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    Lol I have two account :D Mexony and this
    Go me!
    I did spell a few words wrong:oops:
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    Here it is!!!

    Demyx the Filmmaker (part 4 of 5)

    ~ Attic~

    Everyone was gathered in the attic except for Demyx, Xemnas and Saix.

    "Alright people what do we do?" Xigbar questioned.
    Everyone put there finger under their chin.
    "Perhaps break his sitar in half?Then he'll cry?" Roxas asked.
    Xigbar shooked his head.
    "No...something better."
    "How about we take him to the basement-"
    "Too stupid!" Xigbar said cutting off Larxene.
    Larxene walked forward to Xigbar and grabbed the collar of his coat.
    " I wasn't finished!!!" She yelled.
    Xigbar nodded quickly.
    "Okay okay.. carry on." He said slowly.
    Larxene grinned letting go of his collar.

    "Ok, whenever he walkes to the basement, we turn the lights off, we tie him to a chair and his legs to the chair, then we turn the lights on and we'd all be surrounding him with our weapons!*sigh* Then we ATTACK him :D !!!!" Larxene said smiling with her kunais out.

    Everyone grinned while nodded.
    "Perfect, that's just the plan!" Xaldin said.
    "Then lets go! To the basement! Someone bring our water-boy in the basement *evil laugh!!!!"
    They all nodded leaving the attic.

    ~Living Room~

    Demyx was sitting on the sofa with his camera, he sighed.
    "There's nothing to record!" He whined.
    "Record?" Xemnas said walking into the living room.
    Demyx gasped covering his mouth.
    "Nope! I was just dreaming!" Demyx peeped.
    Xemnas raised his eye brow and sat down on the sofa beside Demyx.
    "Tell your Superior says" He demanded.
    Demyx sighed.
    "I...was recording...the members..." Demyx said.
    Xemnas looked at the camera.
    "Hand it over." He demanded again.
    "Awwww." Demyx whined, he passed the camera into Xemnas's waiting hands.
    "Recording members eh?" Xemnas said to himself.

    He turned it on. He went to a file and saw names on the file.
    ' Luxord shaving but then messing up'
    ' Larxene watches the dumb disney channel'
    ' Zexion in his s**y boxers'
    And plenty more. -_-'
    He clicked on one.
    It began to record.


    "Wow Demyx, you recorded alot. Therefore you shall stop, before the members get angry with you and think of some kind of punishment!" Xemnas said quickly.
    Demyx nodded.
    "Hey um..Demyx..can you come over here???" Zexion asked.
    (Yes Zexion was chosen to go get him.)
    Demyx walked over to Zexion.
    "What do you want?"
    Zexion took Demyx's hand.
    "Just come I got a splendid suprise for you." Zexion said grinning while pulled Demyx down to the basement.
    "You haven't fallen in love with me or something?" Demyx asked shyly.
    Zexions cheeks turned red.
    "N-No!!! Not at all."
    Demyx sighed.
    "Okay I thought you were gonna make-out with me or something!"
    Zexion cheek turned alittle more red.
    "Ugh! NO WAY!!!"

    ~ Basement~

    "Okay who just poked my butt!?" Xaldin asked.
    "Whoops sorry i thought you were-"
    "You are so digusting Lexaeus!" Xaldin screeched.
    "Quiet you dumb guys! Demyx might be coming in any minute!" Larxene said trying to hush them.

    ~Other side of Basement door~

    "OKay we're at the basement! I hope no one hears!" Zexion said kicking the door.
    Demyx cocked his head.
    "Pttf whatever!"
    Zexion opened the door still having his other hand in Demyx's hand.
    "Okay we're in." Zexion said.
    "Why is it so Dark?"
    Zexion grinned and turned around and pushed Demyx to the ground from the stairs.
    There were sounds of jingles from the cloaks.
    "Hey out! My hair leave it alone!!!"
    screeches from the floor went.
    Which was the chair being dragged.

    Lights went on.

    The members were surround Demyx in a big circle (except for Saix and Xemnas)
    Demyx had duck tape on his mouth.
    "Hello, hello Demyx." Larxene said smoothing her kunais.
    Demyx began to sweat from the forehead.
    "We came to give you a present." Axel said snickering.
    Demyx sweated even more.
    Larxene walked over and grabbed the tape and ripped it off of Demyx's mouth.
    "W-Why am i tied to the chair!!??'' Demyx asked panicing.
    Larxene chuckled.
    "We came for revenge."
    Larxene went back into the circle with the members.
    They were all holding their weapons.
    "Try not to die." She said smoothly while glaring at him.

    To be continued....

    What will happen next in the last part! Find out soon or later!!! :D I hoped ya like it!
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    Lol that cracked me up!
    Poor Zexion
    I can't wait for the next chapter:D
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    Well now that I asked about the Kingdom Hearts Real in your life.
    I decide to ask that.
    If you were able to wield a Keyblade, which will it be?

    Light??? Or.... Dark???

    I choose Dark..(don't ask) im into the darkness thingy.

    Or a weapon atleast.
    What kinda of weapon would that be?
    Light. or. Dark.
    Then again i choose the Dark, i imagine my weapon to be a thingy for my fist. I call it... The Fist Hanger.
    I'm really good a punchhing people ^_^ Only when they bully me.

    So i ask you.

    Keyblade? Light or Dark?
    Weapon? Light or Dark?
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    Ok here's part 3 of 5 so yeap.

    Demyx the Filmmaker (part 3 of 5).

