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Mar 6, 2013
Dec 18, 2011
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Aug 4, 1994 (Age: 29)


Merlin's Housekeeper, 29, from Canada.

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Mar 6, 2013
    1. Cat~

      I'd love to get back into KHV Chorus at some point, but I'm not exactly comfortable singing when there's always someone else at home. Things get very awkward very quickly~
    2. Daxa~
      Blargh, super late reply. Sorry sorry sorry dear, was in the shower.
      You could make me tea. Tea always makes things better. Always.
      I must say, I adore French, it's such a beautiful language.

      Our minds are both rather special my dear! Hurrah. And I am sure you shall, with your motivation magic I might actually bother studying....maybe. Or maybe not. I passed all my mock exams (bar evil maths) without studying. Kekekekeekk~

      I might take you up on that someday dear, I always thought it would be great fun to go around sueing everyone for no good reason. Together, we could get super rich, and buy a pony.

      It just shows how backwards my mind is. And I am ever so posh, so I really only drink red wine. Oh sweet red wine, how I adore you. And my parents have let me have it at home since I was 12, which was a good idea, as then I have never felt the need to go out and get wasted to prove a point, unlike some people at my school. And I hope I will see it~
    3. Cat~
      Ah, alright.

      Uh... no. I was in a few of them a while back, but I haven't been able to find the time, means or courage needed to sign up for another.
    4. Cat~
      Well, I wasn't planning anything specific. Why?
    5. Daxa~
      That is ever so kind of you dear, but if I was crying, I would not let you anywhere near me. Danu crying is not a pretty sight.
      Merci, merci, merci sweetheart.

      That is ever so sweet of you to offer darling. I know I am well able to remember all the stuff (I have this weird thing where if I want to, I can have a photographic memory, and remember everything I read...but I have to tell myself to remember the words~) but I have no motivation. One of my problems. Blargh.

      Oh my dear, that sounds wonderful! You have it all so planned out, and I wish you the best of luck. I am sure you shall be a wonderful lawyer, and not take bribes or anything.

      Very nice dear, very nice. I must confess, I hate getting drunk....due to the fact that I turn the opposite of my usual self when drunk, and get very quite and calm and ever so posh. I do like the feeling of being a bit tipsy though, but it is hard to get the balance right....also, my crazy metabolism breaks down alcohol very quickly. xD
    6. Cat~
      Meh, fair enough.

      And thanks... though it's not for my friend.
    7. Cat~
      Oh, really?

      If I may ask, why don't you like them?
    8. Daxa~
      Sorry for worrying you sweetie ;; Just when I get all stressed and the like, I tend to neglect everything and everyone else. Or I get grumpy and sit upstairs alone, crying. Yesh yesh. But thank you for caring, it means a lot.

      It is for my Junior Cert, which is the second most important exam(s) I will do in my life. And probably the hardest, due to all the stuff I must learn. The Irish Goverment expects too much out of us, I must say.

      Oh blargh, law work. But wait, you do law? Ohhhh, very nice! Do you enjoy learning about it and stuff? And how was the party the other night dear?

      Yesh yesh, most definitely <3~
    9. Cat~
      Game Music Video (as in I make videos to cutscenes from games like Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy, etc.)

      Ah, I see. Very nice~
    10. Daxa~
      That is because I had a hell of a lot of stuff to do my dear.
      And I am alright thank you, had a very busy day in silly old school, filling out various course work thingys for all my exams. Honestly. 12 subjects I am being examined on in June, three years worth of stuff for each. And some of them have two or three exams, aswell as coursework. Blargh.
      But yesh. How are youuu?

      And hurrah <3~
    11. Cat~
      Oh, I'm just trying to work on a GMV that I'm gifting to someone.
    12. Daxa~
      Why hai there sweetie
    13. Cat~
      Hey Scruffy.

      What's up?
    14. Dinny
      Well, if everything is alright then okay.

      Ahaha, yeah, that's cool.

      Not in those exact words but kind of. I do want to work in Disneyland and stuff like that so this was really fun x)
    15. Loxare
      Thanks Scruffy! I love your new avatar, where is it from?
    16. Daxa~
      Ni thiggum thusa mo chara~
    17. Cat~
      No problem, man~
    18. Cat~
      Sure. Here's a website and here's where you can figure out which colors have which BBCode.

      It's easy to use and incredibly convenient~
    19. Cat~
      Oh, I will...

      Alright. My friend has also been nagging me about watching it, so summer might be a great time to start learning about Lelouch. xD

      Also, I got it done. Here's the code:


      Which will look like:


      Just put the url to my profile in the URL BBCode around it and you're set. If you want it in different colors, let me know.
    20. Cat~
      Ah, that's good.

      Then it's gotta be the food.

      Well, I don't exactly have loads of free time, and the time that I do have tends to be spent on here or doing stuff with my parents.
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    Aug 4, 1994 (Age: 29)
    Music, Gaming, Animu.


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