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    I recently checked Youtube to see what kind of new video Pwillard had uploaded because his work is brilliant. I when to his page ( And found that Youtube had suspended the account.

    Does anyone know why? Pwillard doesn't strike me as the kind of person to break rules. Maybe his videos where just too awesome of Youtube....

    If it is due to some company making a copyright claim then we should petition youtube. I have watched several of his videos and after hearing the song gone out and purchased it.
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    Thx guys for the songs! You Rock!

    This is why I love

    For it's awesome community!
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    THX MAN!

    I'll listen to 'em!
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    Just some song names and by who is by is all I need.
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    Welcome to the club....

    We have pie.

    Also a slow song is always good...

    What songs do you like?
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    Thx for the feedback!

    But really I was just thinking if you could give me some song names or artists that you like.

    For example:

    Miserybusiness by Paramore
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    Hello Everybody,
    Recently I have been thinking of starting up a little DJ Business and I know that having the right kind of music is important to become successful. I have a pretty large library of songs, but I (Being a nerd) am not very in tuned with what songs people are listening to because I'm soo far out of the circle that it looks like a square with a haircut.

    This is where you guys come in:
    Could you please fill out what kind of songs you guys (and gals) listen to and what songs are considered “popular” at the moment. A note of concern: Please watch the sexual theme’s in the songs and also language because not everyone wants to hear someone yelling the F word at you 50,000,000 times. Also if you could provide whether it is on iTunes or not would be helpful.

    So just say something like:

    Dude these are my favorite songs!

    "Here it goes again" by Ok GO

    "Carry on Wayward son" by Kansas

    "Don't Stop me now" by Queen

    And so On...

    Thank you for being such a great community,
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    I mean seriously just because you don't have all dat fansy shmansy stuff doesn't mean you can't do some cool stuff! I mean seriously! I made these two in WMM even if it doesn't look like it!
    For this one I have a portion when sora slashes and it is just him (no Bk) over another clip and it looks like it is from vegas when in motion!

    And this one I did a whole animation and overlayed it!
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    That waz amazing! Yo rock like GIR!
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    Don't you think that this info should be on the front page? Or is it just me?

    I mean seriously don't people want to know what the name of some possible attacks in BBS are?
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    I see a little silhouetto of a man,
    Scaramouche, scaramouche will you do the fandango!

    I mean linkin' park is pretty good but I mean you can't win against a band with lyrics like these!

    QUEEN FTW!!!

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    You may be right about that but it was mentioned in some of the information posted a while ago on the main page that there would be magic involved in the gameplay.

    So Personally I think that Terra can use magic in KH:BBS.

    (Note: I'm pretty sure that all keyblade masters are gifted with some kind of magic)
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    Hello everyone!
    During the summer I accidently bought the Kingdom Hearts 2 final mix + ultimania book thinking that it was in english but boy was I wrong! Even though the book was in japanese I looked through the book and saw a cool section which talked about the secret boss battle against Terra. I recognised a list which looked like it had the names of Terra's attacks and what exactly they did. Because I couldn't understand really what they made out I scanned the images and posted a thread on this site (Here) and when only one person really replied I posted a Yahoo Answers Question (Here). My Yahoo answers question was successful and thanks to ersatzjello I have the names of his attacks for the secret boss battle against Terra in Kingdom Hearts 2 final mix +!

    My Thoughts

    I think that these attack names may also be transfered over in Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep! Even if they don't we can kind of get the idea that Terra likes to use physical attacks and from the cutscenes we can see that he really doesn't like to mess about with blasts from afar but would rather just run up to you and thwack the crud out of you!

    Attack Names

    Also if you look at my yahoo answers question or thread you will see how I had Ersatzjello translate the images and see the images themselves!

    And now what you have been wating for...

    The Attack Names!!!

    1. (upper part) Attacks you can use; Attack name / type
    (lower part) Drill attack; Type: Physical

    2. Cannon Gun; Type: Physical

    3. Repeated Stab Attack; Type: Physical

    4. Waverider; Type: (See note 2)

    5. Whip Attack; Type: Physical

    6. Seal of Command Attack; Type: Physical

    7. Change of Command Attack; Type: Physical

    Once again thx t ersatzjello for the translation!

    Please Give me feedback!
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