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    Me too.

    Me too.
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    Thought I'd bring a bit of nostalgia back into the fray with some classic Disney animated show theme songs.

    American Dragon Jake Long's "The Chosen One" by the Jonas Brothers (Season 1's is also good but I prefer this one because it sounds better)

    Lilo and Stitch's "Aloha E Komo Mai" by Jump 5

    And of course a long lasting classic, Phineas and Ferb's Theme
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    Man be back.

    Man be back.
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    Sh-Boom by the Chords, you're welcome.
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    Marx didn’t expect the sudden teleportation back to the coliseum, but saw a faded figure before leaving which made him question a little more about the Underworld. When arriving back with his allies, he saw what was going on and decided to pitch in hearing about Beuce’s plan and decided to keep the decoys healed. “I’ll do what I can for Aux and Luna.” Saying to the man until he dashed off to a suitable position to keep his eye on the two Keybladers. Often though he would get the cyclops attention by firing magic at the giant just to annoy him so the others can take point.
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    For quite some time, Marx was stuck hugged next to the large three headed dog. He wondered if the others faired better than he did. Done with being a teddy bear he decided to turn his keyblade into his flail form and threw it upward around a stalagmite then hoists himself upward out of the dogs grasp. Soon after he landed on the ground he heard the dog waking up and dashed his way out of the room slashing any Heartless that was in his way. Then coming to a fork, Marx looked around unsure on where to go. “Great... Where to now?” He muttered to himself until seeing a figure down one way that seemed familiar to him which made him call out, “Hey! Wait!” Marx was following the mysterious figure but lost them a few turns later and seeing Aux, Luna and Ananta talking to a heavily muscular man. So he walked over to rejoin with them. “Glad I caught up with you guys, I was getting tired of that- those dogs teddy bear. Not sure how long it realizes I left. Now, where to?” Asking kinda abrupt while crossing his arms and looking around for the giant three headed dog in case he wasn’t followed.
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    After hearing from an summed up agreement from the members that were present, Marx saw that they were going to the underworld and followed suit with everyone. “Well, let’s do our best to be careful here. Who knows what could pop up-” Marx was saying whilst looking around the area until stopping to see a giant three headed black dog sleeping in front of the next gate that was before them. Hearing Aux saying to not disturb the dog made him nod until speaking again this time in a whisper, “Right, case in point. There must be another way around. Let’s look to see what we can find...” Moving slowly and quietly past the dog thus far, Marx tripped on a rock he didn’t realize was there. “Son of a-!” He began to speak in a loud whisper, but before he could finish he could feel something big pulling him which made him gasp quietly to see the black three headed dog was snuggling against him. Before any of the others could do anything he shook his head and spoke, “Wait! If you do anything to get me out, you’ll wake it up. I’ll be okay for right now, but first find a way to get past the gate...” Marx whispered loudly again trying not to wake up the beast as he looked at it. In amazement being so close, it was enormous for a such a being. Hopefully it will stay asleep for him to escape it’s grasp and join the others without waking it.
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    When they arrived at Olympus, Marx was quiet for the most of the time on the ship until they docked. Seems everyone was heading out to explore. Marx; just really wanted a break. Chilling out by the docks and helping with Balthier’s ship were the only pass time he did active. It was nice to get a break from fighting Heartless, he was hoping to chat with some of the other wielders but they seemed preoccupied within their own talking moments. Would he ever fit in? Who in the hell would know hopefully later on. Speaking of hell, Marx saw a blue-grayish figure with fire appear out of nowhere and walked over next to Luna to hear what he was saying. “Lord of the dead...?” Saying quietly to himself before feeling Hades nudge him a little which made him roll his eyes in disgust. Seeing the keychain given to Luna and Hades disappearing into thin air made him think a little. It wasn’t until he turned to see Steel, Aux and Ananta enter the pier and wondering about the keychain. “I was here most of the time so I don’t know where Beuce is. As for this, Hades said it was a one way ticket to the underworld. I’m Marx by the way, sorry if we haven’t been properly introduced.” He explained before nodding to Aux and Ananta.
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    The battle was going on faster than he initially expected, but Marx did his best to bring down Davey Jones crew with his allies best he could. When Jack called him to open the Keyhole he was ready to do so and spun it in the air before pointing it towards the maw of the kraken and a beam emanating from the blade into the beast until a locking sound could be heard. Dismissing his weapon Marx bowed to Jack before he was going to jump into the maw and speaking to him beside his teammates, “Tis’ been an honor to meet you; Captain Jack Sparrow. I hope we do meet again.” Nodding his head to the others he dashed off to the dingy on the ship and lifted it trying to get it off the ship. “Come on! Unless you don’t wanna be fish food, we gotta go now!” He yelled while finally getting the dingy off into the water and leaped down to it.
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    Marx gave a groan when he heard Balthier say it was just a tale but winced when Jack swung the box at him then followed the pirate through the forest and eventually passed Luna and Beuce who he pulled along before running with all of them. He climbed up onto the Black Pearl with everyone onboard it, and was about to summon his Keyblade to open the chest but saw a portal open underneath it and disappeared with it. “Son of a.....” Marx muttered to himself before turning to see the Flying Dutchman. Then seeing the Kraken and gulped a little then saying aloud, “Oh man. Well if it’s a fight he wants, then it’s a fight he’ll get...” As he summoned his Keyblade, Marx spun it and pointed it at Jones and the Kraken when bolts of lightning were summoned at them.

