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    Does Roxas have to love somebody ? To be honest I believe that he only sees Axel, Xion, Sora and Namine as good and close friends. Plus he hardly understands the concept of love as Axel had to explain it to him.
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    Leaving just because they changed the forum is silly. :rolleyes:
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    I don't really like or enjoy the change either, when I first joined here it looked so neat and quite flashy and now it looks like a huge Facebook ripoff.

    I'm sad ]:

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    Only popular characters seem to really get through like Cloud and Auron so I think that Lightning is next for sure. Maybe even Kefka since he's gone from a badguy that nobody hardly knew about to one of the most well liked and well loved villains in Final Fantasy history.
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    Bump out Cait Sith and replace him with Reno. Easy !
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    No Black Mage
    No Firion who can held tons of weapons at once
    No Ingus a powerful knight
    No Onion Knight a kid who is really smart for his age
    No Rydia who is a brave young summoner
    No Faris a tough woman pirate captain
    No Celes a tough female general who has the ability to block magic
    No Edgar who has a drill, chainsaw, crossbow and more
    No Sabin who can suplex a train
    No Zell who is just as good as fighting as Tifa is
    No Irvine who looks incredibly badass with his gun
    No Zidane who has the power to blow up the universe
    No Auron who is one of the most badass Final Fantasy males

    So disappointing....

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    Is the answer " We belong together " Toy Story 3 ?

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    Jecht is a jerk . I hate him just as much as Tidus does and can understand why Tidus hates him so. He's a drunken slob, lazy and treats his own son like dirt. He harmed a animal that is not badass that is embarrassing and shameful and even Jecht himself was embarrassed by it and wanted to change his way if you find the Jecht Sphere about it.

    Jecht is a terrible Father and he knows it. He was mentally abusive towards his son and caused damaged within Tidus and his self confidence and more. Tidus didn't really feel worthy unless he was doing a cool blitzball move because Jecht picked on him and teased him and only ever praised blitzball things.

    Tidus is brought into a different world with strange and weird rules, religion and culture he's completely lost and confused and he doesn't know how to deal with it. At the beginning he wants to go home and he's exhausted from the confusion and stress. Yuna's fake laughing was to get out feelings without releasing it on to other people. It's always looked down upon as a weird or random, embarrassing scene but it's not.

    In the end Tidus grows and he gets more mature; Jecht does as well and yet Jecht acting like a drunk moron gives him ''cool points '' while Tidus improving and slowly transforming into a brave hero gets ignored and looked down upon.

    Tidus is one of the most underrated FF heroes in the series and no Jecht is not cool you shouldn't believe that somebody is cool because of their look and appearance it's annoying because Jecht is not cool at all. Sorry but I find him to be a annoying ***hole.

    Tidus needs more love within the FF Fandom.
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    A small light feather shaded white slowly glided to the light sliver ground a young dark haired female slowly stepped towards the fallen feather showing a slight smirk with a cheerful glow holding her blue pinwheel weapon in her arms. " What is this strange place ? " She asked with a curious tone in her voice.

    Suddenly Rinoa felt a slight shudder up her spine, she knew that somebody was behind her, from the corner of her eye she saw somebody holding a long lightpink staff that looked unknown from her world.

    " Oh " ?! "Hello"! Rinoa turned around and childishly poked the young female stranger staff in a friendly smile. " What a interesting weapon "!

    The female Staff Wielder quickly stepped back, she seemed rather serious, stiff, and un-willing to be defeated in battle.

    " Are you a warrior of Chaos "??

    Yuna quickly asked Rinoa, Yuna tried to hide the nevours and scared tone in her voice- Rinoa- she looked powerful and deadly.

    Rinoa however giggled. " No, what's a Chaos !? " " There's no need to be so serious, relax a little !"

    Yuna shook her head rather quickly " I cannot trust anybody here, this place is a war- zone " !

    Rinoa looked away from Yuna and held her necklace tightly underneath her neck. " War... nothing has changed..."

    Yuna feeling more supportive towards Rinoa, stepped towards her showing Rinoa her slight watery eyes. " You're used to war too "?

    Rinoa smiled at Yuna, regaining her bright and friendly spirit. " Oh yes, I know what it's like " !

    Suddenly Yuna felt like she has beginning to create a new friend, somebody that she could trust. Maybe Rinoa wasn't so bad after all !
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    I'm on the side of the debate that the Mum should of known better because even though he's 15 he's not quite a adult yet he still a teen. The Mum should of really done something to check on her son to see if he was doing okay and made sure that he got some sleep I mean what about school ? And school studies ?

    Plus it's not normal human behaviour higherschooler or not and she really should of tried to made sure that her son got some healthy stuff in his system and limited him to the X-Box. She really should of made sure that she made sure that he got some sunlight, some water, some food, some excericse and some sleep. Plus some people can end up being addicted towards games and she should of made sure that his time video gaming wasn't turning into a pleasure drug.

    Video gaming is only bad if you make it bad.
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    Is it too late to join up ?

    Can I please have Yuna, Kuja and Rinoa ?
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    Zexion because I don't know why. He just seems so enigmatic and mysterious. So misunderstood.
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    It's from Runaway Brain one of the darker Disney/ Mickey Mouse cartoons. You should watch it. It's very dark, exciting and even funny at moments.

    It even won awards when it came out I think. Be prepared for some nightmare fuel though. Though there is darker Disney/ MM shorts out there.

    It made me dislike Minnie Mouse though. Who puts a silly date over a gaming marathon ?
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    If this girl dumped you from a silly rumour then she's not worth it. If she really loved you she would of trusted you. But she didn't.
    She's not worth it.

    You need to keep eating and going to bed earlier. Staying up late is only going to make you feel worse; same with the eating. Eating and sleeping will give you everything that you need to be healthy unless it's junk and if you skip food and sleep you won't get the vitamins and energy that you need to cope and it will help you so much more in school too.

    I think your parents are pointing your negatives because they're a little worried about you. That's all. But if you eat, sleep and study and remove this I'm sorry- this very silly girl from your life. They're leave you alone.

    Keep in contact with friends because they'll keep you happy because they know how and each day try and slowly distance yourself from this girl, but as said before she doesn't sound like she was worth it. Or worth the trouble.
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