opportunity to slash at her arm. She let out a sharp wail and swing her keyblade back in full force, throwing the soldier back against 2 others who were on their way to her. Glancing at her arm she noticed her arm was bleeding with three claw marks engraved on porcelain white skin. Glaring back at the heartless she had enough, this was the last straw for these little sh!ts. “THUNDER!” She yelled, very loudly and filled with the anger of at least 3 behemoths. The static sparked along the blade, green sparks flying until it shot in to the dark skies, the light was bright and electrifying, the hairs on Anora’s arms stood on end as she felt her body shake from the shock and than come back to life the instant white streaks struck the ground with a massive roar. Several strikes into the ground, each one hitting it’s mark on the heartless she had been having so much problems with attacking. Their bodies shook and spazzed, their armor being a metal conductor of the lighting that went through their bodies. The boom echoed and once silent the fielding had smoking heartless that disappeared once again. In that pile of six, she also saw a little green spell heartless in the mix of the pile and suddenly realized that this little guy was the reason why the heartless didn’t seemed to be fazed by her attck, it was healing them. She hadn’t noticed those things at all and now that she finally recognized them she realized there were a lot more floating about, their green dust sprinkling of the heartless. ‘If only we had one of those’, she thought and held onto her arm that continued to bleed and trust me, white and red do not mix. She had used a lot more magic than she thought she would, which meant she wouldn’t be able to use any spells for a while, instead she would need to get close and perosnal with these things again.

    There was a gust of wind and Anora lifted her head, to see the most cutest elephant she had ever seen, it had a cute dopey smile and the hugest ears she had ever seen! It definitely made her smile and cool down her irritated temper. Reaching for a potion she drank the vile’s contents, slowly feeling the reassured feeling of being healed and then looked back to Hikaru. “Some assistance would be nice, yes.” She told him with a hint of a smile.

    Word Count: 791= 30 EXP
    Total EXP: 145 EXP
    -6 Soldiers
    -1 Green Requiem
    Behemoths: 10/10 (injured 169/300)
    Red Nocturnes: 25/25
    Blue Rhapsody: 17/25
    Yellow Opera: 14/25
    Green Requiem: 19/25
    Shadow: CLEAR
    Soldier: 3/30
    Large body: 15/20
    Trick ghost: 30/30
    Book master: 11/15
    Surveillance robots: 30/35
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    “What is up with all of you Heartless and stopping me?” She said with a huff. When she looked up she noticed Beuce had went to aid Kel. They could handle the Behmoth while she took down a few more of these heartless. While they focused on the bigger, and evidently stronger of this large mass. She would take down the others who were annoying, especially those that flew. They were like mosquitos that did nothing but fly around, biting and zipping away. Except these “bites” hurt more, especially when they were diveing toward you. Anora dodged the dive, the heartless catching itself before it hit the floor, skidding toward her, the glider unable to control it’s path until Anora used her keyblade to slice it’s head off. Beheading! So much fun. Especially when they were these annoying pest.

    Looking over Anora noticed another female fighting the other heartless, along with another survellence bot who was coming down, suicide bomber style! It didn’t llok too pleased with the girl, maybe because she had just taken down a few of its friends. Anora ran, pushing the female to the ground as the heartless crashed into the ground, flipping and rolling, crashing into a couple soliders like they were pins at a bowling alley…whatever that was. Looking to the girl, Anora took her hand, helping her up. “That would’ve made a nasty mess.” She told the girl she recognized as Luna. Anora turned her attention to the angry soldier heartless and the stumbling glider before it took the air still slying to the side as it seemed it’s wings were damaged from the crash and stop. “How about we take down these idiots before helping the boys out with that Behemoth.” She suggested, not really much of a choice seeing as they were already charging to ward them. She noticed a few spell Heartless following the group of heartless that were coming their way.

