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    Time to sneeze our brains out with hot weather and horrible allergies

    The upside? School year ending, Holla.
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    What the hell, is a hufflepuff?
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    *Title is up to editing

    As the title says, I will be trying to accomplish one of the many 100 themes challenges, all of which will be about the kingdom Hearts + Disney series and characters. Updates will be a big far and perhaps short, but I will finish this challenge sooner or later. And why might it take me a while to finish this up? I have like a dozen other stories to update, and a million other ideas to write down, so I can't possibly stick to just one story and finish it within a a month or so time-span. Plus, there is school and plain procrastination with a touch of writer's-block.

    Other universes? Of course! I am an active fan some of Disney's many universes. Mostly I know about Donald Duck best and the Duckverse, like Darkwing Duck, Ducktales, and the comics by Carl Barks, Don Rosa, and those AWESOME Italian artists who created Paperinik New Adventures. So don't be surprised if you see a lot of drabble concerning Donald and his life.
    Also there is the Three Caballeros, Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, Goofy and his life, Chip N' Dale Rescue Rangers, and probably Final Fantasy (Mostly FFX and X-2, though since the Gullwings had such a small cameo, i doubt there would be anything with them).
    I'm unsure of any other universe/fandom I my cross-over, but with Kingdom Hearts and their World System, I have endless possibilities - it's just getting it to be interesting that's the trouble.

    Warning!: I am no perfectionist, but I do try and re-read over my work, yet, because of my horrid eyesight, and tendency to get distracted by other things, I miss many a mistake! If theres any, please don't hesitate to inform me! I will try and fix it as soon as possible!

    Enough of my jabber, here is the first set of themes!

    Themes 1-10
    1. Introduction
    “Theres that new girl, the one who got adopted by the mayor.” Riku pointed a small finger towards the beach.

    Sora followed the direction, setting his eyes on the young getting her feet wet by the shore. She was just standing there, both hands holding her sandals as her bare toes wiggled in the sand. The boy was curious as to why she was alone and not with the mayor, seeing how she now was the most richest and powerful girl in their small town. She could have canoeing in the fresh water, or in her new home, enjoying her endless privileges….At least, thats why Sora would have done if he were the mayor’s child.

    “Let’s go greet her, she looks lonely.” Riku then smiled to his best friend, noting how the brunette kept staring. He didn’t know exactly why, but he too could not stop giving glances at the girl. Perhaps it was because of her long, red, hair, or maybe that she was not a native of their small community, meaning she had insight of other worlds beyond, and that absolutely fascinated both boys.

    Sora nodded, not having to think about it before agreeing. They both ran down the small hill that lead to the ocean, careful of any bikers coming down the shabby street. Once in close proximity of the girl, they came to an abrupt halt.

    The little redhead heard the flapping of their sandals as they raced towards her, but did not turn until they stopped, too shy to look at either of them. Working up of her courage, she turned her head to catch sight of silver hair, and the young boy closest to her left. He looked friendly enough and about her age, there was no harm in saying hello, especially since his hair piqued her curiosity. Once she turned around completely to her right, she saw the brunette boy, and was in awe at his wild hair, and giant grin. Both were quite a pair.

    “Hi, my names Riku.” The silver haired boy gestured a hand to himself, smiling softly.

    “And I’m Sora!” The spiky haired boy’s grin seemed to become even bigger, his arms moving up beside his head to show how carefree he was.

    “I’m..Ummm...Kairi.” The girl shyly stated, wanting to make a good first impression. There were many kids on the island, some of whom she had not met yet, or seen, and now was her opportunity to join them. She hesitantly smiled up to Sora and Riku, hoping to ease the awkward air she felt. The two didn’t seem to feel the same, rather they looked ecstatic now that she had greeted them, both looking at her with bright eyes.

    “Have you been out on the ocean yet!?”

    “No, I’m afraid of drowning….I can’t swim.”
    “We’ll teach you then, don’t worry.”

    “Yeah! Me and Riku are great swimmers!”

