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    "Whatever, GM." Cat responded, chugging down the remains of his pepsi, and tossing it back. He raised his hand, and licked his forehand, just as a cat would. "Doesn't suit your little accesories..." He said, nodding towards her wings.
    He stopped licking his hand and stopped leaning against the chimney, walking over to Alexa.
    He pulled his hat down low over his head and looked down onto the 'prey'. "Do you ever get a sense in competition? Seems like you never pick strong opponents..." He sneered, then let out a small meow.​
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    ooc: hehe, couldn't resist coming back to finish this rp.
    Now, who should I talk to first? This Cat dude is awesome.
    Cat leaned against a chimney on the same building Alexa was on, with his arms crossed, one of his many 'cool' styles in his trends. A big wardrobe was one of the things he enjoyed about this game.
    Responding to her talking to herself, one of the characteristics of an evil person, "You should go on vacation. Fifty years from now, you'll be laughing at how right you were to follow my advice."
    And how wrong you were to let your victims off the hook, he thought, chuckling.
    He slid out a pepsi bottle, and uncapped it with his short, but sharp nails. Chugging it half way, he stopped to look at Alexa's uniform. "Decided to look flashy?"
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    peace out.

    Heres a poem I made for the occasion.

    I'm leaving
    There wil be no music.
    There will be no sing.
    You don't have to wave good bye,
    Because I'll be already gone,
    And maybe you would know why.
    You'd think I'm annoying,
    You'd think you're the king.

    Friends will leave,
    And pm's will decieve
    Every little thought
    That would prove
    They're not.

    Why oh why has it come to this?
    Did we have to miss
    Or pass by
    Every good post
    That some people would most
    likely love to type?
    Every good joke will never be ripe,

    I'll be gone forever,
    and I know you'll remember me
    To everyone,
    I'm just a guy who had it fun
    And when he got hurt,
    all he did was run.

    Call me a coward,
    call me a meany.
    I may seem steamy,
    but running away
    is my only freeby.

    I'll make a new name, change my face
    Change my race.
    But now I'll need some space,
    so leave me be,
    Don't you see?

    So goodbye all, goodbye "friends"
    I hope you wished that you should've
    made amends.
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    awesome. this proves to be more better then my rp.
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    Avaritia whisked away again. Good. Now she didn't have to get tired on the second try. She appeared in the armoury, and examined her charts. Not the usual idea. Though it might work on other targets, shes planning a fight with an organization of nobodies who are masters of her powers. Those plans will just simply burn out and the fight will be over in seconds.
    She would have to know about Astronomy to understand the void, since it was all about patterns, and movement of different things.
    She rolled out her map, and examined the voids area.
    The organization would appear here, and keyblade team will be here.
    She marked it with an ORG sign, and a KB sign. The castle was here, and she'd have to do something on there way. Husks? Hmm.
    She placed a sign showing HS around one marker.
    She placed another HS at the castle.
    But what about the ride there?
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    ooc: Guess what, Base? I'm already the pack leader! You gonna try to replace me here too?
    Seth growled at Andrew, the annoyance of him completely overwhelming him. He heard the same demons barks again.
    Their reckless...he thought.
    Seth stood, attempting to push the other wolf members out of the cave to give them speed.

    John growled at Seth. "Just move."

    Seth ran, growling with frustration.
    Curse this all.
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    Xelse got up, and simply got out of the hallway. He passed Xara, and made sure to intimidate her with his aura. He noticed it worked on most people, when he wasn't even trying.
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    "Uh...Siax...we need you a phychiatrist.. What are you freaking talking about?"
    Xemnas back to his senses, but in a hang over, hunched over hith his aerial blade as a cane, said without looking, "Larxene put that camera away."
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    Hey...dinesty...I want Roxas...please? Still haven't responded yet.
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    Shoot...I learned from experience...what other tricks does this clown have up his sleeve?! Trace aimed, and shot.

    Can Can widened his eyes, and screamed, "MATRIX!" He bended backward, then rolled backward then forward, and slipping out a gun, firing.

    Trace jumped out of the way, not caring how he landed. He rolled back up. "Leave me alone you drunken clown."

    "HOOHOO! INSULTS!" Can Can slipped out metal sticks. He bended them, then placed them around his arms, wrists, legs, thighs, neck, ankles, and torso.
    "Getting desperate? So am I! Not for a husband, not for a wife...but should I give you...a multiple knife? A gun? Hungry? A CHEESE BUN?!"
    Can Can whirled around, on the uncicycle. "You know...the laws are true. Beat the other pirate, join the crew or kill them! I choose...join my crew.."
    Can Can flipped over, now on his head on the unicycle. "I call my next circus trick..."
    Can Can flipped backwards, then slammed a smoke bomb down.

    Trace slipped his gun back, and summoned his keyblade. Killing Cure, he thought. He slashed his side, and the bullet fell into his pockets, his side not wounded. Darn clown...I'll just jump his ship if he gets me. He got into a battle position.

    "Split apart!" Can Can apeared, his body limbs floating around. The metal sticks showed where he split. "Grocery shopping in Walmart!"
    Can Can took out multiple weapons. "I need this thisthisthisthisthis..."
    His head floated upwards, looking down onto Trace, diagonally. A gun was in his mouth.
    The hands were in front of Trace. One held a sword, and the other a club.
    His torso was floating above Trace. It had a bomb balanced on it.
    Two feet, which were spinning around in the air. They had knives sticking out of the shoe parts.
    The rest of his body parts, the rest of the legs and the rest of the arms were floating around Trace, waiting to slam onto him.

    Trace glared, but also widened his eyes, then turned his eyes back into a glare.

    Can Can aimed his arms at Trace, and swung.

    Trace bended backwards, slashing them.

    The head screamed in pain. "What kind of a sword was that?!"
    Can Can swung his feet around, slashing at Trace.

    Trace blocked, and backed away, slashing like a windmill on the on coming asaults of his feet.

    Can Can screamed again, then lifted his body parts without the ones with weapons.
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    roxas walked over, and soon went through a window because he was so desperate to get out.
    And fell all those stories. "I QUIT THIS ORGANIZATION!"
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    Seth quickly got to the deer, ripping off a leg and eating it quickly. If the leader could sense that hunters were coming, then he'd have to eat quick. Seth got ready for the run.
    Now...I won't let anyone die this time.
    Seth growled, but stayed in the shadows of the cave to hide his anxiety to move.
    He wanted to tear the hunters to shreds. The way to do that is to disarm them, and knock them off their feet. You must get to them unnoticed by sneeking up on them, or it's a straight shot one shot one kill.

    John waited impatiently. He smelt the humans even nearer. He sensed that they were at where the deer meadow was. He hoped that they picked the deer. They didn't, and he knew why. There were only a few, slow footprints, while dragging a deer. He kney they would do that. Pick off where the main prizes are. The wolves. They were getting even nearer. "Packmembers. Grab a peice, and run away from the deers meadow!!" He yelled, getting up with speed.
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    Same here, also.
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    At least we have another member in..then this rp won't die.
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