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    ... into the void ?
    ... the void ?
    ... void ?
    ... oid ?
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    On second thought, I'll just wait for a significant price drop on that one.
    Which should happen way earlier than expected lol.
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    I work more shifts as well, I just used my buffed up salary to buy FF7 Remake and Resident Evil 3.
    That should mitigate the boredom till The Last Of Us 2.

    If we're still stuck on lockdown this summer I'll visit my aunt, she lives on the way to work so I'll have an excuse.
    She also happens to have a swimming pool.
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    Same lol.

    Brace yourself. Looks like it's gonna be a loooooong (and bumpy) ride.
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    My sis is a nurse in a big town. Her husband is stuck at home with their two kids, they're crawling up the walls at this point. She didn't have to tell me, I could hear that on the phone. The older one is driving her nuts, "he's searching my limits and definitely finds them" lol.

    I wear a mask and a pair of gloves non stop at work, but my sis agrees with me to say it's mostly decorum. The masks are useless after 4 hours, and the gloves are'nt my size so I rip them off thrice an hour. We're running out of both. We disinfect as much stuff as we can as often as we can but we simply cannot cover everything.

    My youngest sis is infected. The good news is the worst is behind her now, she can't infect anyone or get infected again. She's a smoker but she hasn't been hospitalized. That's a bit comforting to know, I'm a smoker too and I was worried about that.
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    Hey guys ! Patman here reporting from Cherno from rural France. My neighborhood looks almost as empty as this site these days so I figured hey, you haven't checked on KH kids in forever lol. I work in a grocery store so I still get to drive, but the roads are fantastically empty. I get to drive as fast as I wish and park anywhere I want. Concern free.

    My zombies clients mostly seem interested in toilet paper and pasta. My significant other doesn't want to see me anymore because I'm too dangerous. I'm not mad though, his heart is in bad shape so I get it. I am however starting to feel very lonely. I don't have any other friend or relative I'm allowed to visit, they don't live close enough. Three of them are infected so far.

    Not that I'm complaining. If rural France is starting to feel like madness I don't even wanna think about New York.
    How is the apocalypse going on for you?
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    It s a baby mouse so who the hell knows. The caption read help me to find out. I sure can t.
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    Is it bad that I expected this ?

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    I m ... very sorry to hear that.
    Not gonna say more, I suck at this.
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    Definitely. But those are hard to find in my country. Closest I ve tried was the Indiana Jones ride in Disneyland Paris, the one with the tiny looping at the end. Only lasts a couple of minutes. I was like moar, give me MOAR !!! Unfortunately I think the closest truly impressive rides would be in the Netherlands.

    I ve had my fair share of aquatic parks though, like that one :

    Still haven t been to Port Aventura in Barcelona, I m told its awesome.
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    Ah, thanks ! Sorry for the late reply, I would have liked your post but that option seems to be gone.

    I would gladly have joined had I thought of that earlier, I just picked the first french speaking union I met. They re decently active and I ve grown fond of them. Heck, couple of weeks ago they made me an admin. And they didn t warn me. That day I received a request just saying hi, the game was asking me whether I d accept the request or not. I was like wut ? Accept what ?
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    I m happily coupled now, so there s that. My keyboard is broken, deal with it.
    I tried taking a look at the discord thingy since everyone seemed to have fled there but it didn t work, not idea why.
    Besides, writing in English is one thing, speaking it is another. I m not sure I would have enjoyed it as much as a written forum.

    I ve been playing khux for a couple months now, is there a list of the forum members khux usernames somewhere ? Mine is Sparx.
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    I'm glad they brought JJ back because ... well let's just say I wasn't exactly hopeful for that one. Judging by the conference they're well aware of the Last Jedi's flaws. As for the emperor I couldn't help suspecting he might still be around. We never saw him actually die, just fall, and no one ever bothered retrieving the body. And if Mara Jade was a thing ... what else did we not know about ? The man loved his secrets.
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    Toy Box. I'm doing them in order and I'm in no hurry. I won't move on until I've found all the collectibles.

    It is easier. In the previous entries I' d usually get a few game over until I got to level 10. Especially in BBS, I died a lot. Not this time though. The attractions and all that triangle stuff makes it a cakewalk.
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    I bought both KH3 and RE2, I think I'm all set for quite some time.
    Incidentally, I spent a lot of my free time leading up to their release keeping an eye on the yellow vests movement. Not an Ant Man thing.
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