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    come baaaaack live hereeeee D;

    come baaaaack live hereeeee D;
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    ancient status was ancient.
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    Move back here >:c

    Move back here >:c
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    Literally, the other day we played a bit of Final Fantasy XIII music in music class, and one kid proceeds to complain 'This doesn't sound like fighting music!!' and I said, play the original (we were playing the piano version). He said the same thing.

    You reminded me of what he said, and while you have a valid point (It sound a bit off, but it's nothing too major, yah?), I'm greatly annoyed that he said that. He hasn't played XIII, but yet he thought it was okay to judge it based upon one song. Where he doesn't know where it came from, since he hasn't played it. And by that he's arguing with me about the matter.

    (For those of you unfamiliar with it, The Prelude plays in the menu trailer. It's basically the equivalent of the Hikari -Orchestra- version or the Passion -Orchestra- Version that plays with a trailer thing before you get to the menu after you boot in up in KH1 and KH2. It's not supposed to be battle music, it's supposed to be adventure/we have hope sort of music.)

    That's nothing against OP of course, seeing as they've actually played the game and know what they're talking about. (I just needed to share that) Upon listening to the songs, they do sound much more like... adventure music? Ya know, traveling through the wilderness, being a complete badbutt, but being really positive about it, song.
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    Generally this is me as well. I'm constantly trying to look for new music for soundtracks for stories that'll never get written down.

    On top of that, it helps me be less nervous and block out unwanted stimuli.
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    Personally, I don't have a defined sexuality. I am something along the lines of demi, only been truly sexually attracted to 2 males I actually knew (one on the internet, the other graduated from my school last year) and a fictional male character by the name of Schneizel. I do, however, not really like man parts and in general I'd rather be doing things with females, if I had to do something at all. (Their parts are so much more attractive and ah.)

    But I don't ever think about sex or anything, at least for myself. It's completely unappealing, and I have no sexual attraction to literally anybody anymore. There's three or so that I'd like to kiss and snuggle, but I don't want anything in me. kthx.

    But I digress. I honestly have grown up in a 5k town in the middel of nowhere and there's nobody really gay here or well, openly gay, and honestly I experienced culture shock when I went to pride last summer. However, despite that, I don't really care who does what with whom. It's not my business. It may be unappealing to me and sometimes cause culture shock, but it's not my place to give an opinion.

    Do what you want. Your body, your life, your love etc etc. I have no say in it.
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    That clarifies things quite a bit. I was not really aware of how the letter was presented in Re:Coded, since it wasn't really specified if it was a one time thing or something dragged over the entire game, which the latter makes more sense for an entire game, and is probably justified.

    I don't remember that scene, but I'm going to be a bit upset if she doesn't come back in KH3 to screw things up again.
    Post by: Serenacake, Sep 16, 2013 in forum: Kingdom Hearts HD II.5 ReMIX
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    Well, do we get to actually hear what's in the letter or as in the actual word for word content of it, or do they just go over it?

    As for it's importance, I feel it could've been placed in a better title than Re:Coded, although I don't know how quite to phrase that properly.
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    That's literally it? It literally just tells us that the letter is what Sora is supposed to do in KH3? And that's the main thing about the game?
    Post by: Serenacake, Sep 16, 2013 in forum: Kingdom Hearts HD II.5 ReMIX
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    On this note, I've never understood the relevance of Re:Coded to the plot, and I've never seen anything stating how it's relevant or how it contributes to the overall plot.

    If somebody would do me a favor and condense how it actually affects the rest of the games, that'd be gr9.
    Post by: Serenacake, Sep 16, 2013 in forum: Kingdom Hearts HD II.5 ReMIX
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    old enough to know not to tell strangers my age.
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