    2. Complicated

    If he couldn’t use the keyblade, then what use was he? If the keyblade was actually a bad thing, then what use was it? It both, fed hearts to Kingdom hearts so it could open, and then closed Kingdom hearts, so nothing horrible could happen. It helped what it was meant to prevent, and that was not very useful!

    “Sora, you’ve been frowning all this time, are thinking again?”

    The young man turned his sight towards the duck beside him. “Shutup, that’s not funny; I was thinking, and I don’t like the thoughts I was having.”

    Donald didn’t show his anger towards those words, understanding what could make the cheery boy so sad. It was the same reason why he too was slightly frowning - though, having been frowning his whole life, it wasn’t anything unusual.

    “Listen, you need to turn that frown upside down, we made a deal back when we first met: no sour faces.”

    “How can I smile? Or even be neutral about what I just found out! I’m helping the bad guys by accident, but also helping the good guys on purpose…. I’m in a very complicated situation!” Sora sounded like the teenager he was, faced with a difficult realization.

    Donald furrowed his brows in exasperation; the boy was right, and once again the duck was stuck in a very unlucky rut.

    “Let’s just hurry up and avenge Goofy! Everyone is depending us, no matter how complicated things are right!”

    3. Making History
    “Look at the headlines of today’s paper.” Leon throw the keybearer a bundle of papers.

    Sora stared at the newspaper, having not seen one in quite sometime since most worlds he visited didn’t have one. He flipped it open and leaned back on his chair, crossing one leg over the other to set the papers against. Sure enough, in big bold letters, it read :’Heroes once again save town! The Restoration Committee and Chosen One defeat hordes of monsters.’
    Donald and Goofy both came up behind the boy, leaning over his shoulders to see the words. The trio grinned and nodded to one another.

    “Look at that! We’ve made the paper! We’re going down in history! I can’t wait to see what Kairi and Riku will have to say about this!”

    4. Rivalry

    Kairi always thought of her two best friend’s rivalry was nothing but innocent boys being boys. It had been going for a long while now, and she was always supportive since they seemed to enjoy so much. But now that she was older, and they all together again after two years of being apart, she looked to them with new eyes. They aren't kids anymore, they were young adults now - the boys now tall and muscled, she slender and bustier.

    She was more informed now about the opposite sex, having been commented on and asked by many from the town. She had rejected many, gone out once or twice with a few, and always thanked them for the compliments or gifts, and it all added up to her new knowledge. Boys liked to compete with one another for superiority, especially over girls.

    Kairi now knew that many of those ‘innocent’ races were not just for fun, but to show who was better. Who was more capable of being a better partner for her, which one was better suited for her affections, and that whoever was best in her eyes, would be the one who got her heart.

    Looking on as both young men had decidedly taken off their shirt to flex their biceps at one another, not so much as trying to show the other how strong they got, but rather show off to her, and both start to playfully splash one another, she didn’t want to chose one. Why couldn’t they just stay the same and not let relationships complicate things? Better yet, why couldn’t she have both?

    These thoughts plagued her at times, causing her emotional stress of a low-level, but now wasn’t the time for too much deep delving (anything deeper would lead to the usual summary of her life with the two, and the big adventure they had just gotten back from). Instead she shed her shoes, pulled her hair into a messy ponytail, and ran after her two best friends, intending to show them just how strong she had gotten.

    5. Unbreakable
    Riku would have liked to believe himself unbreakable in all it’s sense: not able to persuade towards the bad, being the strongest, being the smartest, and the most able to get things done without sway. But after the past year, he knew better about himself, and face the harsh truth that he was indeed breakable, and had been so.

    Now he had all the time in the world to think over his mistakes, and what had lead him to become broken….Or so he thought….No one would have thought, or better yet guessed, that he would be freed of his prison so fast. And now it was his last chance to gather the pieces of his broken identity, and repair, or rebuild, it.

    8. Gateway
    “Did either of you get a good look beyond the door? I mean, like, past that darkness, and deep into the back.” Sora laid on his back, looking up to vast, blue, sky, and the slowly moving clouds.

