Nymph of Destiny
Jul 23, 2007
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Just listen to your heart for me...
Organization XIII Member
    1. Firekeyblade
      Still miss you. Disappointed that that RP died. Ah well....
    2. chula-claire
      Hey hey! What's ur youtube? I want to watch that Papercut vid but I can't find it >_<
    3. Sadden Blood Warrior
      Sadden Blood Warrior
      hey! haven't talked to you in a while, when you get a chance send me a message we need to talk some
    4. TheLightIsGone123
      And how is my beatiful secret lover doing?
    5. Mr. Pumpkin
      Mr. Pumpkin
      Well hello there Nymph! Remember me? I was in your family untill I decided to stop with the site for a while. Back then I was Lord Terra and I was 'The Pumpkin Brother'. How are you nowadays?
    6. Firekeyblade
      Ah....it's too bad. Well...if you're still interested, Rivals is open again.....although...it's obviously going to be different....sadly. >_> Well...come back soon all right? And make sure you're not in trouble if you come on.
    7. DestinedToMemoriesCorrupt
    8. Amber
      Nymph! 8D

      Do you remember me? Probably not...
    9. Destined
      Hello old friend.
    10. Sakura101
      hi hi! how are you? i hope we can be friends? :D
    11. Prince of Twilight
      Prince of Twilight
      Hey,wassup?Long time no see ^^
    12. JedininjaZC
      Hi Nymph!! *hug*. Its been ages since I last heard from you!
      whats been keeping yah from khvids?
    13. Crumpet
      I'm better now, I'm just recovering from the cold. I had the flu!!

      Lol everyone found that funny, but I got to eat chicken noodles xD
    14. *TwilightNight*
      You bet it's been long! =P Goodness gracious, it has been long. Missed speaking as well. It's good to hear that things are better now for you, though. You having left...it was more that it was unexpected. Or rather, it would have been better that you told us something and might not be on, you know? Yet thankfully, we have a Larxene once more in the RP Arena. I've seen that you like Code Geass now, right? Has any of your interests changed throughout the absence?
    15. TheLightIsGone123
      ahh i see
      do you even remember me?
    16. Firekeyblade
      Indeed. Although I'm slightly disappointed that you didn't get there fast enough to play Zexion. :D
    17. Deathsight44
      Sheesh, your tellen me. I dont even wanna move lately. Thinks were getten a lot more hectic then usual for me, so till June ends, im stayen inside of the house. July, i go for a job and a drivers license, and once thats done, then I'll start hooken up with friends though. Till then, i godda try and relax xD though lately somethens been maken me restless. Tonites the third time i've gone a full night without sleep
    18. Crumpet
      Welp, last year of high school so I'm having exams, but they're alright.

      Other than that, I have been sick for the past few days, so no-ones had an excuse to shout at me xD
    19. Deathsight44
      Lol, it's ok. Ever since i started talken wit twilight on msn, my sleeping hours have changed to levels of extreme. I'll probably be on exsactly when you are, lol ^_^

      Lol, everythings goin great. Just finished finals actually (failed spanish though....). school works been stressful though, so I definatly need this summer to recooperate xD
    20. TheLightIsGone123
      Things could always be better, but theyre pretty decent as of now.
      By the way how did you find me?
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    Just listen to your heart for me...
    Organization XIII Member
    I'm savvy, got it memorized?

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