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    Lysa trembles as she feels Xindai's voice in her mind, a wince creasing her brow as she nods silently; the young thief's eyes begin to darken, and then to glow with a purple light as she prepares to do Xindai's bidding, having to strongly remind herself that she was doing this for Sapphire. The air in the canyon visibly ripples as conflicting forces of gravity tear at the molecules of air. A vast cylinder had formed around Xindai's fight with Louvel and Xero. Anyone trying to cross the line would find that gravity, in a ten-meter thick ring, had ceased to function as it should, the pull forcing mass one way or another. Even if someone was strong enough to push through the field, the dizziness that feat would bring could still result in a combatant so dazed and disoriented that they would be unable to stand.
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    Lysa looks from Xindai, and then out around the battlefield, "wait... you mean you just want me to drag everyone? With my powers?" she asks, "no cold-blooded murders? No selling my soul to the devil?" The young woman seems to sigh with relief as she lowers herself to the scarred ground of the keyblade graveyard, light starting to bend around her body in strange ways as she alters the gravity around herself, the alteration enough to cause light to be sucked into her body, much like a black hole. Soon all that can be seen of her is a blurry, black outline. Moments later the inky blackness pours off Lysa's body and toward the canyon, which, from the outside, appears to grow darker as the gravity anomaly within it gains strength.

    The ground around the keyblade graveyard begins to tremble as the forces of gravity twist and change, starting with dust and small pebbles, which skitter, pour, and fly toward the canyon. Any projectiles in the air, such as Sabell's blades, are bent from their flightpath and hurled toward the canyon, which would give Gexln, at least, a bit of a reprieve from his current engagement. The various, uncountable keyblades wedged into the earth begin to shake and vibrate as they are ripped, one by one, from the ground in which they had been planted, creating a temporary storm of whirling blades as they fly past the combatants and into the canyon.

    In addition to this, the many combatants littered among the grounds would find the earth beneath them tilting, their hair would no longer fall straight down, but rather point directly at the canyon, loose articles of clothing would tug and threaten to fall off their owners, and the people themselves would find that they were, too, falling toward the canyon, as if the whole world had been turned on it's side. They could try to save themselves, perhaps by grabbing onto one of the keyblades still driven into the ground, but the handholds would soon be ripped from the earth by the same gravity that was pulling them all toward the canyon.

    Neither Lysa or Xindai are unaffected by this, Lysa allowing herself to tumble gracefully through the air and into the canyon, her hair streaming behind her, while Xindai would feel the pull the same as the others, and even his might would be unable to resist for long.
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    ((I couldn't decide how Lysa would react... so I rolled a d20... >.< '11'

    I guess the decision makes sense, considering the fact that Lysa is only with the lights because of what happened to Sapphire))

    Lysa pauses mid air, floating there, staring at Xindai. A flash goes through her mind, an image of Sapphire's form wreathed in darkness... there was no way she could trust Xindai, but if there was even a slight chance of restoring Sapphire... she had to take it. Lysa lowers her sword and nods, "you'll restore her? Completely?" she asks, the severed wing of her ship floating nearby as the girl struggles with conflicting desires within herself, rotating slowly as Lysa 'falls' onto the wing and stands there, her body rotating with its movements as she continues to watch Xindai, resolving to go along with him, at least until she knew more about what was going on. The way that his words seemed to flow like ink through her mind made her uneasy, and on her guard for changes in herself. Knowing that Xindai would already know about her reservations, she decided not to voice them, and meets his gaze, "alright... so what do you want me to do first?"
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    Lysa coughs and uses her powers to spin away to a slightly safer distance, her ribs and spine aching from the vicious hand-to-hand blows she had been dealt, "and how do I know I can trust you?" she asks, both wary and intrigued by the offer, there was no doubt in her mind that Xindai could kill her whenever he wished, it was more like he was toying with her.
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    Chaotic alignment = spontaneous thinking, Lysa isn't someone with an orderly mind, she doesn't instinctively plan in advance, if she figures out that Xindai is reading her mind she'll just stop thinking, her moves will be as much of a surprise to herself as they are to others, which would nullify that particular advantage.

    In other words: A chess master would lose against Xindai every time, but someone who has no concept of the game and is just randomly moving pieces would stand a chance.
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    And... once again, there is only one person fighting Xindai... Lysa is really in for it unless I use her chaotic alignment as a weapon... that might buy her a few minutes to live, lol.
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    Lysa tries to pull Azurite clear of the shards as she sees the telekinetic explosion, her eyes are wide as she realizes that there was something far more sinister about the enemy she was facing. How... how did he know? she wonders to herself as she launches herself into a flurry of rapid, gravity-assisted acrobatics.
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    OOC: Sorry about the long absence, I had a lot of IRL problems to deal with. (also, the cockpit's canopy and the wing were mentioned in a much earlier post, I'm not pulling this out of my donkey)

    To all others around her, save for perhaps Xindai with his mental powers, Lysa would appear to have surrendered, she floats several meters away, staring at Azurite's predicament. She bore no illusions that she would be able to use the brute force of gravity to save Azurite from the bladed weapon pressed against his back... but she was still going to try. The distraction brought on by Xero's sister was a perfect cover, now that that deadly scythe was no longer in a position to end Azurite if Xindai failed. She closes her eyes and drops to the ground, kneeling in a position of defeat even as she uses her powers to start to pull slightly against the glaive, just enough that Azurite would notice the lack of pressure. Then comes the keystone in her plan: the severed canopy of her fighter, which she had been holding in the sky alongside the fighter's wing. This came rocketing down at the same moment as Lysa yanks the glaive away from Azurite's neck, the canopy sliding down with a crash between Azurite and the blade, to serve as a buffer, allowing the man to get out of the way before Xindai could get the obstacle out of the way.