    Demyx left the basement. As he was walking up the stairs he heard Marluxia humming from his room.
    "Something new?" Demyx asked himself.
    He walked closer to Marluxia's door putting his ear against the door.
    "That song...i know that song.." Demyx quietly said.
    He listened abit more of the song, and then it came.
    "It's Sadie Hawkins Dance!" Demyx squealed.
    "God I love that song."
    He took his camera to his hand and clicked the record button.
    "Hello fellow members or somebodies your about to see Marluxia do something that I don't here I go!"
    Demyx grabbed the knob with his left hand and slowly turned it to the right, until it reached the end.
    After Demyx pushed the door open-

    ~Marluxia's Room~

    As he entered he saw Marluxia wearing a pink dress, that had flowers on his it, white sandals, and pink pigtails.
    He was also holding a rose in his mouth.
    Marluxia turned his head and saw Demyx standing right there with his jaw open wide.
    "Marly.... you look so-"
    "It's not what you think! I was just uh..trying this on to show Larxene how it looked like on body!!! Yeah!"
    Demyx had his jaw opened wide.
    "Then..why is there a camera in there, are you taking photos of yourself and posting them on the internet!?"
    Marluxia's cheek went red.
    He said no word.
    "Ugh..i feel sick..Marluxia!Your a a boy for water sake!!! Not a girl! Quit acting like a girly-girl!!! And act like a man! You'll never get ladies like that! Nuh-uh!" Demyx said.
    Demyx slowly walked out and ran into the hall for his life, never to see Marly again until he is fully manly.

    Marluxia sighed and looked to the camera for a pose.
    "How you like me now camera think i'm that bad!? Or do you think im pretty like a rose!?"
    Xemnas walked passed and noticed Marluxia.
    Marluxia turned his head again.
    Xemnas shooked his head.
    "I don't even wanna know." -_-' Xemnas said walking away than ever.
    He sighed again.
    "I need to get a lock for my door."

    ~ Kitchen~

    Demyx walked in the kitchen and sat down still recording.
    He saw Saix cooking some sphagetti (sorry for spelling mistake!!!)
    "Can I have some Saix?"
    Saix shooked his head.
    Demyx whined.
    "Please..if you do i'll delete the clip i recorded that you and Xemnas were making out with eachother!"
    Saix turned around.
    His face was all red.
    "I'm counting to 7 you better run before I GO BERSERK!!!"
    Demyx ran out giggling.
    "I knew that lie would make trouble!"

    ~ 3:00 p.m ~

    Demyx heard a machine go on.
    "What? In the middle of the morning?*yawn*"
    Demyx got up with his camera.
    It began to record.
    He walked out into the hall and heard some razer going on.
    "Someones*yawn* Shaving."
    He walked to the mens washroom and opened the door.
    He saw Luxord shaving on his chin, slowly and steady.
    "Luxord?" Demyx said.
    Luxord turned around.
    He cut himself by the razer.
    His mouth/chin whatever was bleeding.
    Demyx laughed histerically.
    "HAHAHA I can't believe you shave at morning and you mess up at it-BWAHAHAHA!!!"
    Luxord frowned grabbed papertowels.
    "This isn't funny Demyx, I can lose alot of blood!"
    Demyx laughed even more walking out.

    That was mean Demyx...i need to take that camera away from you!

    ~ Next Day ~

    Every one was at the kitchen table having some breakfast.
    Pancakes,syrup,sunny side up eggs and scrambled, organge juice, organge,bread and yeah..
    Demyx was recording everyone eat.
    Lexaeus was chewing slowly, he was trying to ignore the face Demyx was making.
    But it was too funny.
    Demyx kept on doing the goofy face for making Lexaeus laugh.
    Lexaeus then couldn't take it anymore.
    He swallowed his food fast trying to laugh, but instead of the food going DOWN it got stuck in his throat.
    Lexaeus bang the table hard make the organge juice go flying.
    The big juice of organge went on Xigbars head and spilt all over his hair, the jar was stuck in his head after.
    Larxene walked over to Lexaeus and slapped his back.
    Lexaeus coughed out the food and it landed on Marluxia.
    Marluxia was running around tring to get the chewed food offf of his nose.
    Xaldin laughed hard he then fell of his chair bumping the table making the bread going flying.
    Many landed on Axel.
    Axel rubbed the bread off of him, crums were stuck in his hair.
    Luxord giggled but then his jaw..(I got the word!!! i think..?)
    Luxord jaw went in pain. Luxord kicked his feet and kicked the table making the sunny side up eggs go flying into the air.
    "They landed on Saix's X and Roxas's hair."
    Demyx laughed along with Vexen.
    "X marks the spot Saix!!!"
    Vexen laughed.
    "And Roxas your hair looks more blonde today!!!!"
    Roxas growled, he grabbed his plate and threw it at Vexen.
    Which hit him in the face.
    Roxas grinned.
    Vexen grabbed his scrambled eggs and began to throw at Roxas.
    Which he dodged and which went right Larxenes hair.
    "A RGH!!!" She began to through food.
    And so did everyone.
    It was a food fight...Madness.
    Demyx ducked still recording.
    "I think thats it." He stopped recording and crawled out to his room.

    ~Later ~

    Everyone was cleaning except for Demyx, Saix and Xemnas.
    "Man Lexaeus why did you start all this!?" Xigbar yelled.
    Lexaeus stuck his tongue out to Xigbar like a little kid.
    "No Demyx did! He did that stupid face!!!!"
    Everyone nodded.
    "Yeah Demyx has been real mean with that dumb camera of his!" Larxene said along with Marluxia.
    Axel grinned.
    " need to rubbed that extra blonde of your hair, or it will stay there forever." Roxas glared at Axel.
    "And you need 'Head and Shoulders' to rubb all those crumbs off!"
    "OK truce." Axel said.
    Everyone was cleaning.
    "Everyone let's meat in the attic!" Xigbar said.
    "We need to plan a plan to get Demyx the Nocturne back!"
    "YEAH!" They all yelled agreeing.
    Xaldin chuckled.
    "This'll be a blast."

    To be continued.

    Lol hope you liked it! Next will come out!:D!!!!
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    I'm not quite sure if this was posted but ok.

    My question here is..What if Kingdom Hearts was real iun our life.
    Think of it. Holding a real keyblade in your hands that can actually does great moves attack , etc.
    I'd think it'd be real cool!
    New uniforms, new people and hey real Sora teehee!
    This has been going through my mind for a whole 2 months.

    Sure we'd suffer and strangle through some tough stuff during our life being in Kingdom Hearts and yeah.

    Though I'd still think it'd be cool! :D
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    5 dates or more. Chapter 3

    What happens now? find out reading this chapter!!!:D i know it's an odd couple..

    As the two walked in the living room of the castle holding Mexony.
    "Place her on the sofa!" Larxene whispered.
    Xigbar nodded and placed her on the sofa.
    "What now?" He quiestioned.

