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    If you haven't gotten the clue yet it's pretty obvious Valve is scrapping Episode 3 and just going ahead with Half Life 3. There's no way a company would this long on just a 5 hour expansion pack. You ever notice how Gabe always gives a sly smile when people ask about Ep3 and says calmly that they're not working on it, yet on the few times people asked about HL3 he refused to comment on it?
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    I'm Gay

    little babies can't handle any fun
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    Real ass fur? Damn I'm gonna make myself some real ass fur coats with this game!dayum reptart you lost all gamer cred. i thought you were hardcore cause you played ME and DA.
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    It's because Pixar is actually good. Don't worry though, Rango(if it's good) is probably going to win it next year since Cars was shit and Cars 2 is going to be an even bigger piece of shit.
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    Because we actually have good taste in television.
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    Dayum ***** you just went full ******. How the hell can you support suicide or be against it when you'd have no choice on the matter? It's a single persons decision whether they want to off themselves or not.
    Well I'm sure the old person lived a long and healthy life and if they want to end it there that's their choice/problem. Plus it would get rid of a weak link in society since I'm sure if that unlucky old person became ill the family would have to find a way to pay off all those horrid hospital bills.

    Looking at it from a greater-good for society perspective, of course.
    how the hell is this still here?
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    It's not new for IGN to bitch about a game. It's been a proven fact that they will drop scores for big titles if that company doesn't hand them any favors and will knock off tons of points for the weakest points ever.

    Just wait until Duke Nukem Forever comes out. They're the only guys who are literally whining because it doesn't play like Call of Duty, with all other journalists saying it's tons of fun.

    I'm going to address your points because you've obviously never played the game let alone a fighting game before.

    Story mode is exactly the same as it is in any other fighting game. You go a few rounds with various characters and fight the boss at the end just like every other one. If you buy a fighting game for the story then you should honestly check into a mental facility though.

    Controls being easy to learn is to allow more people to play the game which I'm all for. Why would you want to punish people who honestly want to play your game since a vast majority of gamers are not going to sit for hours learning how to master a single character. Plus it's easy to tell who's a spamming idiot and if you're good in this game you'll know how to smack them down.

    Graphics are stylized after comics. Sorry for not getting super realistic graphics for your COMIC BOOK game. They look fucking fantastic to me.

    Personally I don't need any stupid modes like score attack, time attack, or beating up a lame car. Give me multiplayer and I'll have fun doing what you're supposed to do with a fighting game, which is fight other players.

    Last point shows how much of a sheep you are. Companies make money off dlc so of course they're all going to include it. If you ran a business you'd do it too because your goal is to make money. The only on-disc dlc was Shuma, parts of Jill, and the first set of alternate costumes anyway. Shuma was only on there anyway because Capcom had finished him and wanted him in the official roster but Marvel told them to make him dlc. Be happy that those are it since many companies keep dlc they release months later on the disc, Capcom just had some dumb costumes and 2 characters which will cost around $4 when it's released and that's a great price for actual new characters.
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    Zelda series is probably one of the most overrated games ever. I've never seen a company rehash a game so many times with little to no innovations and the fan-base eats that shit up and defends the fuck out of it.

    Underrated for me would have to be Psychonauts I guess since I can't think of anything else right now.
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    I did not enjoy it one bit.

    That demo was poop.
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    That's funny because I just spent the last few hours beating the shit out of Amaterasu players in Marvel vs Capcom 3.
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    Teacher already confirmed for not giving a fuck about the papers.
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    Please don't tell me you're really doing your senior paper on internet memes? I really hope it's got some intellectual reasoning behind it because I've seen dozens of kids try to be funny doing their project on memes and end up bombing. Especially in the speech segment.
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    Who's that girl in the .gif?
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    It's going to be $250.
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    Everyone should go buy Machinarium.
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