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    You know what be fun, (If not totally insane) playing as Terranort (AKA, Terra-Xehanort. OR silver haired bad*** and evilly possessed Terra CX) Though I doubt it is possible... Is it?
    Post by: Retlyx, Mar 28, 2015 in forum: Code Vault
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    Here's a question, (if you could not tell I am a newbie for this site, which I love for the record. Anywhales) is there a forum/site/link/thingy that is dedicated to custom forms only? I would love to stalk that one if possible CX

    I was bored so I messed around a bit, though it's not perfect and I would love to see if someone can make it so that the form's default weapon is the ultima.

    Holy Knight Sora (Drive into Valor to activate)
    01CB979F 00000009
    01CB9796 0000000A
    21CF00B8 00303330
    21C95308 0A070764
    21CEF110 000007D1
    01CFBDEC 000000B2
    21CB9754 5F303031
    21CB9758 46544C55
    21C95344 05050005
    Post by: Retlyx, Mar 21, 2015 in forum: Code Vault
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