    "How' bout explaining me about, why are you up late and why are you wearing your cloaks hmm?"
    Larxene sighed.
    "Bad timing Xemnas."
    Xemnas walked forward to Larxene.
    "Actually it's a good timing."
    Xigbar sighed.
    "Bring Mexony along...she might wanna tell what happened hm?" Xemnas said with a smirk up his face
    The two sighed while nodding.
    "Sure thing Superior."
    "Very well then, throne room now."
    Xemnas teleported away.
    "Aww man..we're in big doo-doo!" Larxene whined.
    Xigbar nodded.
    "Expecially keeping this a secret for a dunno a day haha..but this might be our last-"
    "Don't say it.." Larxene said.
    She teleported off.
    And So did Xigbar along with Mexony.

    ~ Throne Room~

    As they teleported in.
    "About time."
    Larxene laughed patheically.
    "Yeah whatever let's get this over with!"
    Xemnas nodded.
    "I heard the door open, foot steps then i heard both of you and Larxenes voice and i found out Mexony was along with your guys, and i seem shes in a 'hiccup mood." Xemnas said strictley.
    The the two shrugged.
    "What happened to her anyways??....well i'm waiting for an answer you two."
    I awoke.
    "I took a mumbo whatever beer thingy *hiccup*"
    Xemnas looked to me, then back at the two.
    "She took a beer!?"
    The two nodded slowly.
    "So you just allowed her to take a beer and that's it!!!???" Xemnas yelled.
    I sat up properly and looked to Xemnas with my eyes.
    "No no, I did it myself...well i snuck out the house to take a beer because i was mad at you for making me clean the mens room and the dirty atic! So I took a beer than I saw Xigbar and Larxene but i couldn't see properly because i a little over easy."

    Xemnas eyes turned from normal to mad.
    "From that Mexony you shall apologize to Xigbar and Larxene for causing trouble and me for this non-sense and for your other punishment you shall clean the whole throne room! Now enough of this and all of you get back to sleep." Xemas said with his craky voice.

    I sighed sinking down in my chair.
    "Your lucky.."
    Larxene grinned and so did Xigbar.
    "Thanks for saving our butts back there Mex." Xigbar said.
    "Yeah thanks.." Larxene said also.
    I nodded.
    "Your on your own guys."
    Before the two teleported.
    "Hey aren't you goi-"
    "Naw..i'm gonna clean the Throne Room now you two go on..i got cleaning to do."
    Larxene nodded just taking off.
    "You might need an extra scrubber because stupid Lexaus spilled his nachos on his chair and now it's stained." Xigbar said before taking off.
    I nodded.
    "Okay thanks Xig."

    ~ Next day~

    Larxene awoke rising from her bed. She still had her organization cloak on.
    She didn't care though, so she headed out her room , heading for the kitchen.

    ~Kitchen ~

    As Larxene entered the kitchen she saw Xigbar talking with Xemnas.
    She walked forward to them.
    "Hi Man- Xemnas! And Free- Xigbar!"
    Xemnas nodded.
    "Anyways Xigbar here's a list of groceries that me need."
    Xemnas passed on the paper to Xigbar and aftr handed him 2000 munny.
    Larxene looked to Xemnas.
    "Er..I wanna come along with Free guy here!"
    Xemnas cocked his head.
    "Why?" He asked.
    Larxene turned around and back to Xemnas.
    "Well when ever you guys go shopping i never get what I WANT!!!!" Larxene yelled making up an excuse.
    Xemnas nodded turning to Xigbar.
    "Is that okay with you?"
    Xigbar nodded.
    Xemnas nodded also leaving them two alone.

    Larxene and Xigbar looked at eachother.
    "Thanks." Larxene said.
    The two teleported, heading to Scotts Nofrils (banana place)
    Also was located in Hollow Bation.

    ~ Hollow Bation ~

    "So it's another date?" Xigbar asked.
    Larxene looked over to Xigbar.
    "Yeap we just don't buy the food, we'll make up an excuse."
    Xigbar smiled nodding.
    "Wonder was excuse teehee!"
    Larxene smiled also.
    As the two walked forward.
    Something went up their minds.

    Can't keep going on with this.

    Will this ever end.

    How many more dates?'

    Will someone find out?

    Can we keep a secret forever?

    To be continued.

    Odd couple I know.
    Anyways i hoped you enjoyed this Chapter. Next one will come up in..i dunno 2 days..i'll get this story complete before my birthday which is on august 16th..

    Continueing on..i'm don't really get the new threads thingy hopefully im doing it right, putting the chapter in the first chapter...its confusing...

    I feel dumb right now...*dipps cookie in milk*
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    Organization XIII goes to Wonderland Chp.4

    I know, i took really long, im a lazy bum, i was focused on the ps2,school and my boring summer..i spent lots of times reading everyone elese stories and i didn't even both to do mines.
    But now is the time to try and finish the story!
    Here we are Chapter 4!

    "Magical Trick?"Marluxia questioned.
    Roxas nodded.
    "The portal tehe."
    Marluxia slapped Roxas in the back of head.
    "Dude you crazy, as i recall i think he POWERS or weapons! If you don't listen who can..ya'know...get beatings!"
    Roxas gulped looking over at his left shoulder.
    "Yeah your right...i remember the last beating i had when i was used magic in
    the 'real world'."
    Marluxia shooked his head looking away from the Pizza place.
    "Nah i'm not hungry..."
    Roxas looked to his stomach rubbing it to calm it down.
    "Yeah..I guess I can wait.."
    Marluxia nodded.
    "Come'on i wanna see what they have in the stores!"
    Roxas sighed nodding.

    Later onto Saix and the Superior.
    "Um, Xemnas, do you think we should eat something?"
    Xemnas shooked his head still walking.
    "No, we shouldn't eat now..if we do we'd be wasting our munny, which isn't reall alright for me."
    Saix nodded looking to the ground.
    Xemnas looked over.
    "Huh?Berserk? What are you talking about?"
    Saix shrugged and looked to the rides.
    "I guess I was a little harsh to Xaldin earlier..when he left he whispered quickly to my ear, berserk...I guess I am."
    Xemnas nodded.
    "I see..I was alittle harsh to Xaldin earlier also, when we told him to get lost which i don't think is a good thing."
    Saix looked over to Xemnas.
    "Xemnas, you think he left? Back to home?"
    Xemnas shrugged.
    "Who knows..anyways lets continue on and find some rides to catch on."

