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    So, I'm going to be an RA for my college this coming academic year, and one of my duties is to make door decorations for my floor. This means I put the names of the people rooming in each room with something cool like a picture, or design or something..
    I am supposed to do heroes or superheroes.

    The only things I can think of are
    DC Comic heroes
    Marvel Heroes
    Power Rangers
    Kingdom Hearts
    Final Fantasy

    The reason why I don't want to do the first two is because they are pretty generic...
    Power Rangers is kind of cool, but I'm not entire sure if I want to do it...
    I shouldn't do Digimon because I have all guys and for heroes, I would also need to use the girls (and I shant be insulting anyone accidentally)
    Kingdom Hearts is kind of hard because there aren't too many cool heroes.. that aren't disney... And I don't really want to do Disney
    Finaly Fantasy kind of has the same problem as Digimon IMO.

    I need to plan for approximately 30. If anyone could help, that would be great. Or push me to do one of the ones listed above.
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    I actually watched a cool video about how to do mass collecting of items. It's if you build a bunch of trenches and thenin a building (or underground) you have a lava block, but the trick is that you also add a cactus and a ladder, so the lava doesn't fall (the cactus is actually for chickens that beat the system and the spiders. and then the items drop through even further below and collect and you can just grab them.
    OF course i don't know if this still works now with the latest updats andstuff
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    we;; the thing is, the guy who admins it said that no one was on when it happened. And I do believe that cause he is a trustworthy guy and the fact that there are like not even 15 of us on there. The chances would be slim.
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    Granted this is really for players... Has it seemed like people have been sabotaging any sort of gameplay on multiplayer servers? I actually just recently went onto a multiplayer server I play on (it's private too) and all my useful stuff was stolen and parts of my home were destroyed along with a portal to the nether. Not saying I'm looking for the person, but wondering if something like that was happening on other servers.
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    not to mention that I believe it still to be in beta, but I bought it in Alpha when it was much cheaper, and It is a recommendable game, and it's worth not waiting so you can get that discount. All future upgrades free
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    The world is full of animals. Mostly humans...

    There's been a long awaited secret. The secret that things such as Vampires and Werewolves do exist. They've been fighting for centuries. The wars are becoming more violent. It's getting harder to conceal the secrets. More and more innocent humans are killed every day. What is going on?

    Vampires are reading to take hold of society and enslave mankind. Werewolves want every last human to feel the pain that they always feel.

    And then there are the few, that know in their hearts that this was not how it was meant to be. This group from all sides wants to put an end to the war. An end to a possible revolution where humans have to choose where their loyalties will lie. This underground society will protect the world at whatever the cost.

    There is a legend of a duo of jewels. They have tremendous power, and are said to come from the shadows. Some say that these cause the split between the three races that live today. Only when united and wielded by one of each race at the time when both sides are at their strongest, will the curse upon humanity be lifted. Though these jewels are said to be scattered.

    It is up to this rebel group to find the jewels. They are known as the Shadow Stalkers.

    RP rules
    1) No god-modding/power play
    2) Be fair. It becomes no fun when only a limited amount of people post in three pages. It's no fun to hear banter between a couple of characters (especially when the rest are actually there too).
    3) Stay active. I feel like this is going to be overlooked. Post "A line in time" if you're planning to follow the rule.
    4) I am not afraid to kick you out for being inactive without reason.
    5) Character specific rules are here -->
    The Shadow Stalkers OOC
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    Alright. So Everyone can read the description here --> The Shadow Stalkers

    I'm nervous because this would probably require at least the three sides I mentioned.. The Vampire Side, The Werewolf side, and then the Shadow Stalkers. Generally, there's a human side, but they aren't supposed to know about this. So mainly, any humans in the RP are pretty much a part of the Shadow Stalkers. Dont have to be, but generally how it seems it should be.

    Character rules specifically are here.

    1) A maximum of three main characters.
    1a) If more than one character is used, do not make them constantly buddy-buddy. Nobody lives glued to another person.​

    2 is depending if we have people.

    2) Non-specific characters do not count in the Character count. (I.E. a representative of one side; a semi-important random human; a fighter from the other side)
    2a) These characters must not endure long-term treatment, if they become somewhat critical to the story.​
    2b) Subcharacters will not have to be approved. Just that they are part of the possible discussion we should be having.​

    2a is a little weird. Saying that a character is a messenger from the other side is ok, bringing them along with your main character is ok, but they will need to leave soon. Max of 5 posts of a subcharacter at a time. They can come back at a later time.

    So.. I guess it's OC Sign Up time.

    Side: (Saying Vampire, Werewolf, or Shadow Stalkers will do)
    Bio: (If Vampire or Wereworlf, include how they became one)

    People may join anytime. As long as you can cleverly get yourself in the story.

    Improvements [commented by in a nice way] are encouraged.

