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    I had a lot of fun with this! It didn't take me long tho. (But, keep in mind, my goal was to stick to music, NOT to see how much special effects I could add. :D and so, um, yah.)

    Hopes yous likes. And if yous don'ts, tell me what to do to make it better, and please don't say, "Just get a vegas."

    Ands . . . I have a much better one, but I wanted to save it . . . for the next one . . . If not, tell me, and I'll put the better one up.
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    Can we have, like, a judging thread. As in AMVs from amatures, (Like meh) where we could get yeas and Nays from our videos, and tips? Expecially for us WMM peeples.
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    Okay, explain how you do it!!!!
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    Hey, here's my birth by sleep trialer.
    And, if there's another thread with all the trialers, please tell me!
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    can we see the trailer?

    can we see it?
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    I'm sorry I'm so late! My computer went keplewie
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    Eh, I like no yaio or yuri. I'm a straight lover.
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    you're pretty good! <3 <3 <3

    I have two options . . . two Ideas. One is for my "Rayeofsunshine" theory, and one is for my fanfiction.


    Username: Rayeofsunshine

    Render (image Link) : (I don't know, but something with olette:

    Font: Something cheezy cute. Comicsans, or something.

    What size (default 400x125): Prob. defult. Default I mean.

    Backround color: Orange or yellow.

    Text: (Choice 1) Rayeofsunshine= Goody-two-shoes aint a bad thing.
    (Choice 2) Orphan sister of Blessedone148
    (Choice 3) Rayeofsunshine

    Text Placement: Whatever looks right.

    Other (any place or person you want in background) : You can add suns, if ya want. The coolio effects looks cool too!

    I'll show you my other one later.
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    A story about a nobody

    Alex could see the small house now. It was very pleasant looking. He smiled. His heart beat faster just thinking about seeing her again. He loved her. He loved Grace.
    Grace was a girl that turned up not too long ago. She was an orphan, and lived with her adopted parents. She had blonde, long hair. She always let it down in such an enchanting way. She also had blue, gorgeous eyes. They seemed to capture his every thought and emotion. She was weird also. She didn’t put much emotion into things. She was just pleasant, and that was about it.
    But there were times, when Alex was alone with her, they seemed to connect hearts. She smiled with her eyes crinkling in a comedic way. Her smile was real. That was probably the reason they actually were boyfriend and girlfriend.
    Alex walked up to the house, and rung the doorbell. He had to tell himself to breathe normally. He was so excited to see her.
    A few seconds passed by, and a tall woman with dark hair greeted him.
    “Hello Mrs. Kabashi,” Alex said, with a slight tilt of his head, as if in a bow. “Is Grace here?”
    There was a very odd look on her face. “Who?”
    “Grace, your daughter.” He smiled.
    Mrs. Kabashi was giving him a weird look. “Are you okay, Alex?”
    Mrs. Kabashi was funny. She could joke around a lot. She had one of those senses of humor.
    “Well, can you tell her I dropped by?”
    The woman looked back inside for a moment. “Dear, can you come here?”
    Alex expected to see Grace’s blue eyes to stare at him through the doorway, but all that came was her father.
    “Dear, Alex here says we have a daughter.”
    The father gave a weird look. “Really?” he laughed.
    “You guys are funny!” Alex said, laughing. “Hilarious!”
    The parents gave him a weird look. “Do you want to come inside?”
    Alex nodded, and the next thing he knew, he was being served steaming hot chocolate with little marshmallows.
    “So, where’s Grace?”
    The mother didn’t answer.
    There was a long, long silence before the mother said, “Alex, I have no daughter.”
    “Yes you do. You adopted her twelve years ago, when she was two.”
    The mother shook her head. “Come look,” she said.
    He put his mug down on the coffee table, and followed her.
    She came to a wall with all the family photos in it.
    There was no Grace in any of them.

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    Yeas! It's updated!
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    Depressing as a bad thing: When you're trying to write a happy poem.

    I hope that was not a happy poem.

    That was sad . . . I wanted to hide in a corner.

    (That's a good compliment.)
    And, you're good at poetry.

    But, a hint I learned in Creative Writing class- Isolate your imagry. Use less words.
    (I'm bad at this too.)

    "I am heartless, I am cold
    I feel nothing, my heart is frozen
    I don´t care for you
    Nor nobody will do"
    or . . .
    "I am heartless, cold.
    Numb, frozen
    isn't everyone?"

    Or something like that.
    Condense your words or something.


    Good though.
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    Well, it's fun to think up all these things!

    I personally think Riku and Sora are brothers . . . And Kairi actually has this big past of something or other from Radient Garden.
    It's those holes we'll fill up with anything!

    And, for the record, in all reality, I doubt they'll make them Sora's parents. (Except for VEN . . . He's the one I'm really concerned about. Cuz he looks like Roxas's twin, but this is supposedly in the past, so . . . i dunno.)
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    Update, update, upyish update


    Theory 1: Copy Machine

    Okaday, I was thinking, since Ven looks so much like Roxas, what if there was this "Clone" thing going around?
    I know that sounds weird, but I'm basing that off of one of the first ansem reports.

    Ansem (Xehanort) Report 2-
    "I shall conduct the following experiments:

    Extract the darkness from a person's heart. Cultivate darkness in a pure heart. Both suppress and amplify the darkness within.

    The experiments caused the test subject's heart to collapse, including those of the most stalwart. How fragile our hearts are! My treatment produced no signs of recovery."

    Nowsies, who are these test subjects?

    Report 8 (Still Xehasnort)
    "By recreating the conditions that spawn the Heartless naturally, I should be able to produce them artificially. This device is the culmination of all my research thus far. The machine's test run successfully created a Heartless. This may be a step toward creating a heart from nothing.

    The artificially and naturally created Heartless showed nearly identical traits. But the two types remain distinct for the purpose of the experiment. So, I will mark the ones that are created artificially."

    I have also stumbled onto something else
    Secret Ansem Report #4
    "Three elements combine to create life: a heart, a soul, and a body."

    So, The Heart: Heartless
    The soul: Nobodies
    The body: . . . Chasers?

    Secret Ansem Report #5
    "Not only did they generate "pureblood" Heartless from living hearts, but they then used those Heartless to synthesize artificial versions of the creatures as well.

    These synthetic Heartless bore insignias and were called 'Emblems.'"

    Hmm, have they talken about these "Emblems" before? Could this be something in the future? (Or, they just talked about it in FM, and I missed it.)

    Okay, I have to go again, but I'll keep putting little thoughts in. Tell me if there's anything wrong with them, (if they interfere with facts.)

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