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    some people hate alice in wonderlands world and i never really minded it. but i think the new one would be cool to play in. For KH3 because i think that a live action setting would look much nicer on the PS3 rather than 3ds even tho trons world looks awesome on 3DS. I think fighting the red queens guard, the bandersnatch, and the jabberwocky would be awesome! any thoughts?
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    i agree... i would love to play it on ps3 cuz i lost my ps2 memory card =( and it had KH KH2 KH2FM and COM... and many other games so i am quite sad about that... and im not gonna go try and find the old ps3 fat that can play them haha.... but i know a full remake would take a while but what about it being remastered? if they work on it it wouldnt take that long would it?
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    The Kingdom Hearts series are my favorite games. i would love to see it happen, hence why i asked the question. but i personally think that they have sold enough copies and created a wide enough fanbase to release a remade/remastered version of the game. Like come on Kingdom Hearts has made Disney and Square a boat load of money
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    I've noticed that recently there have been alot of games that are being made into HD remakes, such as DMC, sly cooper, jack and daxter, and Final Fantasy 10... any thoughts? and if they did do you think they would be the final mix versions with the extra bosses or just the regular versions.
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    hmmm maybei will have to try that tomorrow lol thanks man
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    hi i just got a ps3 and i downloaded adhoc party immediately and i want to finish the last mission cuz its really hard for me like the first bosses are easy but the final one kills me each time >.< so if anyone would like to join its in world 1 and its called kh bbs with the note last arena mission
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    yeah ust like when KH2 was coming out i remember seeing a picture of sora holding the kingdom key with donald and goofy adn he was off to fight the whole thousand heartless battle but there were behemoths and other heartless there... in which we all know there are no behemoths in KH 2
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    Personally i love BBS and i like it just a little bit mor ethan KH 1. KH was the original and i just love playing it even more than KH 2 or KH 2 FM. but sadly idk where my memory card is so im kind of S.O.L. on that one... but yeah i agree BBS is the best so far except thecamera which is a continuing problem fo rthe KH games but other than that i like them all but love those 2 the most.
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    yeah im curious about this also... so if you could provide some proof that would be cool
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    i kind ajust want it to come into the game so sora or another character can kick its ass and then lea would come back lmao
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    ok since axel was killed his nobody was destroyed kinda obvious but what about his heartless i kinda want to see him come back so maybe tetsuya will bring in axels heartless so that lea will come back... i also want to see what lea's memory would be like. in such like will he remember sora? or will he just go off of what he remembers in his past life before becomming a heartless and a nobody
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