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    I'm nervous to ask this. Impressions?

    Are you on any other fan sites?

    Favorite role play you've been in?

    Top 5 favorite movies?
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    For this year I was Spider-man as a cowboy.
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    This is going to seem odd, but one of the characters I wanted to ask for is Leon from FF2. My reason is, with ventus asking for Cecil, the best place I could could think for Cecil that keeps him to a simular position he had in FF4, is that he starts out as a dark knight in the Wutai army where starts having doubts that what he is doing is right. This is how I have Leon being added, with him being a dark knight in the Wutai army as well wanting to gain Emperor Mateus trust and respect.

    On another note if no one else wants to be him I think I can be Seifer,
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    from what I recall during my latest replay of KH, I wasn't able to return to monstro till during or after the events at Hollow Bastion
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    I'm not gonna lie and say that there aren't any problems with the three story threads. I just don't think this role play can work well with only one story thread and one OOC thread. I feel that we must have either one story thread and three OOC threads, or three story threads and one OOC thread. What ever we do choose it has to be something that every one agrees with or they can at least tolerate. The worst thing that can happen to this role play is people wanting to leave it for they don't like the direction it is going.

    Sorry to hear that, I feel bad now for only taking the minimum number of classes to be considered full time.

    I'm sure some people will be glad to hear this, even if they have to come up with new roles for the characters to play.

    Would you like some one to make a thread for recruitment, so that this thread can be used just for development.

    I might be asking for some characters that aren't in the first post, but I'll explain how I would incorporate them into the role play. If any one wants me to, I'll think of some ways on how a character that you want can be added into the role play. I can't promise that they'll be added though since I just join this role play myself.
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    Don't mention it, he was the first person I saw that wasn't taken that I think I can do well. If there are any other characters you want someone to take I might try to be them. I understand about school, I took too many classes, so I had to withdraw from one. About development, I got to warn everybody thanks to KH I'm a huge FF fan. I've played, not beaten, almost all the numbered FF games. Having wanted to make a role play like this for a while I did research on all the characters. What I'm trying to say is I'll do my best to help this role play.
    I've had a few ideas for the role play. This is going to be a huge role play, with all the characters and the three sub stories, I've been thinking that when the actual role play is made, it might be made in three threads, a thread for each sub story one for Shinra, one for Wutai, and one for Ivalice. The pros for this idea is that even more characters can be involved, and it well be easier to keep track of what is goining on in each sub story. Next more characters seem to be needed, the wild rose rebellion doesn't seem to have enough people in it compared to AVALANCHE, and Ivalice seems to have the fewest characters.
    I'm not trying to take over this role play, I don't want to. I just want to help however I can.
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    I always wanted a role play like this to exist, and this one looks good.

    I guess if your in need of a Steiner, then I can be him.
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    Roxas is given missions that envolve him going to the worlds in each day. Are your asking what order the worlds show up in then I know Twilight Town is first, The other worlds are Agrabah, Beast's Castle, Halloween Town, Neverland, Olympus Coliseum, and Wonderland. Don't know for sure on the order might be Agrabah, Olympus Coliseum, Beast's Castle, Halloween Town, Wonderland, and then Neverland. You just have to keep on doing missions ontil you get to a day where you have a mission in a new world.
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    He is only in Agrabah near the palace entrence If you choose to stay in Agrabah after defeating Jafar. Once you leave Agrabah he wouldn't be there anymore.
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    here sorry for the horrible quality
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    So during your first visit in Agrabah, before your go to the cave of wonders, you can go to Aladdin's house and you'll find the peddler there who you can buy/sell items with. At the end, after you have obtained the three wishes key chain and Genie as a summon, if you choose to wonder around Agrabah you'll find some NPCs that are altered versions of Wakka, and two NPC's in Traverse Town.

    I just found this interesting for it only seems to happen the times mentioned. If any one has noticed something like this I'd like them to mention it here.
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    One movie I like that no one has mentioned let is Back to the Future.
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    OOC: My first post as Cid, Hope this is ok.

    "Well this is great I go one way and they all go another way." Cid had been with Vincent, Yuffie, and Nanaki, but getting tired of hearing Yuffie’s complaining he had waited till when no body was looking and went to a different part of what was left of Midgar, looking at the ruins of the city, Cid started to think about the city and what happened to it. "Still can't get over how huge Shinra made this city, now it’s just a bunch of ruins. Bet Shinra never thought this would be what would happen to their city they had worked so hard on building, Midgar ended up being the only thing that got destroyed by meteor thanks to Cloud, me, and the others. The others I should I probably go and find them, before they go looking for me, for trying to find me in what’s left of this city would be like trying to find a needle in a haystack."
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    Sure, I'll start with them.
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