    Let's check on Zexion and our good pal Xigbar!

    "Ok dude we've been sitting on the bench for like i dunno MINUTES!" Xigbar said.
    Zexion was cuddling himself up on the bench with his hands around his stomach.
    "No, I wanna stay he-ugh, i wanna stay here." Zexion said in a quiet voice.
    Xigbar looked over to Zexion.
    "Dude you alright? You don't look so well-"
    "I'm alright."
    Zexion got up unwrapping his hands off his stomach.
    "Let's go on a ride."
    Xigbar got up and walked with Zexion.
    "No Serious dude, are you alright?"
    "I said i'm alright!"
    Zexion closed almost fell to the ground .
    Xigbar helped Zexion walk.
    "Let's go see Xemnas."
    Zexion nodde slowly.
    "Fine..if you insist."
    "Dude we're best friends and i aint letting my friend go wrong! I mean dude look at you! You look like your about to barf."
    Zexion nodded.
    "Yeah i do."
    "Huh?" Xigbar said cocking his head.
    "Washroom fast! Now!!!"
    Xigbar nodded walking alittle faster with Zexion.

    I guess Zexion's sick or....
    Anyways carrying on.

    Vexen and Lexaeus were walking.
    "Oh my god..that was a boring ride."
    Vexen turned to him with a annoyed face.
    "That was because YOU got US in trouble because you were standing on the ride!!!!"
    Lexaeus ignored Vexen.
    "So..I don't care....oldy."
    Vexen jumped on Lexaeus pulling his hair and trying to punch him in the face from behind.
    Lexaeus was fighting back with Vexen trying to get him off.
    "Let go oldy! Your giving the wrinkles!!!!"
    " IM NOT OLD!!!"
    Vexen pulled Lexaeus harder.

    All of a sudden they bumped into the Superior and the Superiors doggy ^_^
    "What on Kingdom Hearts are you guys doing!?" Xemnas said all furious.
    Vexen got bumped to the ground with Lexaeus's back.
    Saix helped Vexen up.
    Lexaeus scratched the back of his head looking away from the Superior.
    "Lexaeus? Are you listening!!!?"
    No answer.
    Saix pulled Lexaeus's ear.
    Lexaeus turned around and had a grouchy face.
    ''NO!!! I WANNA GO HOME NOW!!!"
    Xemnas walked to Lexaeus and grabbed the collar of his shirt.
    "You listen here Lex! We came here to have fun and we're gonna have fun! Understand!!!?"
    Lexaeus nodded pulling Xemnas's hand away from his shirt.
    "Your both walking with us -_-' " Xemnas said in straight words.
    The two nodded in anger.

    As me and Luxord were eating some pizza.
    Luxord gobbled up his food.
    "So what?" I asked.
    He turned to facing the window.
    "I was really mean to Marluxia."
    I nodded.
    "Indeed you were."
    I got up and walked out the pizza place alone.
    Luxord ran after me, as he caught up.
    "Anything wrong?"
    "You people are always fighting!!!"
    Luxord nodded.
    "Well its the way we are."
    I nodded.
    "Atleast try and get along."
    Luxord leaned over to me.
    I smiled.
    Finally someone actually listens ^_^

    Over to Demyx and Axel, including Xaldin.

    "Hey guys wanna here A song I wrote?"
    The two both sighed.
    "Go ahead water-boy."
    Demyx nodded.
    "I like pie. I like pie. Pie, Pie Pie, Pie pie ,pie pie pie, I like pie!"
    Xaldin snorted while laughing.
    "You got that song from hot -cross buns or bums?"
    Demyx nodded.
    "I decided to add some Pie."
    Xaldin stopped laughing.
    "Anyways, you guys wanna go on Drop Zone? The Ride?"
    The two nodded.
    "Try not to get sick Demyx!" Axel teased.
    Demyx nodded.
    As they went on they had their seats tight on, so no one would fall.
    "Here we go baby!"Demyx said holding on tight.
    The ride went up fast goiung up and down up and down.
    It kinda made the three members kinda get sick.
    Their hair went flapping through the wind.
    "I want off i don't the upsies and downers!!!" Demyx pouted.
    The ride went to a smooth stop.
    All rider went off.
    Demyx ran over to a near by trash can and you know.."barfed" in it.
    Axel had his hands over his stomach.
    "That never to be used by number 8 anymore." Axel said.
    Xaldin had his face all red.
    "That was friggen scary and fast."
    All their legs were all feeling jello.
    Which it was hard to walk.
    "Come'on guys lets grab a drink and cold drink."
    "Like water!?" Demyx said excitedly.
    "No." Axel said in complete.
    Demyx frowned
    "Aww man!"
    Xaldin laughed at the both.

    End of the chapter! We will habe Chapter 5 coming soon!!!!:)

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    Demyx the filmmaker (part 2)

    I'm not quite sure if this is long but yeap.
    Anyways moving on.

    While Xigbar was with Demyx.
    "Dude, where's the manual?"Xigbar said looking through the box.
    Demyx had his hand in Xigbar's face waving.
    He was holding the manual in his hand.
    "Right there."
    Xigbar sighed and grabbed the manual, opening it, by looking through.
    "Ok...Xigbar said following the instructions.
    "I'll be right back, I gotta you know washroom."Demyx said walking out his room.
    Xigbar nodded still looking at the instructions in the manual.

