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    oh, it's down
    and here i thought i finally got kicked out for not being around anymore :3c
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    hon i stunt on everyone i don't keep a list to remember

    @ OP sorry my guy i seriously don't know who you are and i hardly recognize your old username
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    was i summoned or what
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    someone from this community is just gonna fkn build an old people home and kidnap all of us from our own homes in the middle of the goddamn night and stick us there and we're still gonna be reminiscing about the times premiums still had rainbow names and how our father spdude was never around for us
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    jayn will always be my one (1) tru luv
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    let's play!
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    I'm not home right now and I haven't been able to read all day and I won't be able to any time for the next several hours. Sorry for the inconvenience, but I'll try to get in soon.
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    For my thoughts on @Korosu, I think she's fine, though there hasn't been much to go off of, but I sympathize a little as a newer player. Her full innocence remains to be seen though.
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    This is my first game too and I have been told by multiple people that you should say what's on your mind if you have something to say, otherwise it will be lost on others and you will come under fire for it. I was really nervous before I made my first post, and then it was even a little harder to post my Mafia list. I'm not sure I'm the last person who should be telling you since I'm still very hesitant, but you should be careful that you don't become a target for your nervousness. :^(

    Stupid or not, a thought's a thought, and that's always worth sharing :^D
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    Yes, since we know that there are five Mafia, I made a preliminary list. Depending on what Nova posts next, he might be off the M List completely.

    It's okay! Makaze always talked to me about how much he likes playing this game, and since the premise of this one seemed relatively simple, I guess I thought I'd try it out. Puzzles and strategy games really aren't my forte though ; w ; Thank you for the advice though, I'll try it out!

    Ah, really? I didn't know. It doesn't change a lot of my perspective, but it does change some. It's just the way he talks, I suppose, aside from the banter.

    I think the connection part doesn't make much sense to me, I don't especially find any of the players higher than the other, regardless of their skills since I don't have solid ideas on who's Mafia and who's Town. 44

    Also, I'd like to point out that I've become a little suspicious of Karuta; for someone who posts quite often, his posts don't have much subsistence and he doesn't actually say much in them.
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    Not especially, for Mish, but I've been slowly retracting my written vote on her since she seems especially eager for people to settle on a vote with reasoning, because they seem suspicious. Nothing she says seems very Mafia, but I never read on past games.

    At the time, there was no room on the my Town list for Nova, and not to mention aside from changing his vote and all that, there's little to no content from him to go off of (granted I know he's dealing with personal things at the moment, so it's not really his fault).

    You say it's not a gut read, but it's surprising how other people's opinions can influence your own when you read into all of it yourself. Like I said though, my suspicions on Mish are slowly dwindling.

    Game aside, it's really difficult for me to go through and read all the posts and soak in information to wring out of myself later, this clearly isn't my type of game and I don't think I'll play again after this (I'm not sure I'll even make it through this one, it's just a lot of reading for me and I have a short attention span).

    I was really surprised when the way I normally type drew all sorts of suspicion, I really wasn't expecting to be jumped on for it, so I decided to change the way I type so I could clear up myself. Thanks for the benefit of the doubt. :'^)

    When Al first made the joke to Cal about no more speculation on Mafia plans, though I knew it was a joke, I feel it was poorly made for his later defense. He has to know that any and everything he says (and this goes for all of us) can be taken and twisted in the minds of others later.

    In a second part of that same post, he said The problem with lynching the quietest players at any given time is that they might be connected to someone important. Who is important in this game? Lynching anyone at this point would be totally random. Could he have meant a 3-Town connected Town? Or was he worried one of the at-the-time quietest players (Korosu, Nova, Jiku, Cstar) would be lynched and connected to Mafia, which would have them lose?
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    Give me a little while to catch up, I just woke up.
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    So I decided to go back and read through the thread since I only ever skimmed through it without paying much attention. A game with a lot of reading like this is difficult for me. Based off my rereading, I have compiled a mainly-gut feeling list of the five mafia.
    • Splodge (still)
    • al215
    • Ars Nova
    • Calxiyn
    • Mish
    Splodge and Al have raised the most suspicion with me, though I'm really not sure of the last three. I chose Mish because everyone else seems to suspect her too—but she could be playing that way on purpose. I have no experience with anyone's style in this game, so it's not easy for me to tell how you act differently if you've been Mafia in other games and such. Calxiyn because it was said that she was reading a lot into things, though that might be due to caution (or whatever), but it seems very distracting and useful to point different fingers in different ways.

    These could change of course, but for now, this is what I think.
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    i wouldn't think so :^0
    if their lover was at risk of dying, they would instead try especially hard to redirect suspicions the best way they could. i'm sure that would be almost totally noticeable. the risk to themselves is that, if someone is suspected of being mafia, and they come forward to claim them as their lover, the suspicion could be shifted onto themselves as well, which might create a chain if they had two lovers, and so forth.
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