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    I forgot that ufotable was making it.
    The game seems promising and the OVA looks good being ufotable the studio.

    I'll probably get it this January 22 (I think...?), if I see something that catches my eye.
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    I see.
    I just checked some tutorials, and it seems interesting that someone made a dissasembler for making codes, tough I think it'll take me some time to actually make them.

    Then, do you think it's possible to make the Synthesis stuff code to give me only the Synthesis items and not the "key items" too?
    I tested other codes, like the UCM and custom Reaction Command, and they worked fine, but the Synthesis and Gummi Ship cost/materials didn't.
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    I agree.

    The most notable issue with the guide is the Synthesis data; it doesn't include new materials nor where/how to find/farm them. I think at least it should have been better organized and detailed, because it is a guide after all. In my case I buyed it because I "collect" them, for the artwork and some other things like info and/or interviews, but still...

    TBH, it would be better if you just went to GameFAQS and use the old Final Mix guides rather than buying the Prima one.
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    Thanks for the reply and nice to hear that you solved the issues with your PC. ^^

    BTW, what do you use to generate the codes? I wouldn't mind to learn and do stuff that takes time and/or needs to be made manually, seeing that the codes I ask for could be tedious to make as they are for items.

    Thanks again. :D
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    I actually thought something similar, but not that related to Dark Hide. I thought Lady Tremaine and her daughters survided, but their hatred brought darkness/heartless to their world, and Dark Hide was just another entity drawn by the world being swallowed by darkness, while Aqua just appeared there by accident while crossing a random Corridor of Darkness.
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    Doesn't have a Synthesis list with data, like the original Ultimania.
    Some things are wrong (pretty usual in guides like this; not even the Ultimanias or Compilations are perfect) but still, the errors are way too obvious, like the Dalmatians, some chests (early game).
    Also, it doesn't include Gummi ship data, which could be a little annoying given the fact new players don't know a thing and experienced players at least deserve an explanation about EX Missions.

    Overall, I'd say the guide is good for anyone new to the series, but fails miserably with the new content, which is apparent only mentioning the strategy tips and explanations, which are lacking in detail.
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    We can always expect another publisher to do it, but I must admit I was a bit dissapointed with the guide for 1.5.
    The original Ultimania had it's flaws, but it was good. At least SQEX should have released one edited by Studio BentStuff, like the FF 25th Anniv.
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    Hi... ^^
    First of all, thanks to everyone who contributes to the thread. It's an amazing work what all of you have done. :D

    I have a little problem using the codes listed in the OP, as they seem to not work properly or cause weird issues. I list them below...

    Gummi Ship Codes
    Have All Special Models
    4033CA44 00030001
    01010101 00000000

    Have All Sample Blueprints
    1033CA60 00000101
    4033CA54 00040001
    01010101 00000000
    2033CA74 01010101
    2033CA78 01010101
    1033CA7C 00000101
    0033CA7E 00000001

    Unlock All Gummi Stuff
    0033C993 00000012
    4033C994 00400001
    FFFFFFFF 00000000
    They seem to work, as they obviously provide around 255 of every part, along with what it seems to be the skills (specificaly, the Unlock All Gummi stuff one). The problem is that the skill list is full and doesn't let me activate/deactivate the skills I want because the menu only lists the first 10 skills which are "Cannon Boost" skills. I assume the code maxed out every skill or something like that, and the menu simply doesn't show them because there are too many. This causas that my Gummi Ship simply explodes just starting any stage.

    Does anyone have a code that only gives the parts (not necessarily 255, but I think round 20 would be fine too) and other one for the skills?
    I searched the thread, and found in page #47 two codes which modify the Gummi and Teeny Ship cost, but sadly didn't work for me and whenever I tried to load the game, it just freezed (music still plays tough) before actually showing the characters/world map.

    All Synthesis Items Code
    Have All Synthesis Items
    0032F13F 00000062
    4032F140 000B0001
    62626262 00000000
    1032F16C 00006262
    0032F17B 00000062
    2032F17C 62626262
    1032F19A 00006262
    1032F19C 00006262
    2032F1D8 62626262
    2032F1DC 62626262
    This code works, but also gives 98 of every "key item" that Sora gets, like the Munny Pouch, Membership Card and the like.
    Is it there a code which only gives the Synthesis materials?

    Any help would be appreciated. I'm using a PS2 with FMCBoot and the english patched version of KHII FM. I don't know if the version I'm using is the one causing the problem, but I do have the original game opened and can play it either way even if it's not english (I recently saw the english patch TBH, and wanted to test it and play with codes for fun :P).

    Thanks in advance. :D
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    Ultimate One of the Moon
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