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    wait its not working
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    guys how do you put your pics up??
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    sorry for my noob ness but how do u post pics heree cause 4 some reason its not letting me
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    Anyone here dressing up for hallowen????

    if u are state your costume here

    hers a link to mine

    well just the basics Im wearing red skinnies , a white shirt , purple shutter shades and a beanie but IM not going exactly like that for one my hair isnt that long and I got to get thinner
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    this is my favorite vampire series ever next to vladimir todd I have read the whole sieries from book 1 to 12 and I love the suprising ending where I would put it down but I dont want to spoil it for people who havent read it yet

    I think that they messed up in making the movie in 2 things maybe more but IDK I havent seen teh movie just enough trailers
    1 there was no monkey girl that arived and fell in love with darren
    2 th elittle people were supposed to look like dried up midgets and not small Et's
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    wat does it mean to export songs? and wens the game ccoming out
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    give the dude a chance if he has the guts to go through l that jsut to get ur attention give the dude a chance and sometimes class clowns dont jsut focus on getting everyones atention somtimes they may seem to try to get everyones attention but that jsut shows how hard they are tryin to get ur atention ha trust me I should know Iv been class clown for a long time
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    the Sims

    Misty: well try to give me something to work with nd Ill build it let u coomentate and if u like it exchange it in the sims website exchange
    Moonday: very true they seem to have taken away all the details u can add to the face like peircings and such but TS2 is put into individual expansion packs just for new things but in TS3 its all those combined plus more from the Sims 3 online store where u can download new stuff to ur game but with a fee
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    the Sims

    its prettty time consuming but the new additions are great especially the traits CAS and the better detail put into it man I need house Ideas do u guyz have any? ill try to build it for u and Misty wow a generation already!!?? I cant even handle 3 people but that must be from wen I stopped controllin them nd just built houses
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    the Sims

    Okay guys wonder who here is a sims person?? I AM !!!!!! right now Im playing sims 3 but I have played all of the games and I love it
    the feeling of controlling peoples lives and building houses is so fun
    who else here is a sims fan?????

    ohh and if u have a sims video of eaither a house u built or somthing could u post it up here becuase I need more house Ideas

    here is one of mine
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    okay wasup guyz I know most of u guyz dont know me Im pretty new here but I need help with Kh1 its jsut mostly help with where all the dalmatians are and like where most of the trinities are
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    wen I play drums I just watch covers and listen by ear and I get it right most of the time
    rytbnow though im currently learning to play the glockenspiel and the xylophone
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