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    Man, even I can't wait! I act like I have A.D.H.D if I hear about it XD
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    Thank you all for your support. It brings a tear to my eye
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    Almost 2 years ago, everywhere in the news a man had passed on. 2 Years later on February 22 he would've been 46. Happy Birthday Steve Irwin!!!
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    I like Fooly Cooly
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    I had once gotten a glitch where Sora's face was stuck in a wall. I was cracking up!
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    I'm back!

    *Sarcastically* Thaaaanks lol
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    I'm back!

    Thanks, I'll check up as often as I can
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    I know it's against the whole Disney perspective of Kingdom Hearts, but what if Naruto was in the new Kingdom Hearts? (Naruto nay-sayers, just keep quiet) I mean, think about it... A Kunai Keyblade and Sora gets new walk on water abilities and such, AND you get to meet the cast, from Naruto himslef to Orochimaru. That personally for me would be awsome!
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    As the name implies this is an Indy RP. Just say who you want to be. If you have your own made-up character go ahead and tell me with info(I.E. Age, Gender etc.) I'll be Indy(Of course)


    Indiana Jones: Roxaslook-alike
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    I'm back!

    After (I think) a few years, I thought to myself "I haven't been on KH-Vids in ages!" So I decided to come back! Yay! Hi old freinds!
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    Oh god this is hard. Ummm
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