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    happy new year to everyone it'll be an excellent year with II,5!
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    if rock titan was dificult to the guy who write the guide ,think about his fight against cleiton, ICE titan or xemnas xDDDD
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    so, i don't know why they programe ansem's fights(last bosses) to gain exp if you don't going to be able to save after the credits, i had played kingdom hearts I but i thought in final mix you could save after beating him (like in kingdom hearts 2 final mix+) and then when i beat the HD game i couldn't ;_____; i hate when that happens in games, makes me fell like it´s "incomplete"... maybe if they had put it, it would be too easy to lvl up cos he gives a LOT of exp easily 2 lvl per chain.
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    ok hello everyone, im sakuraba18, i really love this forum , i have read some thread since a lot time ago but i never log in in this although i always wanted to do it , now here i am xD

    so, i love kingdom hearts, it's my favorite vg as well and i want to talk with you guys about it >w<! sorry if im not a good redactor or if my caligraphy is horrible, im from a spanish idiom country, ( chile!) but im doing my best try to talk with you!~

    i have 2 years in school left (im 17 years old ) and my hobbies are playing video games , watch anime and read some mangas as well as read books and going out with friends, so here i am , if you want to talk about something tell me! you are welcome as well i hope it too.
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