    Twisting her keyblade, gaining a further grip as her stance changed, knees bent a bit more than usual and her feet ready for a take off. Dashing toward the group she jumped and took down the bot, it fell to the ground landing on a soldier before the heart left. Falling back to the ground she took down the fumbling soldier whose metal clinked and clanked as it tried to get up. But Anora gaved it no chance as she fell down onto the the heartless, piercing it at it’s emblem. As it disappeared, the heart floating like all the others, she was tackle. “Guh!” She struggled, tightening her core and flipping the soldier off of her and knocking it into a low gliding Blue Rhapsody. The two creatures bumped and flipped against each other, rolling and hitting the wall. “Got cha’.” She teased, lifting her keyblade, the point emtting the same bright firey light, the feeling heating her body. “Fire.” She summoned and a fire ball shot from her keyblade, hitting the blue rhapsody and soldier, frying the squirming darkness, lighting them.

    “Let the fire burn the darkness in you.” She smirked, twisting her keyblade up, blowing the tip of emitting smoke. “And that’s why you’re not supposed to play with fire.” Turning she returned to the other’s.

    Word: 541 27 EXP
    115 EXP TOTAL
    -2 Servalence Bots
    -2 Soldier
    -1 Blue Rhapsody
    Behemoths: 10/10 (injured 212/300)
    Red Nocturn: 25/25
    Blue Rhapsody: 17/25
    Yellow Opera: 14/25
    Green Requiem: 20/25
    Shadow: 0/60
    Soldier: 16/30
    Large body: 15/20
    Trick ghost: 30/30
    Book master: 11/15
    Surveilance robots: 30/35
    ((Heads Up: Talking to Luna in this post))
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    Falling back, the white haired female took quite the hit from the large body.

    After finishing with the Blue Rhapsodies she had turned her attention to a Large Body, whose round black solid stomach jiggled with each step it took with its stubby black feet. It looked at her with its small yellow eyes that would make small little children quiver in fear of being rolled on and smushed into pancakes. The Large body took wobbly steps, almost like a fat penguin who waddled towards its food…. And the small white haired female was the little fish he was trying to eat… in a sense.

    Anora took her stance, focus on the heartless, her eyes taking in its wobble run toward her. She had to get behind him somehow. Running toward it she noticed how it’s left hand raised for a swipe, prepared for the attack, she took a leap and dodge rolled away from the giant left hand. But at the last minute it’s right hand swung at her, throwing her to the side like a pinball in a pinball machine…whatever that was. Regaining a sense of focus from that attack took longer than she had suspected. Holding onto her head she was seeing two large bodies instead of one that were dashing towards her.

    ‘Stop it Anora, take control of your mind! This isn’t the end!’ She thought to herself, forcing herself up on her dizzy feet. She had to focus and when she saw the heartless take a short jump to land on its stomach, the white haired mage took her chance to jump over the quaking blast and land on its stomach, slashing away before stabbing the heartless. The body disappearing and a heart appearing.

    A heavy breath left her lungs as she swallowed more air. She could feel the ping of pain in her heart. Not much but enough to tell her that she should be more careful about attacks. Heartless were normally mindless, but they lived off of their instinct, the instinct to locate a heart and take what they wanted, what they were meant to desire. To swallow light. She took another deep breath before looking to the others.

    She saw Kel riding the Behemoth and eyes widened at the sight. He was completely insane, but it worked well in the end though at any moment he was going to be smushed like a banana.

    Noticing the purple hue in the sky she turned to the voices close by, Beuce had summoned something. Whatever it was gave her the creeps, it’s smile and the fact that it’s head wasn’t on the body kind of freaked her out, not to mention the “blood magic” the cat seemed to be doing as it carved into his skin. What in the world summon was that?! Either way it seemed to have powered the male and every single drop of power was going to be needed… even if it seemed to have made the man completely insane and cat like…in a demonic sort of way.

    Than it was Kel’s turn as he also summoned a small fire breathing dragon.

    She needed to up her game. The white haired beauty ran toward the rest of the gang who was closing in their attack on the behemoth, being stopped by a small group of shadows who were twitching and trying to claw their way at her. They didn’t want her getting anywhere close to the group that were taking their attacks to the larger Heartless. Guess they were lonely too and wanted a fight. Of course these little twitchy things weren’t going to stop her.

