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    The school called, I am here to straighten y'all out.

    Hey baby.

    Who be you?

    Hey babe :3
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    Hey kids...

    Daddy's home.
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    It's good to see you all again.
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    I will be honest.

    As much as I respect Mr. Nimoy, I never liked that he was Master Xehanort. His voice was too...gravely for me. We spent the better part of 4 years listening to the Japanese trailers of BBS and then when they showed MX's first english line I was disappointed. I hope they use this tragic situation to find a different that is similar but yet not as raspy.

    Because you can never replicated a true legend like Mr. Nimoy.
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    I will probably just wait till its all over...or till the anime comes back (if that is a thing).

    I just...I have read every chapter since before the big invasion arc years ago. After they killed Aizen and moved to that stupid and boring Xcrusion or whatever arc, I lost interest.
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    I think I stopped like...16 chapters ago...

    But now I might get back on it.
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    But also everything Asuka said is accurate.

    But I still love it

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    My FC is more casual...but there is a large group of us hitting the cap so it will be interesting to see what happens. I think I will stay...but I would like to be more dedicated and enjoy endgame. I have never been at a level cap of an MMO where its still pretty new (cough cough WoW).
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    I just hit 50 and finished the Main Quest line before servers going down. Suppppppper pumped to get back on.
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    I heard that they were redoing this anime and I was kinda excited...and here is why.

    I HATED the original Stay Night. I thought it was awful, and slow, and gloomy (not in a good way) and I hated the music.

    However, I did enjoy Zero. Not a super bunch but I did finish it and enjoy it.

    So my question is...

    Will I like Unlimited Blade? Is it better? Does it improve on the things that I listed as to why I hated the first one?

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    Omg yassssssssssssssss.

    It would be cute to have Oliver running around randomly in Radiant Garden or something. But I don't think having the rights to distribute in NA would give Square enough push to have them in. But I would love it.
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