    Cracks run throughout the sturdy metal and glass frame of the cockpit canopy, another hard hit and it would shatter into a thousand jagged pieces.
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    Lysa launches herself into a backflip as the stone pillar is launched at her, a slight motion of her hand sends the wing of her ship, which she had been suspending high in the air, rocketing down to intercept the stone, the slab of armored metal acting like a shield. Lysa's gravity-orientation changes while she is midair, starting an elliptical orbit around Xero and Xindai, several arrows trailing in her wake.
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    Lysa was just about to reply to Azurite when Xindai's telekinetic blast slammed into her, sending her flipping head-over heels in the direction of the canyon. However, the momentum that the blast had imparted onto her already seems to be fading, in fact, she was already falling back toward Xindai, "Oh, now you're on," she says, several arrows flying behind her and launching themselves at Xindai from slightly different angles.
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    Even as Azurite was struggling to move the heavy remains of Lysa's fighter, he would find it to be getting lighter by the second, soon it would be lighter than a feather, something that would require almost no effort to hurl away.

    The source of the relief would soon be seen as Lysa swoops down nearby, her gravity powers keeping her from hitting the ground as she starts to orbit around Xindai's and Azurite's battleground, "It looked like you needed some help," she calls out to Azurite, nocking a trio of arrows onto her bow and drawing back, her hair trailing behind her as she orbits faster and faster, almost becoming a blur before she releases the three arrows, which home in on Xindai from three different directions, guided by alterations to their gravity-profiles, making them far heavier and faster than they should be.
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    Alarms wail in the cockpit of Lysa's fighter, the girl's teeth set into a determined grimace as she struggles with the stick, managing to rotate the craft onto its side, now flying belly-first. Her eyes lock onto the spinning wreckage of her left wing, which narrowly misses the fighter as it whirls past. The whole craft is shaking from air-friction as it flies in a direction it was never meant to go, the careful adjustments to the engine thrusts allowing Lysa to keep it from spinning out of control, for the moment...

    ... and a moment is all that she needs, her left hand flying away from the stick and slamming onto the release switch for her cockpit canopy. The seal pops and air rushes through the craft as the canopy starts to lift up... then the craft shudders once more, the friction of the rushing winds getting into the cockpit and tearing the rest of the canopy off. Lysa's bow follows the canopy on its trip away from the ship. The trailing smoke and wreckage is soon followed by Lysa herself, having popped the restraining straps off her torso.

    The girl flips acrobatically through the air as she uses her powers both to direct her fall and to bring her bow to her hand, where she in turn tumbles to stare at Xindai through the rushing winds of her fall. It only took a slight exertion of her will to adjust the fall of the flaming fighter... right at Xindai.

    It was a bit harder for the girl to redirect the orientation of the severed wing and the cockpit canopy, but once she had finished changing their properties she just left them to orbit in the sky.
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    Listening? Listening? Listening Hurts.​
    Others go on and on, I just want them to be curt.​
    Pain and sorrow, that's what flows.​
    At least, when you listen to another's woes.​
    Don't get me wrong, I love a good rhyme,​
    but sometimes I just don't have the time.​
    To hear about the dark and despair,​
    or even about the joy in the air.​
    Perhaps it is time to move along,​
    it isn't like this is a good song.​
    That may be why I was so brief,​
    but it's probably just because I have grief.​
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    Lysa's Gumi fighter comes around in a tight banking turn, most mortal pilots would have passed out from the G's that she was pulling, but her gravity-based powers helped to keep the blood flowing into her brain, cancelling out the darkness that had started to creep in on the corners of her vision. The pilot's eyes narrow as she spots a moving carpet of blackness not far away from the main battles: an army of heartless... they didn't appear to be attacking anyone yet, but the fact that they were there was bad enough.

    Lysa's fighter had a quadruplet of wing-mounted cannons, which might as well have been small-arms fire in a space battle... but the laser cannons would class well into the 'heavy weapons' category for any land engagement. They were almost too potent to use, for fear of shrapnel hitting her allies... so there was no way she could target any of the more powerful Nobodies, Heartless, and other high-profile Dark users, they were all far too close to the Lights; however, the army of heartless was plenty far away for Lysa to put her talents and machinery to use... and she was more than ready to.

    The cannons mounted on the Gummi-fighter's wings glow to life as they begin to alternate shots, a brilliant flash accompanied by the solid chugging of each cannon as it launched armor-piercing energy projectiles down at the heartless. Each round tore a gash into the ground, as well as causing a small explosion. Lysa's strafing run wasn't that long, but as she pulls up into a loop she doubts that her fire had been insignificant. A quick glance at her statistics shows that she has more than enough ammo for another pass... maybe even two.

    With her face set in a line of determination, the young pilot brings her fighter into a gentle bank that would allow her to come in from a new angle and wreck more havoc on the army of heartless.
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    I feel so out of place in the RP right now, I'm not sure if there are even any Darks left over for Lysa to fight... and what about that army of heartless that was mentioned a few posts ago?
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