    “Fine than, you want some attentions. I’ll give you some attention.” She said to the black creatures, their big head’s looking too heavy for their bodies to carry.

    In a quick movement, striking them in a way that looked like a simple dance step, she flowed into the swing of her keyblade, hitting each one in a quick 2 step. It was easy to the get the 3 shadows as they dispersed from her sight.

    “Now that they’re gone.” She looked to the others and ran to join them.

    Words: 695 = 30 EXP
    Total= 88 EXP
    -1 Large Body
    -3 Shadows
    Behemoths: 10/10 (injured 245/300)
    Red Nocturn: 25/25
    Blue Rhapsody: 18/25
    Yellow Opera: 25/25
    Green Requiem: 20/25
    Shadow: 3/60
    Soldier: 18/30
    Large body: 15/20
    Trick ghost: 30/30
    Book master: 13/15
    Surveilance robots: 35/35
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    Anora looked at the grueling beast of heartless, stomp and weigh their head back as they started to destroy the fixtures of the castle, their large horn crashing into the pillars causing destruction. She needed to get to them. Turning her head she saw felt something fling at her. It was a sudden movement and she had lost herself in the thought of getting an attack on the Behemoth that she hadn’t realized the Soldier Heartless that was running toward her, flailing arms and the clanking of metal got her attention at just the right time she was able to parry the slashing claw attack. Pushing back on her attacker, she slashed at his body till he was on the floor, another heart expelling out of him. She had to focus, if she allowed her mind to wonder than she would have a serious heart problem there. She watched as Kel came into action, taking down his some of the other Heartless he was faced with. Anora noted how strong he had become since they last met, he worked on his style and noticed the improvement. It made her want to work even harder, to prove that this whole time she had disappeared, leaving her team, she had not just sat around in the darkness, but was training even harder to fight against the darkness. Another noise of that aggravating clanking sound and the female turned her attention to the two heartless who were coming at her, they were fast, and they seemed very angry. She might have killed their friend… if heartless could have friends… Her foot slid back as her back straightened, her arm lifted in an elegant movement, her keyblade an extension to the length of her arm. She allowed them to close in before taking a step to the side and swinging her keyblade against one of the soldiers, causing them to crash and bump into the other. This made their movement sluggish as they tried to get off one another, but before they could immobilize themselves again, she kept them down by beating into them till their heart’s dispersed into the sky. There was a tingle in her hand that ran up her arm to her shoulder. It was the feeling of excitement and pain. She hadn’t realized how tightly she gripped her keyblade until just now, which was odd for the female whose grip was normally light, yet firm. There was a blast and the female looked up as a Blue Rhapsody sent down a blast of Blizzard. Dodge rolling away from the attack, her blue eyes kept focus on the heartless as it flew away. She watched as the Blue rhapsody, along with other of its kind joined in a trail. Her eyes widened as she realized the spell using heartless were trying to make their way toward the entrance. She was not going to let them pass and into the Front entrance to the library. She made a promise to herself that she would not let anyone go into the darkness. Running she jumped over a few shadows that were twitching as usual, and lifted her blade. “Gravity!” She called, casting the spell on the flying blizzard heartless which all fell to the ground, close enough to warm them up with some fire. “Fire!” Anora cast, the fire that burned within her lit the match of her keyblade, she could feel her hand heat up around the handle before the tip shot out this large fire ball, flames licking one another magnificently before colliding with the squirming heartless that had met their match with their worst enemy. Though she had cast the spell, multiple little heart floating into the air, she could still feel the rush of fire booming through her, fueling her and her keyblade with the strength and passion to not give up this battle.

    Words: 645= 30 EXP
    Total EXP= 58
    -3 Soldiers
    -7 Blue Rhapsodies
    Behemoths: 10/10 (injured 279/300)
    Red Nocturn: 25/25
    Blue Rhapsody: 18/25
    Yellow Opera: 25/25
    Green Requiem: 25/25
    Shadow: 33/60
    Soldier: 18/30
    Large body: 17/20
    Trick ghost: 30/30
    Book master: 15/15
    Surveilance robots: 35/35
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    They had to take down a whole fleet of Heartless that were heading their way. This was going to be a challenege no doubt but they had no other choice. The portal would reopen in twenty minutes, than from there who knew what other surprises were waiting for them. But there was no time to be standing around, Anora could feel the tremors that shook the grounds. Whatever was out there she knew it was going to be a lot and that’s what caused the white haired female to gulp down a thick swallow of spit that seemed to be stuck in her suddenly dry throat.