    “No, who could have? I was more scared than curious since that darkness was coming at us.” Donald leaned his back against Goofy’s, his eyes closed, enjoying the quiet time.

    “I wonder what’s in there...I mean really deep in there. I know there lights,” Sora roamed his eyes over the shape-shifting clouds, trying to find a shape he recognized. “But, I think its like a closet, all dark at first, but then you turn on the life and see you clothes and items, then finally….Finally you look into those boxes, and towards the back at the stuff you haven’t seen in a long time….Like a gateway to your past self…..”

    “My closet is neat and tidy, ahyuck! I don’t want to wrinkle my nice clothes.” Goofy smiled, feeling his consciousness drift away to sleep.

    “Sounds like you gateway is cleaner than mine.” The human chuckled.

    Donald huffed, rolling his eyes at the boy’s sudden philosophical state, and the knight’s dorky ways. “Just shut up you guys, enjoy this relaxing time while we have it.”

    9. Death
    Yen Sid pressed another book into Sora’s hands, the big, heavy, cover making the young man’s arms fall.

    “Master, this is the eighth book I have read today, I’ve been studying for hours, and these topics are….Depressing.”

    “Yes, they are, but you must better your understanding of the world if you are to become stronger. To do such, you must face your fears, and dwell on those thoughts you wish not to.” The wizard raised a finger as he always did when making point, or giving advice. Sora was beginning to get sick of it all, and wondered how King Mickey got through it.

    The young man looked down to the title of the book, having to squint his eyes over the neat calligraphy to understand it. Suddenly it seemed like it weighed a ton more, and his chest started to twist in anxiety.

    “Master, please, this one is too much for me right now. I don’t think I can read it right now.” His tone was begging almost, and his fast had fallen to slight desperation.

    Yen Sid casted his every neutral face towards the student, knowing very well this would happen. “Go to the library and study upon the book, you will get no mercy from me.”

    “Death, master? I….I can’t bear to think of my friends…..Gone.” The young man choked out. He had thought about it once or twice, and it always lead to bad feelings and tears threatening his eyes. He had only come to the conclusion that if came to a life or death situation, he’d go for it by himself and keep his friends safe.

    “Death is not a hunter unbeknownst to its prey, one is always aware that it lies in wait. Though life is merely a journey to the grave, it must not be undertaken without hope. Only then will a traveler's story live on, treasured by who bid him farewell.” The wizard then said, looking ahead towards the window in his study.

    Sora opened his mouth to say something, but was too taken back by those words. He then hauled the book towards the door, and allowed it take him to the library.

    10. Opportunities
    “These are good job opportunities for us, we could all use some cash in our pockets” Olette scrolled a finger down the listings stapled to the bulletin board.

    “Who wants to work on summer vacation?” Pence leaned against his back against the same wall, a bag of chips in one hand. It was vacation for crying out loud, all that anyone did on such a time period was relax and eat.

    “Those who want to have a hell of a lot of fun, thats who!” Hayner jabbed a finger into the other boy’s round stomach, and chortled.

    “Olette giggled, looking to her two friends. “Thats right, if you want to enjoy the snacks somewhere, you gotta have the cash.” She teased.

    The red-clad boy stuck his tongue out childishly, understanding they were right, but not liking the thought of doing the physically tiring jobs. He didn’t mind working, or pulling his own load of the job, but he did tire easily.

    “Hey, look heres a job you opportunity for you, Pence.” Roxas then came up beside the girl, pointing a finger to one of the bullet points.

    “Ha! Poster boy? Pence can barely pass the mile in P.E.” Hayner joked, earning a laugh from even but the boy of topic.

    “At least I know how to count how many laps there are rather than run the whole time and over-exert myself!”

    The laughter continued, the group of friends enjoying the beginnings of a long summer break.
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    Can anyone join this RP, or must I ask for a reserve? Undead Potato.
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    Til I hear you sing- Ramin Karimloo
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    Try it backwards

    At least you don't also sound like the opposite gender as well @~@
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