    Name: Scott Sawyer
    Age: 20
    Race: Werewolf
    Side: Shadow Stalkers (recruited)
    Looks: Picture
    Bio: Scott lived in Sydney, Australia his entire life. After he turned 20, he moved to the United States to explore his horizons. He was used to being out late, and would constantly be wandering the streets in the early hours of the morning. Then, one night of the full moon, he came across what looked to be a street gang. As he walked by them, they started to casually chase him. He realized this and started to pick up the pace. He made a bunch of turns which didn't prove to get him free of this "chase". He started to run, He went through a yard of a house, next to a forest, and ran through the yards of many houses, trying to escape and he tripped. He turned to see his attackers get closer, but there were none in sight. He slowly got up, and then was attacked from behind. The gang had circled him and was coming closer. It was a group of vampires looking to feed. Suddenly, he heard a howl from the distance. The vampires started to look a little panicked, and made it very clear that they had to act fast. He quickly reacted to their panic and started attacking, before being forced down. Out of nowhere something jumped out of the bushes and landed on Scott, scratching him. The vampires then focused their efforts on the creature that lay before them. Scott saw this as an opportunity to get the heck out of there. When he turned back he couldn't recognize what kind of creature it was. It looked to be some sort of humanoid wolf. He hid inside the bushes and watched as the wolf fought the vampires, and died. The vampires, knowing that they had to conceal any threat, cleaned up the mess they had made, but Scott wasn't sure what to make of what just happened. He got away and lived a normal live. That was until the next full moon.

    Name: Barrett Johnson
    Age: 24
    Race: Human
    Side: Shadow Stalkers
    Looks: Picture
    Bio: He was at the bar with his friends one night and one went outside to take a piss, because he was so drunk. Barrett went along to make sure everything went ok due to his friend being a very angry drunk. As his friend was pissing in an alley, he was attacked by vampires. Barrett wanted to help, but he knew that he was no match. From then on he became paranoid watching everyone trying to see if they were creatures of the undead. He did this until he met a friend named Ramona, who seemed strange at first, being what seemed to be annoyed at garlic, and any religious items but he didn't seem to be think anything of it really. He would constantly invite her over his house, and it was strange that he would always have to "invite" her in. He asked her about it once, and she quickly changed the topic of conversation. They friendship grew into an intimate setting and when she bit him for the first time. She immediately recognized what she was doing, and she confessed that she was a vampire. He mentioned his friend, how he died by those creatures. She brought up the secret group of vampires and werewolves and a few humans that were looking for a way to get rid of the vampires and werewolves so that the fighting would end. He agreed to join.
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    Ok well, I can't officially say that as a title. I know the song name. I don't know the artist, and I don't know the release. I just know that the song came out, my school's a cappella choir did an arrangement of it, and I really can't find a version of that song anywhere. I came really close once, but then my internet died before I could download the song and wasn't able to find it since.

    The song is called "What's It All About" and no, it's not a rap song. I know most of the lyrics... If that would help

    First Verse:
    If life's a parade
    Someday I'll have to join the others
    But I'm still afraid that I won't belong
    because there are too many choices, too many voices, too many noises in my head
    and I've always said, "I'm gonna do what the hell I want." [well]

    All I want to do is Hide and seek and play
    Find and seek a way
    to be happy and still live life for today, moments of _____ (a fancy word I can't spell. Sounds like zwah-nney)
    What's it all about, what's it all about yeah

    Second Verse:
    Some people tell me
    That it's time to grow up and drink the coffee
    Today I'm lucky, but tomorrow I may not be
    and sometimes maybe, I think maybe, What if maybe they're all right?
    and why am I not thinking otherwise. [still]
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    OOC: If we could get something to happen. I don't even know what's going on anymore. And I've been following it.
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    OOC: Yeah, well. I'm pretty sure shopping isn't a good idea for my character..? Sorry about that.

    BIC: Piero walked through the town. "Where were we supposed to meet again?" He wasn't exactly sure on where to go. "Ah screw it." He went directly to the barn. He periodically looked around to see if anyone was following him. He knocked on the door. No answer. With that, he figured that there may be some secret knock, so he knocked in strange rhythm. As he was doing so, the door slowly opened. He figured he should go inside. This place is cool.
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    Username: Rexyggor_thenewmember
    Age: 26
    Appearance: short blond hair, very tall, athletic build, wears a maroon jacket that buttons to the side, navy, tank top and black pants.
    Island: Aquaeus
    Animal: Tiger Shark
    Weapon (main): Kusari-Gama
    Weapon (sub): Crescent blades
    Bio: Growing up, he was constantly in the water, may it be swimming lessons, lifeguarding, scuba diving, etc. He loved life in the water it was a place where he would belong. The when something inside him started to grow, he became very carnivorous and very hot tempered. He soon came to realize that maybe the ocean had finally gotten to him. Though when his village was attacked he ended up defending it as a shark. He was unsure of how it had happened, and he didn't feel like it was possible for anyone to transform into animals. He now lives on his own, away from the village he once called home, he feels as if he was 'going ghost' and he no longer wishes to feel ignored.
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