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Dec 6, 2012
Mar 1, 2011
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Traverse Town Homebody, from Where the wild things are

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Dec 6, 2012
    1. KeybladeSpirit
      Mhmm. And if you want something a bit more unique, you can go with the Greek capital Theta and be Θrlando.
    2. KeybladeSpirit
      No they aren't. The first one uses the Greek capital letter Omnicron, while the latter uses the O that we all know and love.
    3. KeybladeSpirit
      It is strange. Perhaps there's already a member with that name. Try Οrlando instead of Orlando next time.
    4. KeybladeSpirit
      You know, you can get a free name change if it's to fix a typo.
    5. KeybladeSpirit
      No. I'm special. Then again I have been Premmy for almost a year now. Oh, and I changed it to The Dream Traveler at my 300 post mark.
    6. KeybladeSpirit
      It was Keyblade Spirit. After that, it was The Dream Traveler. Then Snorlax, due to a Pokemon name fad. Then ???????????????? Then a bunch that I don't remember, including the original Keyblade Spirit, then 9001, then Jet.User, then Pillows.
    7. Kimi
      @Orlando Please join my forum haven, DigiXros.

      Edited for advertising.

      Looking forward to seeing you there.
    8. Kimi
      Please help me. I was banned, and I don't know why. Also, could you convince DS to unban me? Oh, and check whether I was banned temporarily or permanetly.

      And one more thing. I believe that my signature issue caused this. Well, tell DS I've removed it. If that isn't the problem, then do the things listed above.
    9. Iskandar
      no prob, but you'll have to keep a spoiler alert meter in front of you, because I've got a bad case of trying to explain something for shows, movies, or books and accidentally giving away major things
    10. Iskandar
      nah, I don't have parties. I just do things with my mom or have a normal day at home. We're planning on seeing Green Lanturn in the morning(lucky it came out on my birthday), go to barnes & nobles, get some lunch and dinner and head home and see what to do. We're trying not to do too much this year since we don't have money to spend, and I'm paying for lunch, just to be safe
    11. Iskandar
      thanks for that. In about 6 or 7 hours it literally will be my birthday. The exact time I was born
    12. ShibuyaGato
      Thanks. Everyone's been congratulating me, except for Luxord who ALSo gave me rep. XDD
    13. Daxa~
      Lol nice <3
    14. Daxa~
      Omg!! Naww Pokemon yellow was so adorable :3
    15. Daxa~
      Oh jeese what?
    16. Daxa~
      Lol same!!!
    17. Daxa~
      Same!!! It really annoyed all of us :/
      I mean,Christmas is when you really need a break!
    18. Daxa~
      Oh really?
      Thats the same with us,but we got days off our Christmas holidays
    19. Daxa~
      Bleh really? :(
    20. Daxa~
      Lol I hate exams :/
      I did mine last week.....though Im now on summer holidays,so its all ok xD
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    I make KH amvs in my spare time. My youtube name is Orlando217X

    Taco Bell


    Thanks to Wolfie for the awesome sig!