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    My heart just burns nowadays.
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    I'm tired of hurting.

    I'm tired of hurting.
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    Thank you very much for this. I'm sorry that I didn't see it until now. It's so very sweet. ^_^
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    It took a while, but he finally made it there. Steps making him progress into the citadel, sight took hold of the woman who beat him there. What was her name again... Galia? She wasn't the most pleasant face to meet in the crowd, but she was better than having no one as back-up. Surveying the cathedral from inside, Shinji started to toss the orb within his hand in a defensive manner. Though there was no telling what lied within these walls, he was prepared.

    Soon traveling side by side the gun-wielder, Shinji took his sight to her for only a brief moment to assess what was going on fully. There was no one in there besides them, so how would they handle this all?
    "Have you seen any hint of Laxus' presence here?"
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    Name: Joseph
    Gender: Male
    Body Type/Build: 6'2", slightly muscular
    Hair Color: Black

    Eye Color: Green
    Skin Color: Lightly tanned caucasian

    Sense of Style: Skater clothes, though he's never skated a day in his life. A poser? Why yes, he is.
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    Eastern Standard Time (GMT -5)
    Your favorite Disney Animated Feature Film: The Lion King, Aladdin, Sleeping Beauty
    Skype Handle: hapchap76
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    I'm back..

    Thank you all for the kind welcomes. I'm already loving the time back I've gained.
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    It wasn't long before Shinji found himself in the heat of the battle. Annoyance coursed through his veins with every antagonistic glare he was met with after the challenge. So they had to defeat the big guy with headphones, or the tiny man had to forfeit his title as the guild's master? Shinji was too empathetic, even for his own liking. It was almost apparent that, even though the boy felt utter despise of trusting others, he would yet again fight the good fight. He knew all too well how it felt to have something you loved taken away from you, and he would help this Makarov person... even if it hurt him more than anticipated.

    Clutching the orb within his palm, Shinji proceeded forward towards the guild's open doors. Passing the midget of a man on the way out, a hand gently rustled the silver spikes of the senior. No emotion given in his features, Shinji faced toward the town and headed toward the awaiting battle.
    "Don't worry 'bout your guild. I'll kick your grandson's ass before you know it."

    But that was easier said than done. As Shinji made his way out into the open, he detected the many battles corresponding in the distance. Rubble from streets launched into the air and made the presence known of enemy battle. He could hear the distant laser shots of his bratty companion, and the revving of the other's bike. It was all too chaotic at first, but he had a mission or two ahead; protect the orb, defeat the one known as Laxus, and save the guild. Once again, easier said than done as he proceeded forward into the fray...

    A cloud of dust kicked past him after sprinting down the street, detecting a presence of hostility upon the stop. A slender man came to a halt a few hundred feet in front of him, with a goofy hat to match his goofy attire. The cockiest smile resonated from the newcomer, immediately pissing Shinji off. Grip tightening around the orb, the opponent made his way forward with a statement to follow. "You're some low-life who just strolled into our guild."

    Teeth grit in response, Shinji taking a step back as he assessed the situation. So, did the remaining guild members head out before Makarov could get them all up to date with their situation? But then it struck him as nowhere near odd anymore-- Shinji was an outsider, and didn't bear the same mark as these other guild members. The stranger wasn't trying to pick a fight with him out of hatred for entering the guild... He didn't want to hurt the rest of his companions. They were fair game for the end sequence, then? Laxus would accept this random guy's challenge if he defeated Shinji?

    "I gotta do this for Levy, and I'm not fightin' anyone from the guild," the other spat in disgust as he readied himself. Sprinting stance taken, narrow eyes focused on the orb wielder. "You're history, and Jet's gonna be the one to bring you down!"

    Levy McGarden, the girl with the word magic? So this was her friend, huh? But now wasn't the time for hypothesis. Shinji had to act quick, or he was toast. Within moments, light beamed from the orb in his hand, a great weight like never before bringing Shinji's palm down. As his eyes and Jet's eyes adjusted, he took in the large blade he was gifted with; a dragon's wing, or so it resembled. Spikes of a wyvern adorned one side as the other was lined with a blade too menacing to trust. Its weight seemed to draw it towards the earth even more, causing Shinji to secure both hands on the grip. A laugh erupting from the other, position was taken once more as he readied to dart towards Shinji. "No blade like that's gonna cut through my ultimate speed!"

    But Jet was wrong. The orbs were destined for each of the chosen wielders. Each orb knew the qualities of the given holder, and each moment with the holder gave more insight to his/her mind. Shinji had already calculated the speed of the other from his sprint before, the one which took his focus off of his dart towards Laxus. Timing was just a numbers game to Shinji, and this sword was perfect for disrupting the activity ahead.