    Looking to the man Beuce, she listened to his plan. It seemed like it could work, she would take the back like the other mystics, using her physical attacks whenever needed. She looked to the other keybladers around her, a feeling wrenching her stomach. She wasn't going to let any others disappear into the darkness like before, and neither would she. This time she would stand and fight against what ever pain struck her. Her training with Aden and Raisor in enduring her heart were going to come in handy now more than ever. The tremors got worse, she could feel the shake of the wall coming from the explosions of magic using heartless. Tightening the handle of the keyblade she ran with Hikaru, Kel and Luna toward Beuce’s position toward the front entrance.

    Her stance was strong, but not as brutish as some of the others. She held her keyblade in one hand and as if an extension of her arm she took down 4 shadows who were a little too close for comfort as they lunged at her She took each one down with a fluid motion of her blade, knocking each one with little to no effort as they twitched and squirmed in their position, taking them down before they could try and give her a nasty swipe. Looking forward she saw Beuce who had been taking the most of the Heartless on by himself. Dashing toward him she bent her knees and jumped, knocking back the large body, who rolled back, thick stubby arms reaching its head as it was stunned by of the attack that came from above. This gave her the opportunity to heal the male who was groaning on the floor. “Here, take this,” She said, tossing a Hi-Potion. She had to save her magic just in case she got into a tough situation. Her body was turned halfway, as she stared at the man who caught the item, “You aren’t alone in this battle. Count on me as well.” At the corner of her eye she caught the motion of the Heartless standing. Dashing toward the round creature, she dodge rolled its attack, coming behind it and giving it a blast of hit from behind, the heartless hitting the floor on its stomach and the beautiful glow of the heart it consumed left the heartless and entered the sky.

    Looking back she felt another tremor and looked at the Behemoths that did not look pleased what so ever. "Those are pretty big." She commented and pulled out he keyblade. She noticed a few flyers that were just screaming pest all over them. “So. Take down the small ones and little by little attack those things?” She asked the man watching those flyers who swirled around beside the bigger Heartless.