    About 24 minutes later the camera was finished.
    "There ya go lil' dude." Xigbar said passing the camera into Demyx's hands.
    "Wow!Thanks Xiggy! I'll pay you!" Demyx said in excitement.
    Xigbar laughed.
    "Ok, pay me 4000 munny."
    Demyx looked up to Xigbar.
    "Uh, i'll give you the munny this Saturday."
    Xigbar nodded leaving the room.
    As the door closed Demyx quickly put his hand in the handle thingy to hold.
    He turned on the camera, and there it said to record.
    "Just click and i'll start my video."
    The camera went on and began to record.
    "Hello my name is Demyx the Melodious wait..wait..lemme start again nobodies! Yo wasup im Demyx the lord of Atlantica including the Superior of water!"
    Demyx laughed to himself.
    "Today on my assignment, I will be recording my fellow members!"
    Demyx walked out his room while holding the camera still recording.
    "This is the hallway, the door across my room, that will be Axel's room."
    Demyx chuckled alittle.
    "This'll be fun, Hehehehe."
    As Demyx walked to Axel's dorm, he put his left hand on the door knob.
    He slightly turned it to the right and pushed open the door.
    There was a little scree while opening the door.
    "Ok, this is Axel's room, he controls a friggen fire thing."Demyx said talking to the camera by whispering.
    As he walked in, he closed the door behind him.
    When the door was complete shut he turned around and saw nothing but posters of him, his bed, laptop,desk,chair closet and mirror.
    "Scuse me folks but it seems that hothead, isn't here." Demyx said snickering.
    So Demyx walked out Axel's room and walked down the hallway.
    He then heard the water running through the washroom, ONLY for boys.
    "Someone's taking a shower!"Demyx said in excitement.
    He quickly walked through the washroom, and heard the water running.
    Demyx walked to the middle of the big washroom.
    The washroom had 12 showers 4 sinks and 3 toilet dorms.
    "And over the rainbow!!!Lalala!" The voice sang.
    Demyx laughed, but he had to keep himself quiet.

    The water stopped. There was a hanging tower over the shower, it was quickly grabbed to the other side.
    Demyx stood there having his left hand covering over his mouth.
    "Welp, that ends my shower for a goodnight."
    It was 9:00p.m so yeah all members had to go to bed under the time of 11:p.m/
    As the shower door opened-
    "DEMYX!!???Wha what are you doing here!?"
    Demyx laughed histerically.
    "Over the rainbow!?HAHAHAHA you gotta be kidding me Xaldin!!!BWAHAHA!"
    Xaldin stared at Demyx laughing.
    Xaldin's face was becoming red, in embaressment.
    "Is that a a camera!?"
    Demyx nodded while still laughing.
    "Were YOU RECORDING THIS!?"Xaldin yelled in anger.
    "A'hyuck!!Aww man i'm acting friggen Goofy...ugh Yeah I was recording this!!You should have seen your face Xaldin!It was like- HAHAHAHAHA!"
    Xaldin walked closer to Demyx with his fist closed tight.
    "You better go now, or i'm telling the Superior!"
    Demyx stopped laughing and took a deep breath to calm down.
    "Okay, okay i'll stop, c u lata!"Demyx said skipping out the washroom.
    Xaldin put his hand over his face and moaned to himself.
    "Ugh why did HE have to SEE that!?Over the friggen rainbow!?Man i need therapy!!!"

    As Demyx was walking down the hall he heard Larxene talking to herself in her room.
    "Ok viewers, im about to risk my life to record this! Let's hope that I don't die!"
    Demyx walked slowly to the door and knocked.
    The door opened and Demyx gulped.
    "What you want weird-lo?"
    Demyx giggled alittle.
    "Weird-lo?Were you watching Lilo and Stiich!?"
    Larxene's cheeks turned red.
    She grabbed Demyx's arm and pulled him into the room.
    She shut the door quite hard.
    "Ok, if you DARE to tell, you will be saying your prayers in the room of Larxene!"
    Demyx nodded.
    "Uh Larxene, your room stinks, have you been taking baths?"
    Larxene's cheeks went alittle red.
    "Ugh!Get OUR OF MY ROOM YOU-you.....water-freak!"
    Larxene pushed out Demyx, and shut the door behind him.
    Demyx laughed.
    "Guess she didnt take a bath Teeheehee!"

    Later it was 10:23 p.m
    Demyx was bored.
    He couldn't find anyone.
    Until he heard Zexion saying some words.
    Demyx grinned.
    "Zexion better say cheese to see the camera come!"
    Demyx walked into the living room and saw Zexion laying down on the couch with his boxers on.
    "Hey Zexy, or should I say smexxie!"
    Zexion gasped and fell off the couch with the control in his hand.
    "Woah!Please Demyx, don't scare me or do that again." Zexion said getting up from the floor.
    Demyx pointed the camera to Zexion's boxers.
    "Why are you wearing boxers?"
    Zexion sat down on the couch.
    "Because."Zexion said one simple word.
    "Because why?"Demyx asked.
    "Because Because.I'm E-M-O."Zexion said unhappily.
    Demyx laughed rolling on the floor.
    "HAHAHA you finally admit it!!!"
    Zexion turned around and grabbed Demyx's collar.
    "You dare tell im gonna tell that you and Larxene did it!"
    Demyx laughed.
    "If you do ill tell what you and Xigbar do during EVERY single night!"
    Zexion letted go of Demyx.
    "Kiss my."
    Demyx laughed again.
    "Kiss my what!?Your friggen lip, ohwait, before i do, i might put lipstick on some no germs can go o-"
    "Kiss my @-$-$."
    Zexion said in a harsh way.
    Demyx backaway walking out.

    Demyx was still walking and he heard Roxas Luxord and Axel talking, coming from the basement.
    "Hehe something new."
    As he was walking he saw Xigbar walking with his purple boxers holding a cup of hot tea.
    "Hey going to you know what Zexion!?BWAHAHA!"
    Xigbar turned around.
    "What you say?"
    Demyx laughed waving his hand.
    "No no, go ask Zexion and say to him what are we going to have tonight emo!!!BWAHAHAHAHA!"
    Xigbar cocked his head and walked forward to him and spilled his hot tea on his hair, well...precious hair.
    "Damnit Xigbar , you freak of nature!"
    Xigbar chuckled.
    "You shoudl be saying that Mr, or Miss Flower-power haha."
    Demyx walked away holding the camera, still recording.

