May 12, 2008
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Feb 17, 1992 (Age: 32)
Beyond the Trivial Aspects of Spacetime
Dead God


Traverse Town Homebody, 32, from Beyond the Trivial Aspects of Spacetime

So bloody bored... people need to fix this -_-" Mar 9, 2014

    1. NikkiNoNo
      Because they were taken T.T
      But I like Xaldin. he is like one of those big bears that look really mean but are so cuddly, haha >.<
    2. NikkiNoNo
      haha, I didn't mean you. I meant this Organization Unlimited RP I'm playing. Finally something with romance i get to have Xaldin ^.^ <3
    3. NikkiNoNo
      Gosh I'm bored. I would think people would reply to the RPs already *pout*
    4. NikkiNoNo
      Yeeah, i really want to and the guy i did that RP with rarely replies *pouts*
    5. NikkiNoNo
      you may think I'm weird, but I think not, hee

      oooh i really want to do a onexone historical RP about the yougest prince of 3 children, who is totally evil, getting married to this really nice girl who is the princess of another country and he plans to set up a kidnapping so the girl would go away and when he finds her he would be given such high honors he would be known for something instead of just being in the shadows of his brother and sister.
    6. NikkiNoNo
      Well hopefully they won't I would hate it if you got hurt Sessa-chan :3
      *tail swishes back and forth*
    7. NikkiNoNo
      1. I am an imperfect human being
      2. I do not realize this, but if I do then its only for the research of human psychology.
      3. you know you enjoy me asking questions, if not then I wouldn't be who I am
      4. Its is an unhealthy trait I get from the line of Greek Women in my family.
      5. Not all humans are bad, nuns are humans, yet they get granted straight away passage to heaven.

      ^.^ Love you Sessa-chan~~
    8. NikkiNoNo
      like i said. I am a nun, and until you give me a FIVE good reasons why I am bad, then I'll believe you ;3

      *pout* hmph *plays with ball of yarn*

      why??~~ He was hot, and it was so sad what happened to the eels, Ursule's father cut of their arms and Ursule became a witch so he could get their arms back. But the eels still love him~~ hee
    9. NikkiNoNo
      Hee occasionally evil ^^

      Hmmm, i want tea. *tail swishes back and forth*

      oh last night i was reading a yaoi webcomic!!! About the little mermaid. And the girl made Ursula's male version look so cute, hee.
    10. NikkiNoNo
      laying down with my cats. We're infesting my papa's bed ^.^ My real father hates cats so i like to bug him lol

      oh and i made a youtube video!! my first one!! I am such a dork *shakes head*
    11. NikkiNoNo
      hahaha, hmmm
      so what are you doing? *tail swishes back and forth?*
    12. NikkiNoNo
      yay!! So when are you coming down ?? ^^
    13. NikkiNoNo
      awww *Cat ears droop down* okay... *ears perk up* Cha Thai! I want some Thai tea ^.^ Buy me some Sessa-chaan~~
    14. NikkiNoNo
      hmm, tell me a happy ending story ^.^ *hopeful*
    15. NikkiNoNo
      eehh, my sister was a pain and wouldn't let me sleep, but you already know that, haha

      I went to bed I think at 6 and woke up at 12! which isnt good since I have to go to bed at 8 tonight!!!
    16. NikkiNoNo

      and how about you? did you sleep well??
    17. NikkiNoNo
      I'm good. Relaxing before tomorrow, haha. Eeerp Dx
    18. NikkiNoNo
      Haha XD go to sleep cranky pants
    19. NikkiNoNo
      Lol. Rawr means i love you in dinosaur, hee ^.^
      *cuddles with you when you fall asleep*
    20. NikkiNoNo
      Okay, good night Sessa-Chan. See you tomorrow.
      *closes eyes and goes to sleep cuddling with my stuffed bunny*
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    Feb 17, 1992 (Age: 32)
    Beyond the Trivial Aspects of Spacetime
    Dead God
    Howdy. I'm Sessamaru, though I prefer to be called Sess, and I'm a diabolical genius. I enjoy writing, drawing, reading, gaming, amongst other things. I love RPing, too, because I believe it helps inspire further ideas for your own creativity, whether personal or public. I have been called "mad" and I take it as the greatest of compliments. Aside from this... I wish for everyone to appease my divine existence by offering me tribute in the form of milk and cookies. Or else...

    Writing, reading, gaming, and drawing.


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