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Nov 15, 2015
Apr 8, 2009
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Twilight Town Denizen, Female

What the hell, is a hufflepuff? May 1, 2014

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Nov 15, 2015
    1. program
      What the hell, is a hufflepuff?
    2. program
      Trying to freshen things up, but I don't like this account so much. Need a username change and revamp of who I am now
    3. program
      Really wish school wouldn't be such a bother, and that I could stay a good member of the community to RP constantly, but, procrastinator XD
    4. Labrys
      Help Junpei-kun!
    5. program
      I'm hungry.
    6. Finn the Human
      Finn the Human
      I've played all except Chain of Memories. Can't find it anywhere except online, and I don't keep my money long enough to order online.
    7. Finn the Human
      Finn the Human
      Just Livejournal and Tumblr. I don't even think there's a category for bands on I've looked a few times. That site confuses me to the max.

      Hah, maybe.
    8. Finn the Human
      Finn the Human
      Ah! Persona is great! I've only ever played the games, but I love them.

      I've never liked music without lyrics, idk, I write lyrics and songs for me to play on bass, so without anything for me to rock to, I get bored. I guess I'm a bit uncultured, but just because I lack alot of interest. It's not a good thing, but I'm surviving, heh.
    9. Finn the Human
      Finn the Human
      I have not watched Xros wars, but I've heard awesome things about it. And what do you mean they bring back goggle boys? Like, some of the original characters? I stopped watching Digimon after Data Squad. I hated it so much.

      Soul Eater is pretty good. After episode 3 it starts to pick up and get to an actual plot.

      I have never heard of those animes before X) I live under a rock when it comes to that stuff. All I do is go on Livejournal all day and blog about bands on Tumblr, haha, I'm kind of a bandom geek.
    10. Finn the Human
      Finn the Human
      I don't really watch or read much at all really. It's never been my thing, but there have been a few that I absolutely adore. I like Soul Eater, Digimon and Code Geass. I sometimes read Soul Eater, and then the others I just watched. Oh I also like Dragonball Z
    11. Finn the Human
      Finn the Human
      my url is ****nip a bit inappropriate, so I hope I don't get in trouble for posting it on here asdfghj I hope you don't mind spam on your dash, because I reblog ALOT
    12. Finn the Human
      Finn the Human
      omg the towel one. And the dolphins. sdfghdfg;

      Those are great. Due to Tumblr, my gif folder is enormous, so I have many reaction gifs to use, always.

      And ah, thank you! Yeah, the blink-182 Tumblr fandom is pretty huge, so I post most of my stuff there, but I hope I can start writing er... relevant fics on this site soon enough. I like KH, but never thought of writing fanfics based off of it. But I love writing fics, it's one of my favorite things!
    13. Finn the Human
      Finn the Human
      I've read them all, but I kind of only skimmed through the fifth one. I have the ultimate guide too, whOO!

      But my favorite was The Restaurant at the End of the Universe. Zaphod is just, he's my absolute favorite character, and Ford.
    14. Finn the Human
      Finn the Human
      I've never watched it. Getting me to watch cartoons is like pulling teeth, ha. I'll take a look though and see if I like it.

      I must say, I love your icon. The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy is my favorite book series.
    15. Finn the Human
      Finn the Human
      oh definitely. I love him to death, and he's hilarious in interviews. I can't wait to see what else he dishes out, I seriously would follow his work forever.
    16. Hitokiri Shinigami Shinta
      Hitokiri Shinigami Shinta
      Sup? You interested in my arena?
    17. Te Deum
      Te Deum
      Nah. And It's day time now.
    18. Te Deum
      Te Deum
      On my roof xD

      I find this time of the night amazing.
    19. Te Deum
      Te Deum
      Right now?

      The night sky~
    20. Te Deum
      Te Deum

      I'm starting random conversations with random people.

      What is in the upward direction?
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