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    Does anyone here have any experiance in the use of MUGEN and creating or having to do anything with creating a character?

    My friends back over at Gundam War MUGEN are creating a MUGEN game with dozens of playable Gundams such as God (Burning) Gundam,Nu Gundam,Wing Zero Custom,and plenty other stuff.So if you have the time,please back us up.Im one of the people who are spriting so I know how much more man power we need.Plus I hope this Thread will arouse those interested in Gundam games and visit the site.


    -EDITED FOR ADVERTISING- Place where you can get some of the already released Gundams for MUGEN and some vids of chars we are working on or what we have already finished.

    And no im sorry I can't help out with Kingdom Hearts MUGEN.JED(One of the mods and a spriter and leader of the Gundam War Project) is still teaching me spriting and right now im working on my first character,Astray Red Frame.
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    Character Org. Name: Crasix
    Character True Name: Icras
    Rank: 2
    Age: ???
    Element: Wind
    Weapon: Odachi,long handle and nodachi sized blades
    Attire: normal Org XIII cloak but has a samurai helmet on his head,his whole face is in darkness exept for his eyes,which are pupiless eyes,purely white
    Persona: Quiet,friendly,occasionaly sadistic and cruel
    Biography: Born on a far of planet,far from civilization,he fought in a war against the heartless,which had recently invaded his homeplanet.He fought for years until it was he himself against thousands of heartless.He took down atleast 700 of them before he finally fell to the heartless.Now his nobody was born along with his heartless.Crasix was his name,Icras was his original name,and he easily rose through the ranks but easily dispatching Heartless.
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    It would be better to first develop a relationship before you actualy do this marrying stuff.I did what I just said,and everything is EXCELLENT with my wife.She has problems with the families,I deal with them,and im it makes the relationship good.SO anyways.......who will be my other wife.
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    Name: Seto
    Age: ???
    Rank: Assasin/ whatever people of the modern day call samurai
    Title: Sharp Edge Alchemist
    Specialty Alchemy: Creating blades from any material with different properties
    Other Alchemy: He can use water alchemy and wind
    Weapon Transmutation: Any blade,but Katana suites him
    Main Weapon: sveral daggers over his body
    Accesories: Silver State Alchemist Watch,special pendant thats literally attached to the skin of his arm
    Biography: Seto is an alchemist that has been working for the military for a ver,very long time but he looks as if though he was still at a rookies age.He was born during an unknown time.His family came from Japan where he found out about his samurai/ninja heritage.His ancestors were both.His parents decided to train him in both arts,along with alchemy,just incase if he was ever dissarmed.That way,he would always have something to create a weapon with.Seto trained for a long time before he went to the military to perfect his alchemy and has also been there for a long time.That is all that is known about him.His experiances,past times,and such other things are unknown,but what really puzzled everyone was the pendant that was attached to his skin.
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    Awesoem game,9.9 out of 10.Needed Kojiro Sasaki to make it 10 out of 10.Who else loves this game.Samurai Warriors 2 Empires will feature Kojiro Sasaki,which come out in Feb 27.
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    ooc: I love swords to much.

    Name: Masamune Date.(Date is pronounced with a Capital A,and a lowercase E.Or Da-Te.The E has sound.)

    Gender: Male

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Devil Fruit: Fuku Fuku fruit.(Wind Wind fruit)

    Weapon: 6 katanas.Holds 3 in each hand.

    Special ablilties: He can control wind.All he does is fly,control the direction of wind,and make wind blasts of various forms,such as a long thin sliceing thing that cuts alot.

    Position: Samurai Pirate

    Background: Masamune Date is a natural born swordsman. He had no parents,and fought for himself.One day,he was discovered by a wandering samruai who wielded 6 blue swords at the same time.The man took him up as his student,hoping in one day for Date to succeed him and teach others of his style.He was easily learning and quickly defeated many opponents.Date fought on alongside his master in several battle together.One day,his master was killed by an unknown man with a big sword.Masamune took his masters blade in revenge.He held a long and powerful rage for this man,who he promise to one day kill.

    After a few years of traveling and fighting several other swordsmen,which he traveled by sea to fight.The government put up a bounty of him because he killed so many swordsmen that were helping the military.He hid from people and found refuge with a girl and her family.He lived with them for awhile.He was captured a few days later by the Navy who were going to execute him.The girl visited him one last time to give him a shred of food she found close to the ocean.She gave it to him,and he was immediatly rejuvinated and found out that he gained powers of wind manipulation.He defeated his captors,and escaped.The little grl went back hom and spread the news of a samurai controlling the wind.

    When he escaped,he continued fighting under a new alias.The Dragon of Oshu,a place that he fought the most amount of battles in.Date won all of those battles.Awhile after fighting,he decided to join a group of ragtag pirates inorder to travel more.That way,he would fight more with his 6 blades.He was still motivated by revenge against the man who killed his master.He still searches for clues on his wearabouts.Date spoke,"I will have my revenge for my master,me,and my destiny!!!"He used that as his motivation and went on battling more people,still not calling himself a true samurai until he defeats his masters killer,therefor proving he is stronger than his master.

    Reasons for Joining the Crew: He wants to start his career as a master swordsman.He will try to gain more strength even though he was already an excellent swordsman.

    ooc: Just call him Date.
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    ooc: DOnt get to nice now.Imagine this,but alot younger looking,as Musashi.Plus the hair on the back of his head is really just a messy ponytail: [​IMG]

    Musashi saw everyone around him and observed."Freaky looking people.Lets of spiky hair.A ninja,few dudes with a key sword thingie,a fighting girl,and a bunch of other people wearing black....yeah."He saw Xemnas and said,"None of your bees...thingies.Dont act like your a good guy like those dudes on TV.I can tell by your,'Im going to be nice to everyone' then you might try to win over the teacher so you wont get in trouble and take over kindergarden."He theorized it.Though he wasn't that good with words,he was pretty good with some types of theories.
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    ooc: Im not!My character is Musashi.Not Xigbar.
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    oc: nah,jumping into a tree isn't god-modding.Everyone here is a kid.I could have just run away and you still hit it.

    ic: "Uh,oops."He ran toward Tifa and said,"Im really sorry I ducked,I might have been able to take the hit."He tried helping her up and said,"Teacher,we need a band-aid!!!!"He would have cried to if something like this happened to him.
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    ooc: Free time is over,time for math!!!
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    ooc: Remeber,we are children in kindergarden.

    ic: Musashi ducked down and Tifa whizzed over his head,ramming herself into a tree.He laughed really hard and said,"Now that was funny."He put his stick away and the teacher came.She said,"Ok kids,its mast time,lets do some numbers!"Musashi can tell she hated her job.Musashi said,"Awww man,I wanna do art.Me want art!"He whined alittle but then stopped since there was nothing else to do."Or atleast abc."

    ooc: Musashi was historicaly a swordsman,artist,and author.
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    "Its a name that I gave myself.Im not using my dads last name....I hate him,thats about it.Oh and Miyamoto is the name of a place I live in."He smirked as he pulled out one of his wooden swords and said,"I hope this is fun.Fun,fun,fun,fun,fun!!!Oh and im using one sword since im not so good at 2."He put his sword forward and said,"No cheating.No throwing sand."Since he didn't know that much manner,he didn't hesitate to hit a girl.He was also mannerful enough that he was potty trained.

    ooc: Lol...potty trained.
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    "Ok!!Lets beat other people in kickball."He had to find some other form of entertainment and find some friends.It was the first day of kindergarden after all."Say,do you like fighting?I do,and ive been looking for a boy or girl to fight.I like fighting alot.So do you fight?"
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