    Words: 573= 28 EXP
    Total EXP: 28
    -1 Hi-Potion
    Behemoths: 10/10 (injured 279/300)
    Red Nocturn: 25/25
    Blue Rhapsody: 25/25
    Yellow Opera: 25/25
    Green Requiem: 25/25
    Shadow: 35/60
    Soldier: 29/30
    Large body: 18/20
    Trick ghost: 30/30
    Book master: 15/15
    Surveilance robots: 35/35
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    Anora first heard the call from Kross yelling for the others. Looking up she noticed Ananta running close behind, along with the others in the library. It wasn't long before other keyblade wielders, some she didn't recognize, but what bothered her were their expressions. Soon word of Heartless appearing was being brought up. She listened, watching Ananta and and another woman named Karina bicker, than a man scooped her boob and slapped her rear end, along with others who were onlookers, and some who were trying to rally the troops. They all had their sides, staying and fight the horde that was approaching or running. It was utter chaos and the for the first time, in a very long time, Anora wondered to herself, and the fate of the worlds are left in the hands of a borken group of bicker keyblade wielding children. The thought sort of surprised Anora, it was a degrading thought, especially since she never wanted to think ill of others at first meeting but for all that was holy in the worlds, there were some that she wondered where their light was, and other where their brains were. She looked back to the mirror that she had seen Kross disappear into and than back to the group. There was no urge in her to speak up. Since the beginning, she knew that the keybladers that arrived for the first time were a ragtag team of strangers, all with their own strengths and weaknesses, but this was just insane.
    Thinking negatively will lead to a negative ending. Breath. She told herself, remembering her own virtues. It was than that another man appeared and spoke a word of reasoning. He was right, so far from what she had heard from the arguing there were going to be a lot of heartless appearing, no joke heartless that could over power them in a heartbeat when fighting alone. They needed to work together because in the end the keyblades chose who they needed to help in this dire time to fight against the darkness.
    Placing a hand on Ananta, the white haired female looked at her, it was a soft touch, but her look hard which was odd on the girl who was smiling and full of pure joy of seeing old friends and meeting new keyblade wielders. "We don't have time to talk. We need to protect ourselves and this Haven and the only way to do that is to work together and fight. Leave your food for thought to yourself until after the battle. Than you can continue later." She felt her head hurting at the thought of all the heartless and this team. She looked to the others. "I'm Anora," She said a bit flatly, keyblade appeared. She would apologize later for her annoyed expression, just at the moment she couldnt help but want to stop this endless cycle of talk talk and get into slicing and dicing.
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    Anora cast Thunder
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    I love the evil chuckle hahaha
    But Beuce and I figured that since I am under 20 just to put those ill be needing for this battle.
    Sorry that I took the liberty boss man T.T
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    Anora equips:
    • High Jump
    • Guard
    • Aerial Sweep
    • Combo Plus
    • Air Combo Plus
    • Combo
    • Second Wind
    • Blessed Thief
    Items- 4,900 m >> 3,550 m
    • 4 Hi-Potions=500
    • 3 Hi-Ether=900
    Skill Commands-
    • Strike Raid
    Stats- 200 Crowns >> 0 Crowns
    • +3 Magic= 29 Crowns
    • +2 HP= 30 Crowns
    • +5 Speed= 30 Crowns
    • +6 Defense= 90 crowns
    • +1 Resistance= 15 Crowns
    • +2 AP=6

    AP- 17+2= 19 >> 9
    • 2 Willpower ( +1.5 Speed, +0.25 Defense, +0.25 Resistance x2)
    • 2 Heart ( 1=+2 Strength; 1=+2 Magic)
    • 2 Intelligence (+1 Magic, +0.5 Resistance (0.20MP) x2)
    • 4 Power ( +1 Strength, +1 HP x4)
    Magic Skills-
    • Cura
    • Thunder
    • Fire
    • Blizzard
    • Aero
    • Gravity
    • Stop

    I really hope I did all this right!
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    Ultimately, there was nothing that directly pointed to Hikaru leaving the group so he pondered in silence, his arm across his chest and his hand on his chin as the group walked to the hall of records.
    Anora listened to Raisor but noticing that sleepy lopsided smile, the young female decided not to bother Raisor any longer.He might have been tired from their earlier battle. Even she could feel the toll it took on her body but the excitement of meeting her old teammates was an adrenaline pick me up. Anora patted Raisor on the back and gave a small smile, "You need some rest." she said softly to him so only he could hear. "Maybe find a corner and fall asleep?" she asked. During her time with the Aden and Raisor she learned a lot about the boys and in turn they learned about her. One thing she knew, Raisor was more of a 'Lets go train and run around' rather than sitting in a library.
    Patting his back one last time her eyes averted to Steel. Figuring by his expression she figured he knew something that they didn't. She was going to ask him what he knew but than she saw a man in blue, by the looks of it a wizard, prance out of the Hall of Records. She stared and watched him go by. He looked familiar to Anora, maybe her family knew him since they made it a point of knowing wizards, even from other worlds. Letting the wizard go, seeing as he was in a train of thought she turned into the Hall of Records and took in a deep breath of the smell of books.
    She enjoyed this place immensely, it reminded her of her childhood, being surrounded my books of knowledge. After her incident with the heart attack she wanted to learn more about it, why, how, what this meant. Thankfully she did have help from other at uncovering what how to deal with her problem.
    Turning to look at those who hadn't been here before, she smiled, "This is Hall of Records. It looks like the others aren't here so might as well look around and read some books before they come here."
    Looking to a desk she saw Seiza working on a book. She was perplexed and walked over to him. "Hello sir." She greeted with kinder smile as she was able to learn a lot about her heart condition thank to him. "What are you working on?"
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