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    Been a while, huh?

    Been a while, huh?
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    That song... I just got a new ringtone.
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    Get drunker. That way you won't be able to walk. Problem solved!
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    Hey guys! Been a long time since my last cover ^^,

    Flaws by Bastille

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    Like many times before, streaming KH Re:Coded HD Remake.

    Eating first, so letting 358/2 days play in the meantime.
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    Hi There.

    My name is Petter, but I go by Noroz online.
    I am 22 years old, and I have come up with an idea of a gaming community with content producers producing videos on a regular basis.
    It goes by the name of "WeAre Gaming"

    The name "WeAre" came to me while I was managing my YouTube account. (ImNoroz)

    I realized that if I was to make a community/family of content producers, I would want them all to have a prefix to their name, similarly to guild tags, clan tags, etc.
    Then I realied "Im" is a very simple, inoffensive prefix, and if you were to have several people, they would be "WeAre"

    "ImNoroz, and ImYonker, and WeAre Gaming," for example. I think it has a really nice ring to it.

    I immediately purchased the domain (.com was taken), and installed a phpBB forum onto it.

    The way I create content is mainly by streaming, then uploading to YouTube. So even though my YouTube doesn't have much views or subscribers (6 subs, 40-ish views), my stream has
    1,725 views and 18 followers.

    Now, you may be wondering; "Why are you telling us all of this?"
    Let me explain.

    I am looking for several people who can produce high-quality content on a regular basis, preferably at least bi-daily.

    The idea is similar to how the Yogscast manages their content: You will have your own channel, (with the prefix Im, preferably), and you will produce your own content, unless you are
    producing something along with others. If it is a series, you will upload every other video to your channel, and someone elses channel; or simply two different point of views of the same event.

    Now, there are a few criteria.

    You must be at least 17 years of age.
    You must be able to produce regular content. (at least 4 videos per week)
    You must be able to record in 720p.
    You must have a quality microphone.
    You have to be able to work well with others
    You need to be able to take a joke [I am quite sarcastic]

    You do not have to have a lot of views on YouTube.
    You do not have to have a YouTube account [yet]
    You do not have to speak English as a primary language, but you need to be proficient enough so you can be understood. [Rythian is a good example of an understandable accent.]
    You don't have to be an individual, you can be two friends who share a YouTube channel. [Example; HatFilms]

    You have to be aware that the project is in its infancy, but will hopefully grow into something bigger.

    Even if you do meet these criteria, it is not granted that your applications will be

    If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to either post in this thread, or PM me.

    Applications are either; sent in a PM or to
    Include sample at least one sample video and tell me about yourself;
    personality, favorite type of games, your gaming history. <- is an example of how you could write.

    Applications posted here will be disregarded.

    I look forward to your applications and questions.

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    You want some aloe vera for your butthurt?
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    I can't bump my other thread, it got merged -.-

    Starting when the clock hits 7:30 for me (4 min)
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