    Marx casted Thundaga!
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    Marx Equipment set up for boss:

    Equips mystic chain
    Buys and equips apprentice sash - 1,200 munny
    Equips Black Mage job
    Equips mega ether and hi-potion
    Equips mystic aura limit
    Buys and equips thunder bell, poison edge and fire strike - 2,350 munny
    Equips thunder commands

    Munny now - 250

    (Let me know if I messed up on anything.)
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    Marx stayed quiet for a little bit and listened to Beuce for a moment before he spoke and rolled his eyes under his blindfold. While yes Jack deserted them, but that’s a pirate trait. Then again seems they haven’t experienced something like this before. Focusing back on task and hearing about being an ‘enigmatic fellow’ which made him raise his brow, Marx followed Balthier to the north to find Jack.

    Wacking through the forest with his Keyblade, the two found Jack soon enough, and a box in hand. Upon looking at it, Marx remembered Tia Dalma’s story about Davey Jones and the box that held his heart. Hearing these two squabbling was a waist of time so he decided to stand in the middle of them and negotiate, properly.
    “Alright, now hold on a moment. Captain Jack; I’m aware now you have the box, Davey Jones is after you. And Balthier; you want a high reward more than you can imagine. Why don’t we meet in the middle for this? See Balthier what’s in the box is very valuable; the heart of Davey Jones. I have a solution for you both. We work together to defeat him and both of you will have what you want. Balthier can turn in Davey Jones body in and be granted a higher price than Jack’s, while Jack won’t have to be bothered with Jones ever again and sail the seas freely. Savvy
    ?” Explaining the situation to both of them and dismissing his Keyblade while stepping back a little and going through it again in his head hopefully this works. “You know what they say; an enemy of my enemy is my friend. In a way for both of you can relate. Now, do we have an accord?”
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    Giving a groan as he dismissed his Keyblade, Marx dusted himself off and turned to his friends. “Alright. I don’t know about you, but I’m going to steer this ship to shore and hopefully find Jack so we can stop Davey and finish our deal. If anyone wants to stop me go ahead. Good? Good.” He announced to everyone still being slightly peeved from Luna’s comment earlier. Soon enough he headed up to the helm and started to steer the ship to the nearest isle. It had been quite a while since he sailed but it felt good to do it once more. Giving a look at the crystal he had for so long, Marx was tired of holding onto this thing. It bothered him more because it kept him content on his duty to it. Enough was enough. Marx broke it back into its seven individual pieces and chucked them off the ship hopefully to never be seen again. Eventually they hit shore and boarded off the the vessel to notice people looking for Jack. Then he heard the clicking sound of a pistol and sighed while holding his hands up and muttering to himself. “Fox snot, this is just great...” Slowly turning around to the man and saw the poster, Marx had to act smart in order to get going. “Can’t say we have, right guys? Right. Anyway, we’re just looking for our crew so we can stop the sea devil. If you’ll let us through that is.” Speaking up for the group before Luna could protest about Jack. So what if Jack left them? He was an honorable man and was hellbent on finishing this deal.
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