    ~ Basement~

    "Hey guys what are you playing------WOAH!!"
    Demyx found Axel and Roxas not wearing half their clothes.
    Axel looked over.
    "We're playing stripp poker, And I just lost my precious pretty red flaming hot socks"
    Demyx nodded walking Roxas.
    He stared at Roxas's arms, and his stomach.
    "Wow Roxas you got it going on!"
    Roxas turned to Demyx and waved to the camera.
    "Jeez..uh thanks? Ok now Luxord, who will you think will win?"
    Luxord put his hand to his chin.
    "I guess Axel, he got plenty of clothes on."
    Roxas nodded.
    "Can I get a bonus, like you know make Axel take off his pants?Hehehe"
    Demyx snorted.
    "Yaoi, you never forget them."
    Roxas slapped Demyx on the back of his head.
    "Don't say Yaoi! It makes me have nightmares!"
    Axel laughed.
    "They spreaded rumors about us."
    Luxord laughed.
    As Luxord took another cheeto, he was still laughing, he shovwed the cheeto in him mouth.
    "Hahahanum HAHAHA----Hueee!Ack.Eeeep."
    Luxord began to choke on a cheeto.
    "Axel walked over and slapped his back hard.
    The cheeto was coughed out.
    Demyx was smiling.
    "I got this on can't believe the gambler chocked a chip of cheetos!!"
    Luxord growled at Demyx.
    "Leave dude, or i'll break that camera and send it to the musical."
    Demyx moaned and left the basement walking back into the hallways.

    To be continued.....

    I'm not sure if was actually funny so yeah, I might have made some spelling mistakes so yeah, please comment if you would like...not sure:)
    Hoped you liked it.
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    Well as you know im going 3 stories at a time, man i got to work on one.
    This was kinda short I know but please, next will be longer hopefully:D

    ~Hollow Bation~

    "Here, you go sir, one super duper camera, manual is inside box along with the camera charger and more." The worker said to Demyx in no excitement.
    "Thanks!"Demyx said smiling to the worker man.
    As Demyx walked out the store from hollow bation, he quickly turned his head from left to right to see that there was noone watching.
    "Good, no one's here." Demyx said whispering to himself.
    He then teleported back to TWTNW to work with his new digital cam recorder thing.

    ~Demyx's Room~

    He teleported into his room still holding the box.
    "Can't wait!!!"
    Demyx quickly ran over to his bed placing the box fast.
    He then opened it with a razer and then-
    "AHHH!!!"Demyx said holding his pinky up to his face.
    "My pinky!!!!My poor pinky!!!!"Demyx said still worrying and yelling.
    Then out of nowhere someone opened the door.
    "Dude what's with you?"
    Demyx turned around, seeing Xigbar witha sea-salt icecream in his hand.
    "My pinky!I cut myself and not im friggen bleeding!!"
    Xigbar walked to him and grabbed his hand looking at his pinky.
    "Ouch...dude uh, i'll be right back and bring a bandage or more, so you wait here."
    Demyx nodded taking his hand away from Xigbar.
    "Ok hurry though!I don't wanna lose ALL my blood!"

    ~5 minutes later~

    Xigbar came walking in holding a box, there he sat down beside Demyx.
    "Ok it will sting and yeah."
    Demyx closed his eyes sticking his pinky out.
    Xigbar then covered it with some kind of napkin that Vexen created and worked.
    Xigbar laughed alittle but then snapped out of it.
    "Hahaha ahem, ok.Told will sting."
    Xigbar had a grinn on his face.
    He put a bandage over his pinky, about how many?
    5 bandages, which was complete waste.
    Demyx opend his eyes.
    "Thanks Xiggy."
    Xigbar nodded and looked at the box.
    "What you got there?"
    Demyx turned around looking at the box.
    "Oh, I bought a Camera, so I can record you people hehe."
    Xigbar then took the razer cutting the box open.
    "Cool, it's small though but cool."
    Demyx nodded.
    "How much was it?"
    Demyx shrugged and when through his pocket digging for the reciet.
    "Uh lemme check."
    He took out the reciet and then looked down to the number.
    "It was about 2500 munny."
    Xigbar's eyes widened.
    "Woah thats alot."
    Demyx put his hand behind his head.
    "Hehe yeah but I was SAVING MUNNY!!!"

    To be continued.

    Short but the funny parts will come in, in next part.:D
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    5 dates or more. Chapter 2

    Well it's kinda odd of Xigbar and Larxene are dating whatever, but yeah...
    I chose them...because....well you'll find out in one of the stories.
    SO Enjoy...^_^'

    Continueing at the restuarant.

    "Mexony, what are you doing here?"
    I gasped and bit my nail thinking of an excuse.
    "Well uh you see er...i was here eating plants! Yeah Plants!"
    Gosh that a dumb excuse of me, but there was no other explanation.
    Xemnas crossed his arms and raised his eyebrow.
    Oh no, he's doing the prove it face or, are suureee face!
    "Prove it."Xemnas demanded in his original voice.
    I nodded and pulled a leaf and then put it in my mouth.
    "Ugh...taste good!Wanna try?"
    I handed a leaf to the superior and his side kick sailor moon.

    Xemnas passed and so did Saix.
    After, that i felt like using the ladies room!
    "Come with us Mexony, and wait outside the restuarant.
    I nodded.
    "But before I do might i use the washroom? I have been drinking alot of water lately and i REALLY need to go!?"
    Xemnas nodded.
    "Very well then."
    I smiled and happily i nodded.
    So after i ran to the washroom, i was gonna puke, that leaf tasted nasty! And why would i go hide in plant when i would have pretended to be a waiter!?

    Later that day.

    As Me, Xemnas, Saix and Xaldin arrived we asw mostly everyone in the living room starving.
    "Ok ok, take a plate place your food on it and if you eat in the living room NO FRICKEN SPILLING BECAUSE LAST TIME I LET YOU!!!-"
    Xaldin put his hand on Saix's shoulder."Ok ok we know Saix don't need to say it again and again."
    Half the members laughed.
    As all of them were going to grab their plates and food, I decided to go and visit Larxene, she must be exhausted?

    I knocked the door until i heard her voice talking softly and alittle shy.
    I put my head against the door to hear what she was saying.

