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Apr 9, 2016
Nov 3, 2006
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January 22
Watching the sunset
Child of God

Pure Beats~

Chaser, from Watching the sunset

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Apr 9, 2016
    1. Darkcloud
    2. Laplace

      ^Color version for teh lulz^.

      Was trying to make dark BW since his clothes were dark and all, but I kinda fail at that style, also I know I didn´t put the text, I just... Couldn´t make it fit xD.

      Sorry, with my current slump it´s all I can do ATM, if you want I can retry it X3.
    3. Forever Love
      Forever Love
      I see.

      Well, how are you today? Any better?
    4. Korra
      I'm a wolf.

      *kicks Toots out of your profile*
    5. Tootsie
      I'm a zombie.

      A nom nom nom *chomp*
    6. Darkcloud
      Yeah, sorry; Fall break here. I'm at home, so I won't be on til 10 pm Central.
    7. twilit_shadow
      Goodness, that would be my dream job. *sigh* I can't wait till I'm allowed driving farther out of town...(meaning, my dad is evil about my driving)

    8. twilit_shadow
      Meh, neither can I, but I needed the money...Here's hoping something better comes along.
      Thanks, chicka. ^^
    9. twilit_shadow
      Not fun, I promise you that. I'm at the local k-mart. Yay me! (NOT.)
      But the people there are pretty nice, so I should be okay.

      Seriously? That's too cool.
      Yeah, my parents don't let me get anything with a skull on it anyway...Durn it.
    10. twilit_shadow
      No prob! I would be hyper too, cept I got a job earlier this week...well, you know how that goes. >.<

      No you're not! You just didn't know, that's all. No harm, no foul. ^^

      I KNOW!!! They have shirts (I've seen jap. folks wear them at conventions and stuff) that have the picture of the skull-pin on them. I don't know where'd you find those...but I WANT ONE!!!
    11. twilit_shadow
      Holy sheez! You seriously spazzed out, didn't you? Wow! XDDD

      I already watched the ouran dubs, actually. They have them on funimation's official website: Funimation.com/ouran. Just follow the links, my friend. Much better quality. ^^

      I want Minamimoto's hat too!!! REALLY BAD!!!! DX
      And Lollipop's parka. XD
    12. Princess Rapunzel
      Princess Rapunzel
      Pure Beats, wanna check out my dubbed videos?
    13. P E A N U T
      P E A N U T
      haha sorry *hugglez*

      I'd rather take nothing.
    14. P E A N U T
      P E A N U T
      Yeah I know xD
    15. P E A N U T
      P E A N U T
      I don't take Spanish.
    16. P E A N U T
      P E A N U T
      Yup, I'm excited. This is like, one of my best chapters =)
    17. P E A N U T
      P E A N U T
      Cool =) I'm almost done my fanfic chapter
    18. P E A N U T
      P E A N U T

      I'm bored.
    19. Forever Love
      Forever Love
      I guess. Just missing a few assignments, Algebra is a pain in the freakin' neck, and then my weight....*embarrassed*

      I'm not fat, but I'm not incredibly skinny either. Kinda in the middle, I don't like it and I wanna change it, but I can't exactly help myself when I don't have anything to help myself with, y'know?

      All right? Just boring or something?
    20. P E A N U T
      P E A N U T
      ah, that's no fun.
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    January 22
    Watching the sunset
    Child of God
    I'm believing in HIS miracles.

    Spreading the Gospel, Mission Trips