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    If this isn't enough evidence of how evil Iran is I don't know what will convince the world. If it wasn't the stoning of people for being born gay or the forcing of women and young girls to marry men they've never met.

    Down with theocracies, WIPE THEM OUT!
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    Laurence Fox, how I have missed you. Only reason I posted here lollll. I am not embarrassed, guilty feeling, nor have I lost.
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    It's a free world, people are told of of the risks. If they feel like taking the risks then so be it. I have no sympathy for the man. Nor anyone who dies because of poor health after having such a terrible diet. They knew the risks and they took them. There is no pity to be given. They deserved it.
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    Are any of the original members still active? This is just gas escaping
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    hi .
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    The father has very little input in the creation (sperm being an order of magnitude smaller than the egg) of the fertilised egg and the mother has all the responsibility of carrying the child. Why should the father have any say? The only time he has any responsibility is when the child is born (apart from supporting the mother towards the end of the pregnancy as she probably won't be able to continue working).

    As for the petition you are proposing, I will be honest and admit that I didn't read the whole thread xD I just jumped in at the end and commented. I apologise.
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    However, and I don't mean this as a jab against your beliefs, you have to look at this in a purely secular standpoint. Not everyone belongs to a faith that says no to abortion. Therefore you can't base your argument on religious grounds. What I am saying is that it is the woman's choice. If she doesn't believe in abortion then she'll give birth and either keep it or give it up for adoption. If she doesn't necessarily say no to abortion, she may have an abortion. What I don't see as right is for a girl to have multiple abortions in a row. Clearly she is unable to control her sex life, and shouldn't be allowed to get pregnant until she is able to do so.

    Basically, abortion should never be made illegal, but it shouldn't be massively easy either.
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    I mean that some girls use abortion to get rid of what they see as the side effects of their ridiculous promiscuity. i.e. They are complete whores and they use abortions to get rid of the pregnancies associated with having their legs constantly open.

    My cure is having everyone reversibly sterilised at birth. Therefore therefore there will be no unwanted pregnancies as you will have to prove that you are able to look after the resulting child (not necessarily because of marriage, but you know what I mean).
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    Well, it is a horrible and depraved notion. That the supreme creator would sacrifice himself horribly to save the creation that he created imperfectly. It reeks of depravity.
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    It was an opinion and nothing more. He had every right to say it, free speech and all that. It was his opinion upon what the New Testament said.
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    If Christian groups are willing to take on all of the unwanted pregnancies of the world then I agree that abortion should be outlawed. Oh, is that too much of a drain on resources? Then what are you talking about? What right do you have to talk about what happens with a woman's body? It belongs to her, it is a part of her. She is the one to decide what happens to her body.

    HOWEVER, I do not agree with abortion being used as a contraceptive. Girls like that should be sterilised.
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    I am so angered by this thread. Richard Dawkins did absolutely nothing wrong. He wasn't even blashpemous. As per usual, religious people take whatever they can as ammunition against those more intelligent than themselves. All he did was state fact, and the loser who decided that stating fact was wrong is a loser. I really don't see how stating fact is wrong. Unless of course your religious beliefs tell you to ignore facts and to attack anything that goes against your faith.

    Tony Burke is just that, a berk. Dawkins did not ridicule anything, all he did was state fact. If it is wrong to state fact then it is wrong to exist.
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    I love how

    I hate it when that happens :(
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