    ~Otherside of Door~

    Larxene:Yeah i know, it was a good place there until those baffoons came and ruined it all.
    Xigbar:Yeah it ruined it all, so listen, would you like to go on another date?
    Larxene:Sure i'l be happy to, and this time i'll choose the place hehe.
    Xigbar:Alright just name it.
    Larxene:Hollow Bation, in the place store thingy ma-bomb.
    Xigbar:Hahaha ok so it's tomorrow right?
    Larxene:Yeah tomorrow at um during lunch?
    Xigbar:Sure that'll be cool.
    Larxene:Ok then so bye.

    ~Otherside of Door~

    "Wow...another date!?"
    As the door opened I backed away to the wall and smiled to Larxene who was standing there.
    "Were you eavesdropping on me Mexony?"
    I nodded slowly.
    She nodded also.
    "Listen you know i'm going on another date and you gotta BE there!"
    I shrugged.
    "I don't know Larxene shouldn't you be able to handle this?"
    Larxene's eyes twitched.
    "H-Handle this!?I can't im going to freeze!!!Please help Mexony!"
    "Ok ok just stop."
    Larxene grinned.
    I walked away and went down the hall.
    As I was walking hands went over my mouth, and i pulled into a friggen dark closet.

    I was released.
    "Ugh..Ok who did this!?"
    I knew that voice, it was Xigbar.
    "Sorry but, I know that you and Larxene are like close friends and yeah and I need help!!!"
    I nodded slowy.
    "Help on what?"
    Xigbar turned away and then put his hands behind his head.
    "I need you to spy on me and L-larxene."
    I gasped.
    "Oh where hollow bation somewhere else?"
    "Hollow Bation, tomorrow during lunch, in the Pizza Place."
    I nodded and i already KNEW that.

    "Ok ok, so tomorrow during lunch got it and what else?"
    Xigbar turned around blushing and sweating from his forehead alittle.
    "I need you there helping me! I'm like frozen and today Larxene was like alittle shy but calm, and beautiful and ho-"
    "OK! I don't need to hear anymore."
    Xigbar nodded.
    "So wi'll ya help moi?"
    I nodded grinning.
    "I will give you something for your ear so you can hear me talking threw when you get stuck on somepoints."
    Xigbar nodded anxsiously.
    I digged in my pocket.
    "Here a micro chip for your ear. Put that ON tomorrow. Got it?"
    Xigbar grabbed the chip and put in his pocket.
    "Got it."
    I nodded and walked out the closet walking to my room.

    Xigbar sighed in the closet.
    " Tomorrow...chip in ear..."
    After he put his hand next to his empty heart.
    "No feelings no nothing, but could that be? I mean I feel something, thats true love...."

    Later it was the middle of the night.
    Everyone was sound asleep.
    Larxene was wide awake sitting on her bed.
    "Ugh I can't sleep!"
    "Can i come in?"
    Larxene gasped .
    She didnt't quite know who what there.
    As the door opened.
    Xigbar came walking in with a white t-shirt on his darkpurple boxers.
    "Sorry for coming in at this time, but-"
    Larxene nodded."I can't sleep."
    Xigbar looked to her and nodded.
    "Me too, I couldn't slee either."
    Larxene got up and walked to Xigbar with a grin on her face.
    "Wanna go grab a snack?"
    Xigbar nodded blushing.


    As they were walking the looked in the fridge.
    "Oh theres nothing but a loaf of rotten cheese, yuck."
    Xigbar nodded.
    "Wanna go to hollow bation and grab a drink?"
    Larxene nodded.
    "Ok i'll go get my coat."
    Xigbar nodded.
    "Same here."
    As they were walking Xigbar went in his room, as the door shut, Larxene began to run to Mexony's room.
    As she opened the door.
    "Mexony you awake?"
    I woke up moaning and turned around on the other side of my bed.
    "I am now, so *yawn* what you want?"
    Larxene ran over to me.
    "I need you to get dressed come to hollow bation and follow me and Xigbar! Please!!?"
    I nodded as a yes.
    "Ok go now and i'll follow you."
    Larxene nodded and ran out to her room.
    I moaned again.
    "Ugh! There goes my dream about killing sora" (sorry fans:( )

    Later in HollowBation.

    Larxene was walking with Xigbar to a beer store, where Xigbar usually goes.
    As they sat down on the bar seat.
    "One beer please."
    The man nodded.
    "And for you my lady?"
    "Beer also..please."
    The man nodded and grabbed to cups of glass and went on to spray beer thingy.
    " ever tried beer?"
    Larxene nodded.
    Xigbar blushed.
    "I see, so you actually-"
    "HERES YA BEER!" The man said excitedly.
    The two grabbed their beer.

    I was sitting at the end of the bar table just watching them.
    "You want beer my lady?"
    I looked to the man.
    "Well uh actually i-"
    "GREAT!I'll get ya beer."
    I sighed.
    Geez manners i never got to finish my sentence -_-'
    As the man came towards me he gave me the beer.
    They all stared at me.
    "Drink, Drink, Drink Drink, Drink."
    A bunch of people were saying "drink" to me so I can drink that whole mumbo jabo thing.
    I grabbed the cup with my two hands, it seemed heavy and then i i began to drink the beer*gulp*
    As i was drinking i hate to say but im only friggen 12!!!and i shouldn'y be drinking this.
    I drinked fast o it can be over.
    And when i finished.
    "Ugh that was a *hiccup* aster."
    I had a high fever and then fell off my chair to the solid ground with my whole face red and steamy.

    "Is that..Mexony?"
    Larxene nodded.
    Xigbar jumped of his chair and ran over to Mexony.
    "MExony!?Mexony!!!??/Wake up man!!!"
    Larxene came over.
    "Let's go back now."
    Xigbar picked up Mexony and walked with Larxene back home.
    "I don't understand, why was Mexony at the beer bar having a jumbo drink of Beer?"
    Larxene frowned.
    "She was spying on us."
    Xigbar kept walking.
    "Spying?Did you ask her to spy?"
    Larxene nodded.
    "I need her to help me say some words because i was scared and shy and stuff."
    Xigbar nodded.
    "So was I i asked her today to help me with you tomorrow."
    Larxene nodded.
    "Anyways changing the subject.What will happened if they found out?About Mexony in the you know what drinking stage."

