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    Kind of disappointed with the last half of this season. It felt like they were trying to cram lots of plot points in, which they could've explored better with less action stuff. I wanted the whole philosophical ideas of Zaheer to shake up the more modern ideas of a modernizing world. In Korra's time, there has always been a disconnect with old ways and the new. Like how Republic City is the modern era whilst the Earth Kingdom still seems so old fashioned.

    Regardless, better then the last Series. Zaheer was great.

    Now regarding thoughts to the future:
    In regards to the end and the future, I think Korra will quit being the Avatar at the end of her story. See, she was the one who put everyone in danger from the Red Lotus, as they ransomed the last airbenders in order to get her. She also was also losing her battle against Zaheer, and it was only due to Jinora and the other airbenders that Zaheer was defeated and to Lin's sister that the poison was removed. After all that, Korra was broken quite a bit. And yet the world went on without her, since Tenzin declared the airbenders would take care of the people of the world in Korra's absence. In essence, the world is becoming self sustaining, they don't require the Avatar to save them from everything.
    Which is proving to Korra that what Zaheer said was true. The time of the Avatar was at an end, the world no longer required her. This has been a recurring theme in the villains, especially Amon, and is shown when Korra starts hallucinating. During the whole end of the last episode, all I thought is that she can no longer take the task of Avatar, she doesn't need to really.

    It'd be interesting to see what they do have planned.
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    Are you driving your car whilst at home?

    Because that's something I can get behind.
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    If I remember right, there was a petition going around online asking for Square to do just that. I laughed to myself, since I felt sorry for the signers who knew nothing of Japanese gaming.
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    Of course his movies are iconic. I only watched his stand up a few years back, and I was surprised how good he still was at 50-something and how over the top he was in situations. He talked about death in it, and getting old. God it seems strange that the energy of him is gone.

    Death of the childhood for many. It's a strange feeling. A new type of loss to deal with.
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    It's more Kojima I'm worried about. He's not left Metal Gear yet because he doesn't trust his team to make it great. I mean, he's been saying 'this'll be my last Metal Gear game' for 4 game now? He even said that a game he wanted to make wasn't trusted by his new staff, because they weren't experienced enough, so it was delayed. He seems like a control freak on his projects, very mother bear protective about it. Can't blame him, just worried he'll be like that for all his games, and it may be even worse with another big shot. But we won't know for a year or two, of course.
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    Easily excited. It's got the beauty of an indie game with a creative name behind it and a lovely concept. If it has some depths, this will be great.
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    Reeks of generic, and i'm a Bioware fan, who would love almost anything they'd do. I even defend The Old Republic for its storytelling and cooperative gaming.

    I blame this on EA (obviously) for demanding all their games in development to have a multiplayer/online aspect of some sort. It constrains options if you have to have something in a game. I'll give it a wide berth for now, but I'm already worryingly bored. Still, I think there's one unannounced game still up in Bioware whilst the next Mass Effect is obviously being worked on. And of course, Dragon age is only a few months away. There's still options out there.
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    My one concern is these two 'titans' may not be very cooperative. People at their level are use to control over their projects, partnering up can mean the butting of heads since both are pulling at the reins. I hope that's not the case. I actually remember on Twitter when Hideo was meeting with everyone for the game. If that's the case, I'm calling Midge Ure will have a big role.

    Apart from that, I'm actually interested in a horror game for once in my life.
    Post by: Peace and War, Aug 13, 2014 in forum: Gaming
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