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    You rock!!!! Like to play on android and now I can without bugs
    Post by: rkimbal45, Jul 7, 2022 in forum: Code Vault
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    So frustrating that this is so close but not quite done. If just recently got a new tablet that does decent PS2 emulation and it's so much fun being able to play KH1,2 and re:Com portably. I know the series is coming to PC and I know ps3 emulation works, just not on android, so I'm curious. These last 2 bugs. If one wants to resolve them. where would one start?
    Post by: rkimbal45, Mar 12, 2021 in forum: Code Vault
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    You just use the gledsons'. No other patches are needed. Gledsons' patch, an unpatched Japanese kh iso and the patching program. That should be it. Don't apply other patches unless you want some whacky results.
    Post by: rkimbal45, Jun 19, 2019 in forum: Code Vault
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    The last version of the patch released is on the previous page. It is complete and awesome, with the exception of you don't get the Ansem report when you beat Kurt Ziza. I believe there is one other bug, regarding an ability but I do not recall it and it doesn't interfere with completing the game or getting 100% collection. The fix for the Kurt Ziza bug right now is to change to a Japanese original ISO file for that fight and save after, and switch back. I, myself didn't find out about the issue until i had almost beaten the game so I had to use the Japanese ISO and a cheat to fight Kurt again so I could get the report.

    As for a real fix, Gledson seemingly hasn't been around in a while and Sora and others who worked on this seemed to have moved on to other things so. it is what it is. If you emulate for PC play the PS3 emulator has gotten to the point where KH 1.5 and 2.5 work very well. Otherwise, maybe some day someone will finish the fix for those who want it for their PS2, or who just prefer the PS2 version.
    Post by: rkimbal45, Feb 19, 2019 in forum: Code Vault
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    I'll have to replay through on ps3/my pc. last time I played KH1 was this patch so I didn't realize.
    Post by: rkimbal45, Jan 29, 2019 in forum: Code Vault
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    I know Gledson's patch is playable. I beat it, using a Japanese ISO to get the Ansem report. But for those who don't want to have to deal with it, the ps3 versions of 1.5 and 2.5 are fully playable on pc is all I was saying. I didn't realize, though, that 1.5 changed the music? was a lot of it changed or only some?
    Post by: rkimbal45, Jan 26, 2019 in forum: Code Vault
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    So, I've been hesitant to post this, cause I've held out hope for the PS2 version to get those last couple of bugs finished, but for those who have had enough, I just want to mention that the PS3 emulator has finally reached a state where some games are very playable, including KH1.5 and KH2.5. So for those who like to keep Kingdom Hearts on their PC(like me) there is a playable version out there. I still hope that Gleddson or someone can make that last fix so the Kurt Zisa bug is fixed for the ps2 version, but...if not. final mix is playable somewhere at least.
    Post by: rkimbal45, Jan 24, 2019 in forum: Code Vault
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    Hey all. just wondering if Gledson999 or sora6645 or anyone ever finalized the English patch or did a revision with the Kurt Ziza bug fixed? Also it seems that some of the earlier links are no longer good. Is there a fresh link for the latest version of the patch?
    Post by: rkimbal45, Apr 15, 2017 in forum: Code Vault
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    Thanks Gledson999 It's amazing work and I'm glad to see this finally nearly finished. And thanks to Sora and all the people who worked on this over the last few years to get it here. It's worth it to all us PC players who want the full experience and aren't always able to get to our PS3 or PS4 soon enough. :)
    Post by: rkimbal45, Feb 8, 2017 in forum: Code Vault
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    For anyone that has played through and lost out on the items and abilities due to the bug when fighting Kurt Ziza, I was able to (sorta) get around it. Load up the japanese version of the game, and use the boss warp cheat code to get to kurt ziza again. you will get Zansetsuken (I ended up with two of them as I had trouble not FIGHTING him over and over again) and the last Ansem report. Then save your game and load up the patched iso again and you should be set.

    speaking of, any update on if/when a new patch will be released? Just curious. I don't mean to be a pain.
    Post by: rkimbal45, Dec 12, 2016 in forum: Code Vault
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    Figured it out...sorta. loaded the game with the Japanese ISO, and used the kurt ziza warp code and got the fight. It took some messing around to get back to agrabah after(had to save state, remove the warp cheat fight kurt again) and then it let me out but I don't know how the warp cheats are supposed to work anyway. but I got the missing items.
    Post by: rkimbal45, Dec 12, 2016 in forum: Code Vault
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    Do you know when you might have the fix in? I want to see if I can fix my save by warping to Kurt Ziza since I already beat him.

    StarMan554. just put the pnatch file in the Cheats_ws folder in your pcsx2 directory. Open PCSX2 and click file/enable widescreen cheats. then start your game set to 16x9. Should work.
    Post by: rkimbal45, Dec 2, 2016 in forum: Code Vault
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    I also finished the game and did not get the ansem report and ability from Kurt Ziza. Good to know it was a bug I guess. :)
    Post by: rkimbal45, Nov 27, 2016 in forum: Code Vault
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    I'm not sure how to use cheat codes that great but I do have a pnach file I setup for pcsx2 that works well and allows the combo master move.

    below is the contents of the BD3FB233.pnach file... Some items are disabled as they don't work all that well but combo master works great.

    gametitle=Kingdom Hearts - Final Mix [SLPS_251.98] (J) [0x3E68955A]

    comment=Widescreen patch
    patch=1,EE,00110644,word,3c0143d6 //render fix
    patch=1,EE,00110b30,word,3c013f19 //hor value first half
    patch=1,EE,00110898,word,3421999a //hor value second half

    //black border fix

    //60 FPS

    //Combo Master

    //Press R2 to Fly Anywhere (KH1 Final Mix) -- Press L2 to deactivate

    // indicates that it is a comment and seperate from codes, so it won't try to load it
    //x = 0 (Disabled) or 1 (Enabled)
    Post by: rkimbal45, Nov 16, 2016 in forum: Code Vault
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    Anyone know if there is a code for getting an Ansem report? My game glitched and Kurt Ziza did not give me report 11.
    Post by: rkimbal45, Nov 16, 2016 in forum: Code Vault