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    Ah that i did not know..
    I am sorry >.<
    *is stoopid*
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    So me and my friend decided to create a vampire roleplaying forum. so wondered if any of you would like to check it out maybe even join
    I would be grateful.
    It is only a small amount of members but they are a great bunch =]

    No advertising
    Linketh there

    Thank you
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    Happy Valentines Day everyone <3
    Well it turns out a guy called Josh asked me out today and i said yes LOL.. and then he took me out for a meal earlier on.. and then asked me to the Prom..
    Wasnt expecting that LOL..
    I only just got home 10 mins ago XD
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    Are vampires aloud if not then i dont mind..?

    Name: Jade Flair
    Age: 21
    Aliases: (Fake names commonly used) Rose
    Personality: She never gets Humour.. She is solitary and it always serious. She love to sit alone and read because she never knew there were others of her kind. But when she you get to know Rose.. ( Most used name ) She can be kind.. and CAN have a sense of Humour if she is witht he right person.
    Attire: Long Black leathered Trench coat. She has long knee high boots, And has long red hair.. she normally has it down.. but ont hsi special night she has it up in a french bun with chopsticks.. in between them.
    Specialty:She is really fast and able to move with the shadows without being seen.
    Weapons: A sythe.. and she can fold and unfold that is kept in her boot.
    Powers:Able to merge witht he shadows. Change her body to merge witht he scenery. Stealthy.
    Reason: As a young girl Jade aka Rose.. was thrown out of her home. She was then adopted by a young monk who trained her to fight when she was only 5. And then once she was 17 she went to find a way aroudnt he world to get a job. She was hired by the 'dealer'.. He goes by no other Alias. She only talks to him by a phone call. Rose then became a Assasin.. Discovering her new found powers while on a job she was given when she needed to the 'dealers' Job. She was stealing Nuclear matieral but got infected. Now she roams the earth cursed wanting to find a cure.

    Do you want anything else..??
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    Hey Cin.. There not ending it there.. i hear there making a new one or something.. My step mom was telling me as we are both addicted to the games LOL

    I think its gonna be called Prince of Persia : Revalations or soemthing
    Im not sure.. maybe its not true.. or maybe not Im not sure
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    The episode 'Something Blue' off buffy the vampire slayer series 4

    Buffy - Giles!.. I accidently killed spike is that ok
    Giles - Uh yes...

    Ah just awesome me thinks XD
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    Yuffie stopped and turned to Raven
    'Xemnas and slade?'
    She asked as she tilted her head in confusion.. She stopped running and walked at a brisk pace towards Raven. Two sythes in each hand now.
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    Yuffie recovered from the punch and didnt understand what was going on, she saw bahamut walking away. and sighed. She threw her blade to the side and looked upwards tot he sky. It looked as if it were going to rain. Soon the raindrops started to fall making droplets shatter on the ground. Everyone stopped for a second then carried on fighting. Yuffie nodded to Robin in acknowledgment and tilted her head to Raven
    'yeah im good'
    Witht hat yuffie went at a sprint at her attacker.
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    I dotn have anything planned.. treat it as a normal day tbh
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    Yuffie looked to raven and smiled.. she turned back to the attacker and started to charge.. she ran up the leg. Passing the body parts until she came to the face she started to attack the cheek scaring it.
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    Yuffie turned around at the dark haired girl as a car hit her attacker
    'Thank you !..Names yuffie'
    Yuffie called as she winked and turned back around and walked cautiously towards the car.
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    Yuffie saw the flame and rolled to the side just in time she got up and stared at her attacker
    'That wasnt very nice'
    She said as she withdrew two blades and flung them at her attacked
    She screeched as she threw them as far as she could. Her aim was a little wobbly.
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    Yuffie watched in awe as she saw a young girl using powers that seemed to leviate things. She also saw there were two on the one girl. Yuffie scowled her lips pursed in an 'O' position.. She withdrew a round blade. With seperate blades on the end and grinned. She walked toward the young girl with dark hair that seemed to leviate a car and grinned at her. Before she reached the young girl. Her blades began to spin simultaniously. As she brought them closer she smiled at the young girl and turned to her attacks.
    'Now thats not fair.. 2 against 1.. now lets make it fair.. 2 against 2 !' Yuffie smoke her lips did not quivered she grinned evily. as she went into a stance and watched the other two simultaniously. Yuffie turned tot he dark haired girl
    ' I got ya back hun' Yuffie said with a smile and wink. And she turned back tot he other two. Her blade raised.
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    ((OOC: Thank you will post now ))

    Yuffie entered the scene, as she looked around in bewilderment. Why was there fighting, this used to be so peaceful until the monsters invaded.
    Yuffie's orange boots made no noise as she walked through the street watching many people fight. Her green top was wrapped around her body tightly. As a cool breeze whipped past her brushing her hair in front of her face. The blackness of her hair clashed with the top. Yuffied carried on walking hearing the death screams. She sighed silently. Until she decided to sit down and watched the scene. She did not know these people. This was not her fight.
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