    As the dash was taken towards him, Shinji jumped to the side with blade raised high. Bringing the edge to the ground before him, earth rose lightly through the cobblestone walkway and jutted the bricking upward. The speedster, however, was moving too fast to take notice of the new obstacle created by the sword wielder. Just as soon as he took off, Jet was already somersaulting towards a fruit stand filled with assorted melons. Crashing in and taking a melon to the top-hat, victory resonated within Shinji's spirit.
    "Better look where you go next time."

    And as the Wyvern's Bane morphed back into the orb, Shinji tossed the ornament into his jacket hood and continued forward. Sight brought him toward a cathedral in the middle of town a ways away, filling itself with tension so high that Shinji felt it from the distance he was given. Something filled him with relevance towards Laxus and anyone who opposed him being in that building. Going with his gut, the sword wielder made his way toward the distant synagogue, ready to face the entity of thunder.

    -- Jet of Fairy Tail defeated.
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    I'm back..

    It's been a while, but I'm back for good I think.
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    Sapphires focused on the horizon ahead, watching as the group was transported to an island in the middle of nowhere. The goddess tasked them with a dangerous mission ahead, and Naruto was sure to carry it out. Dark sandals printing into the sand beneath them, a tightening knot made itself known on the headband he adorned. It was the only glimpse he still had of home, a village that had passed eons away. Everything was but a distant memory now, except for the ties he made there. Now, he was tasked with something more important... Keeping the world in the balance it should maintain.

    Turning to the comrades in his group, all Naruto could do was give a thumbs up to commemorate the company he had. A little cheering up before their mission wouldn't hurt, right? Making a small jog in place, giddiness took over him as he readied himself for the struggle ahead. "How 'bout when this is all done, I'll get a whole round of ramen for all of us!" A cheerful exclamation left him upon the excitement rising, now chanting for that morsel he so desired. "In fact... I could go for some now, dattebayooo~!"

    A snort left the youngest of the group, silver spikes canting with each chuckle he gave. It was truly something, spectating the ninja in action among them. Killua had always seen the rowdy nature back at the goddess' base of operations, but fieldwork was an entirely different story. This was the first mission they ever received, and it was crucial for the remainder of the battle at hand. This book sounded like serious business... but what the hell could a notebook do to them?

    "I have no idea what this Death Note is, but we should definitely seize the opportunity we're given," stated the cool youth, palms clinging to the pockets he adorned. Just as casual as ever, Killua kept his calm for whatever was coming... but why not have a little fun with the subject matter? "You can treat us to ramen... after I kick your ass in a race to the book."

    - - - - - -​

    Frost surged through the veins of the Fullbuster, claiming a hold to the surrounding landscape. An oasis surrounded by a small desert it seemed, but he could just pick out the palace in the distance-- For certain, the book was in that vicinity somewhere. With such a grand architecture of sorts, it seemed almost too convenient for them to be placed on an outer rim of the perimeter. But their mission wasn't to get the book... it was to buy time. The goddess entrusted his team with an objective to enact: don't let the darkness take hold of the notebook. It was all too easy for him.

    A being of ice he stood, clad from head to toe in skin suited for any storm or challenge. He had faced the toughest of blizzards in his morality, and it was past the time for him to put his strength to the test for the team. They were here to serve however they could to the order, and to place said order back into motion. It was true, he was destined to spawn in chaos... but he didn't have to end it that way. He would find those no-good cowards, and freeze them in their tracks. They would forever chase the fairy's tail.

    "So, let's find those baddies. I've been achin' to put my Ice magic to use since being revived, y'know."

    - - - - - -​

    He was once a god, and yet he was downsized to something so insignificant. A pawn in such a war was useless, and he knew it all too well. He was used just as badly as the others before him, all hired to protect him from the ordered light. He was destined to pick the Death Note and take its scripture into hand, reliving his days as an infamous reaper. He knew of his time as Kira and the toll it took upon him, but all else was fragmented in memory. He recollected nothing except the concept of the book and how to use it... Nothing else, apart from his untimely demise following.

    So why not get the book and rank himself back to the title of god? He would take the book, find whatever chaos led him through this hellish battle, and pay him back for what he suffered now. He would rise to become greater than any being whom challenged him before, taking position over these worthless beings before him. It was so foolish to treat him like a toddler, being protected on all sides. He thirsted to enact righteous judgment once more, to reap what he had once sewn. He would reign as their god, and all would bow before him.

    A snicker loosening himself in the situation, Light Yagami only progressed forward as he centered himself in the group. "So, where are we to look, gentlemen?" he coined the phrase inquisitively, truly wondering where his prize had lain. He calmed his front for the others, but a tempest raged inside. These foolish bastards had no clue who they dealt with. Kira was back, and ready to slay the damned.
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    We are all beings of dust, so why not just return to dust?
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