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    I've only seen the SAO anime once, so my answers are based on what (I vaguely remember) is given in the show.

    Supposedly (as stated by a character but I can't remember who), the players were prompted to pat themselves down when first using the Nervgear as a form of calibration or something. Pretty vague mention, but at least there was a bit of an attempt to explain the unlikeliness of the avatars to look almost exactly like their users. As for why the avatars are turned into their users' appearance story-wise, probably to impress upon the players even further how dire the situation actually is. This is life or death and you are real, and the death of you here is your real death and not just some game over for a character/avatar. Just my interpretation.

    Again, mentioned briefly in an episode or two. The death of an avatar in game triggers something in the Nervgear to kill the player's brain and causes death. I think the description of that item mentioned its use had about ten seconds within the player's death. So the "explosion" of the avatar in the game and the death of the actual player's physical body seems to have some delay and so this item can give someone a chance to stop the Nervgear brain-killing act from triggering and thus "reviving" the character in game.

    Not a big fan of the anime myself because of many of the reasons given before me. If I ever decide to watch it again, it'll only be to look at the pretty animation/designs. SAO definitely suffers from giving the illusion that a lot of stuff/plot is happening while focusing on silly/forced relationships that were given little development overall. All flair, little substance.
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    Of course, I'm biased due to experiencing "Boy Meets World" from start-to-finish and enjoying it so much while I was growing up. I even binged watched through all the seasons again a couple years ago to feed my nostalgia.

    With that take on "GMW": Don't like how Savage and Fishel seem to be cheesing up their acting. Sure, Cory was a goof, but the humor just seems forced instead of natural (which is obviously done by the newer/younger cast like many Disney sitcoms do nowadays). Though the moment where Cory's lecturing Maya in the school hallway was pretty good. And old or new, I hate hearing laughter after every sentence in a sitcom because even with a live audience, it starts to give the vibe of "laughter track." It does appear the show is going along with the current vibe of Disney live action shows. But I can't make too much of a call on that from just one episode or even the little look ahead at the end. Even "BMW" was pretty rough/kitschy when it first began. Still hoping for some serious life lessons in the future. Not a big fan of the theme song, probably because it sounds like all the other tween sung Disney themes there are. Maybe it'll be worth a watch as a whole, but I'll wait to make a definitive judgement.

    Yay, Feeny cameo!
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    You mainly have to stick to only getting the bare minimum inklings and skipping glitched sectors entirely. The only inklings Alice needs are: White Rabbit, Peculiar Hole, Cheshire Cat, and Queen of Hearts (and to get this last one you have to get the White Roses inkling beforehand) in that order. The locations of said inklings: Hedge Maze, Lotus Forest, Bizarre Room on the fireplace, and a standing Card soldier in the Hedge Maze when you give him the White Roses inkling (this inkling found in the Rose Garden). Basically, just make note of where exactly each of these inklings is (I don't remember the actual door sequence of the Rose Garden bit, but it is good to find the most direct route to the White Roses). The only glitched bit I think I entered was the one that you have to find in the Hedge Maze (when there are a bunch of Card soldiers running around at super speed) and that's at about the middle of the maze (and it may be skippable if the Hedge is entered last, not sure).

    A practice run through of everything you need to get really helps. Just make sure to avoid getting caught by the patrolling soldiers. Any sectors you have to beat, just do the minimum requirement to get to the next level. Run/glide/roll a lot. This was one of the last trophies I got and after I beat the game, so it really helps if you can one-hit enemies or take damage and keep running. Make sure to do the inkling bit as fast as you can because the last multisector bit with the Trickmaster should probably take the longest.
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    Grope yourse...

    *reads last post* I got nothin', then.
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    My sister

    I don’t cuss myself. Don’t usually use any kind of substitutions either. (I mean, it is clear to those who aren’t young children what you really mean, so what’s the point of censoring it for the most part?) I find it is a pretty pointless habit. But what do I know? Apparently, you’re more trustworthy overall if you have some foul language in your everyday speech (I guess because you’re considered more likely to say what you mean?).

    >2 cents<
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    Actually, I'm quite the pessimist. Thought that was obvious...

    Now I feel at home.
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    The only time Life takes a break is when you die. Justsaying.
    *has no fair answer*
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    Yeah, that's what it seemed like to me. Still think you made the right call given the choices you had.
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    I don't care for online multiplayer stuff. Maybe I'm just old school, but nothing beats playing a video game with/against people you know who are in the very same room. I grew up playing video games alongside my brothers and those were the only times I'd play certain genres I never cared for. First person shooters and fighting games were a couple of those genres. I've played Halo and CoD with my younger brother, but I can never get into those. Just something about straight up war scenarios and seeing how many times you can kill each other never appeals to me. As far as fighting games, don't think I've played one since the Mortal Kombat days on the Sega Genesis. Again, just beating each other to death seems pointless to me. Come to think of it, don't think I've ever played a sports game vg (but I don't care much for real sports nowadays, anyway).
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    I quite enjoy this movie. Fun humor, neat take on the time traveling aspect, and very heartwarming by the end of it. I still listen to "Little Wonders" by Rob Thomas regularly since I first watched it years ago. And who doesn't love a talking T-rex?
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    The only criticism I have for you is that you should've told him you weren't looking for a current (romantic) relationship and give the reason why, like you did here. Not saying things would turn out differently, but I'd say the history you two shared would've tipped him to be a little more considerate than being upset for not getting what HE wanted.

    Regardless, good on you for not being pressured into a relationship you believe/know you're not ready for. Way I see it, better to be miserable alone than risk being miserable together (with each other...whatever). I know losing a close friend is pretty hard, but sometimes circumstances just get in the way and those tough decisions just have to be made. Don't try to dwell on the "what ifs" either because the grass always looks greener on the other side and all that jazz. Really, focus on what YOU want and what YOU desire, Sara. If somewhere down the line you two do get to more stable states in your lives and get back to at least being the close friends you were, great. Otherwise, appreciate what friendship you had and don't think you can't have such a close connection with another person.

    (Now for the butt-kissing/uplifting bit xP) I see you as a respectable and mature adult, and I know you can get through this tribulation better than most because of that.
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    Learned me good, that Spreeder did.
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    This was a plot for a "Law and Order: SVU" episode...

    It depends on how deep she went behind the scenes. I mean, the file she had with McD's gave her DOB/name so she wasn't thorough at that end of seeming like a teenager. Besides that, I would've guessed she was just trying to stay "under the radar" for some reason (bill/money problems or something), short of actually faking her death, but she evidently wasn't hurting for money. But this may be something psychological (like that Law and Order episode!) where she was just trying to find an easier time in life to live out (high school was cake compared to the real world, imo) because she seemingly had the looks to pull it off. But I don't know what her jail records involved and she could've been working some elaborate scam.

    Or she's just a big SVU fan.
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    I agree, Elsa technically wasn't letting it go (at that point)...and the pacing of the film is pretty horrid...
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    @Androssi There's a pineapple of some form in many of the episodes.
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