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Mar 6, 2013
Dec 18, 2011
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Aug 4, 1994 (Age: 29)


Merlin's Housekeeper, 29, from Canada.

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Mar 6, 2013
    1. Dinny
      HI ANDREW !!!
      Take care for the next three weeks okay, teddy bear? c:
    2. Dinny
      Silly Andrew .

    3. Dinny
      .... Boo !
    4. ShibuyaGato
      You're welcome.
    5. Daxa~
      Good good, shall be rather interesting to seee~
      Yeshyesh, I was calling everybody dahlin today. For no reason.
    6. Daxa~
      If they react with an "Ewwww" or say Willam x Ronald/Grell x Sebastian....keep them away from me xDD
      Thank you kindly for thinking them up dahlin~
    7. Daxa~
      There are ever I many people obsessed with it, which I adore. Ask him/her if they ship Grelliam, will you? :3
      And blargh, no. I don't do nicknames. Never have, although I give everyone else a nickname.
    8. Daxa~
      The tattoos, yesh. I was thinking one Kuroshitsuji related, one 30 Seconds to Mars related, and some quote from the Rocky Horror Picture Show. All my obsessions <3~
      The nicknames made me laugh rather a lot, they are just adorable.
    9. ShibuyaGato
      Aww, thanks. <3

      Well, you do it wonderfully~
    10. Daxa~
      Why hello Andrew my dear~
    11. ShibuyaGato
      Yeah, of course. :)

      Well, I got some cash ($400 from my parents alone and $50 from my grandma). Well, thank you for caring, sir. <3
    12. ShibuyaGato
      It's alright. I was hardly able to stay up past nine thirty for the past week. Wen you've gotta sleep, you've gotta sleep.

      No worries, I was just wondering~
    13. ShibuyaGato
      Aww, it's alright. I know that you mean well. :3

      Um... the name's Catalina, but the day's been decent so far and I just hope that it ends that way.
    14. Dinny

      go ahead ~ have fun : P
    15. Dinny
      Ahaha, Google and Tumblr mah bud. Google and Tumblr.
    16. Dinny
    17. Maka Albarn
      Maka Albarn
      Then I have more stresses of real life to deal with... ugh.

      And I was the first one. I need to go clarify that in the post. ><
    18. Maka Albarn
      Maka Albarn
      That would be. xD But eh, won't happen.

      Oh lol... this recording was fail. I took on something too big... This was what I was working on:
    19. Daxa~
      I shall not be going out later, no, unless the house goes on fire or something. But i must tame it after a shower, or else it shall not be tamed at all. And I really really hate having super wavy hair, not quite curly, but near enough. Blarghh.

      I am not sure yet, actually. I have so many ideas, I might get more than one. Yesh yesh.

      Oh sweetheart, that is ever so lovely of you to think that like that <3~

      My name is generally too different and strange to get a nickname, it must be said. No other Danu in the world you see, only myself.
    20. Daxa~
      Twenty or so minutes later, I have at least partially tamed the wild hair. Oh yesh. Although it still waves a bit, even though I blow dry it straight, and attack it with straighteners. Blargh.
      Vanilla hair buddies~

      I have always wanted a tattoo aswell, and have permission to get one once I turn eighteen. Happy days.

      Oh my, Danu is not really a good friend. And my advice is generally rather cruel, cynical, cold, with no sympathy, no cushioning to it. Meh. It usually snaps people out of whatever state they are in. Kekekekeekk.

      D'awwww, I had almost forgotten about that! <333
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    Aug 4, 1994 (Age: 29)
    Music, Gaming, Animu.


    Lady Sutcliff's FluffyScruffykins | Risk's Bro | Dinny's Teddy Bear | my-mafia-signora | Set by Llave de Espada.
    "Lose yourself in battle, and rejoice!"