    To be continued.

    *hiccup*aster was disaster i just skipped it let's see what happens next time in the next chapter! Find out soon!!!:D:D:D
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    I do not not know why did i choose this title!?
    But can't blame or anything.
    So enjoy.
    This story is about Larxene if you read my other story about me in the organization well yeah, im going to be in this enjoy and i'll stop talking so here it is v.

    5 Dates or more

    It was a boring day in TWTNW everyone doing the sameold, sameold.
    Wonder how Larxene is doing?

    Larxene was busy in her room looking at photo's she had taken during the night while all the 13 members were asleep.
    She was look through looking at one picture.
    She sighed and put all the photo's down.
    "Xigbar...if only i can tell you how I feel."
    She then sighed once more and layed down on her bed facing the window.

    Then the door knocked.
    "Knock knock Larxene you there?"
    Larxene sighed harshly.
    "What the hell do you want!!!?"
    "Woah jeez sorry."
    Larxene frowned.

    "Fine s-s-s-sorry..."
    The door opened and came in Xigbar along side with Roxas.
    "We were wondering...if you would like to play some soccer with us."
    Larxene wasn't usually much into sports.
    "Fine...I have nothing better to do."
    She stood up and walked out her room with Roxas and Xigbar.

    As they went outside they saw some other members standing.
    The only ones that were not there was Saix and Xemnas.
    Larxene crossed her arms and looked to all the members.
    "So...who's team am I on?"
    "Ours." Xigbar said immediantly.
    Larxene nodded.

    As the game began, all the members came rushing towards the soccer ball.
    As Demyx was kicking the ball towards the net he was fully excited.
    "I'm gonna make it,I'm gonna-"

    Demyx splashed right into a puddle losing the soccer ball.
    Demyx whined and moaned.
    "Aww man! I just washed- argh nevermind!"
    Demyx stood up and continued playing.

    After an hour of playing soccer the members were exhausted and worn out.
    "Man, i'm beat!" Axel called out as he was breathing for some air.
    Roxas nodded agreeing with Axel.
    After a few minutes everyone left.
    As Larxene was walking she felt a hand go on her shoulder.
    "You play good...Larxene."
    Larxene grinned and nodded.
    "So do you...Xigbar."
    Xigbar took his hand off her shoulder and scratcjed the back of his head.
    "'s kinda unusual but..uh...Do you...wanna go....on a"
    Larxene heated up in her boday feeling warm.
    She nodded.
    "Sure.what time?"
    Xigbar looked to his watch.
    "7:00pm sound fine?"
    Larxene nodded and portaled off.

    Xigbar stood alone outside.
    Xigbar yelled excited.
    He portaled off excited going to get ready.

    ~Mexony's room~

    I turned around and found Larxene having her face red.
    "Hey what's up!"
    Larxene grabbed the collar of my coat.
    " I NEED YOUR HELP!!!"
    I nodded while i was pulling her hand off my cloak.
    " what?"
    Larxene took a deep breath and whispered through my ear.
    "uh huh uhuh....WHAT!? WOAH!"
    Larxene nodded nervously.
    " need to look good."
    Larxene nodded.
    "TwilightTown... we have 30 minutes to get you something...proper wearing....^_^' ""

    Later that day it was 10 minutes left.
    Larxene was in a restuarant nervous fiddling with her fingers.
    She waited for Xigbar. impatiently.
    *Fist to thunder Fist to thunder! You nervous?"
    Larxene talked back.
    "Yeah.really nervous."

    I was in the restuarant hiding in a plant with leaves stuck in my hair.
    I was asked by Larxene to keep an eye.
    SOOOO...I gave her a microchip for her ear, so she can hear me, and when she get's stuck with thing.
    *Here he comes Larx!Smile don't panic act CALM!"
    Larxene nodded to herself.

    As Xigbar walked he was wearing an all darkblue suit, with a stripped blue tie.
    "Hi...L-Larxene, you look pretty and great."
    Larxene smiled and froze.
    *LARXENE...say that he looks wonderful and charming!*

    "Hi Xigbar, wow, you look wonderful and i'll mention charming."
    Xigbar smiled at her as he was taking his seat.
    "So...what you wanna order?"
    Larxene blushed and looked to the menu.
    So since i didn't know what she was gonna order.
    I had to-
    "Sorry i need this menu."
    I took a menu from a random women.
    *Take the salad, rice chicken and your drink could be nestea*
    Larxene nodded calmly.
    As the waiter came to the table.
    "I'll take the salad along with rice and chicken and my drink would be nestea,please."
    Xigbar nodded.
    "I'll take what she's taking."
    *wow he's taking what your taking!?How romantic.*

    As the waiter came back, she had the orders for the both.
    She placed them on the table and left walking.
    Larxene took her fork.
    *Larxene listen, take the salad first.*

    So Larxene took the salad and began to eat it as she usually does.
    After a few minutes, right after their meal.
    Xigbar began talking to Larxene.
    Larxene giggled and sometimes laughed.
    So did Xigbar.
    After Xigbar held Larxene's hand and looked to her straight in the eye smiling.
    *Larxene smile don't just blush!!!*
    Larxene smiled to Xigbar.
    "I think this is the best time i ever had in my nobody life hahaha."
    Larxene nodded.
    "Me too, i mean, your like-"

    As i was watching the two lovebirds holding hands and talking. Right there I saw Xemnas and Saix along with Xaldin in the restuarant.
    Larxene turned around and saw them entering.
    Larxene gasped and grinned to Xigbar and then letted go of his hands.
    "We gotta go Xig!"

    Xigbar cocked his head.
    She pointed over to the three members.
    Xigbar gasped and fell off his chair.
    "Ow...ok ok let's go now before they come see us!"
    "Dates over Larxene sorry."
    Larxene agreed with Xigbar as the exited the restuarant fast.

    As for me i was still int he plant having leaves in my hair.
    "I better get out of he-"
    "Mexony?What are you doing here?"

    Uh oh thought in my mind.

    To be Continued.

    What will happen to me!? and Xiggy and Larxene?
    We don't know until Chapter 2 comes out!

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