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    Well, I plan on having Lucrix become an antagonist. He's going to create what he deems to be "the true Kingdom Hearts" by initiating the Time Spiral, collecting vast amounts of Hearts from all points in space-time (including alternate realities). At which point, he's going to fuse himself with it, but not before creating the x-blade... and Riluc is going to appear, as well, due to the Time Spiral's adverse effects on reality. However, I may need help fleshing this out and having alternate stories if people are willing to cooperate with this idea.
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    Riluc dreamed a wonderful dream, one of multiple worlds and of wondrous sights. He dreamed of places that reminded him very much of the One World, but in this dream the One World was multiple worlds and there was much adventure and fun to be had. However, he also dreamed of the Heartless and mysterious beings that did not belong to the Light or Dark... they were shells, empty things who sought only one thing to fill the void. A heart. The Heart. He dreamed that he had befriended them all, gave them a purpose and helped them live together without violence, restoring the humanity to the Heartless and helped the empty beings find their own hearts. He did it all, with only his twin swords.

    He smiled in his sleep and then turned, only to be rudely awakened by a cold breeze and a "thump" in the sand. Riluc jolted awake and turned, to see that he had narrowly avoided an attack from a charging Blue Rhapsody. It was adorable and he smiled wider, but then quickly remembered that these things would try and eat his Heart. His expression quickly became mournful and he sighed, quickly leaping for his sabers as he used a gust of wind to assist him. "I'm sorry..." Riluc murmured, striking the Heartless as he leaped for a second time, only this time from the moment he landed upon his feet. The Heartless faded away as its Heart soared into the sky.

    Riluc suppressed the urge to shed a tear, knowing full and well that what he did was a mercy. "It's still wrong," he whispered, wishing deeply there was another way... "it didn't know any better..." With a shuddering sigh, he looked around and saw, off in the distance, a group of people. His melancholic mood swiftly faded as he smiled widely and charged forward, towards the group and he dematerialized his sabers. "Hey!" He shouted, his voice hopeful as he called to them from upon the beach.
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    Lucrix is still making an appearance, as well as his Heartless counterpart. Lucrix may also be revealing his keyblade(s), which should prove interesting enough, as well. Other than that, I'm not sure what else to reveal as of yet.
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    Yo! Long time no see, mate!
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    Spirox War

    Sakurano Isamu
    Isamu followed and sat with the people he just recently met, digging into the "food" that Xero bought. He consumed the snacks with exaggerated ferocity, gourging himself. Isamu nearly snorted, and choked, when Chrona mentioned Xero and Hiro bantering like an old married couple and took a moment to get the food he stuffed himself with to go down. The young swordsman tried, he truly did, to not eat all the food, but he couldn't help but eat more. As a Spirox User whose main prowess is speed and generating electricity, he burns most of his calories away as though they were just bread crumbs. He continued to eat, slowly feeling his stomach becoming full.

    While the group continued to talk, a man by the name of Reno appeared. He was obviously a mutant, but he shrugged it away. However, Reno began to talk about a mutant mafia and a favor, and Isamu stopped eating just to look at the man. "Oro?" He asked, curious and confused. "Wouldn't it be suicide even if you had people to help?" Isamu interjected, an eyebrow raised.

    Doctor Johann Faust
    The Doctor gave a crooked smile and nodded. He looked at Shade for a moment. "I can provide you with anything you could possibly want. Just name the price and it is yours... but in return, I want you to follow my orders to the letter. Just name the price," Faust replied, confident that he could pay the thing well. Whether it is money, a cure, or bodies, Faust knew well enough that Shade's price was within his power and he was willing to abuse that power to get what he wanted.

    However, he thought of the possibility of Shade rejecting his offer. He had a syringe and a vial at his disposal... he would use them if necessary.

    Slade & Pride
    Slade and Pride turned to look at the newcomer. The two turned back to each other and let go of their weapons. There was no point in fighting at the moment.

    "If you're a patron, head into the restaurant. Just don't cause trouble, otherwise I'll have to raise my price," Slade muttered, wrenching his sword out of the ground and slinging it into his shoulder. Pride glared after the man for a moment and then shook his head. He followed suit, his stomach growling.

    "Man, I haven't eaten in days..." Pride whined, zombie-walking his way into the restaurant. "I'll pay for a meal for you, too." Pride said aloud, his words aimed at the newcomer.
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    Lucrix continued to listen to the woman, learning of her name and other asinine truths, something that helped him compile a portfolio of her character. He felt a sharp sensation, something too alien to explain, and he came to another stop. "My spell..." he muttered. "Xindai has been defeated." The tall being turned around opening a Dark Corridor between himself and Ananta. "This Dark Corridor should lead you back to your son, to your friends." Lucrix explained, turning back around. He touched the air in front of him, tapping it lightly with his index finger. There it swirled, a murky black and white vortex with a sharp, vacuum-like pull. "It is time that I take my leave, as well..." The tall figure began as he made it part way through the swirling portal he had made. The Nobody paused for a short moment, as if contemplating something.

    "Lucrix," he finally said, aloud. The entity walked through the vortex, which immediately shut tight behind him with a sharp snap. All that was left in that realm was Ananta and the only remaining Dark Corridor Lucrix had presented her with.
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    Lucrix remained silent for a long stretch of time before coming to a stop. He turned to Ananta, his gaze visible from the shadows of his cowl-and-collar. Those eyes, cherry pink with a daunting, baleful glow; the kind of shine that can only be cast by the undesirable truths of the worlds. "War... in war there are casualties. In war, death is unavoidable. Faith can only get you so far, but it can never shield you from the truth... are you going to risk everything? Are you going to gamble away everything, placing all your chips on faith? Hope? Martyrdom is what you seek, I believe... but in the end, only pain exists. Hatred rises from pain. Another adventure, another war, another death... Truly you are not ignorant of this truth?" The Nobody asked her, his gaze never leaving; his eyes never blinking.

    "I truly believe that you're a damnable fool if you think everyone is going to survive this war. If they do, there will be scars that they can never recover from; in the end, they will be dead on the inside and will become just another Nobody." He concluded, eyes narrowing with rage and sorrow; nothing but memories of his past swirled within his mind, the memory of his Heart stirring the emptiness of his heartless shell.
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    Spirox War

    Sakurano Isamu
    The swordsman was caught by surprise when Serana teasingly wrapped her tail around his waist, his hand almost at his sword. However, he stopped himself short when Xero spoke, quite loudly, with the accusation of him being a Spirox User. Isamu nearly jumped in surprise when he heard Serana's stomach practically roar with hunger. His stomach also mimicked the noise, though it was a weak imitation. "Oh... I'm hungry, too..." he murmured. With a melodramatic fingerpoint, Xero demanded Isamu to follow. "R-really?" He asked in surprise, though he was practically drooling with the thought of food. Isamu's head drooped as he realized that he didn't have much of a choice; one way or the other, Xero was going to have her way. So, he decided that he'll follow them just for one meal; and in doing so, with great reluctance and resignation, he slid his manga into his sleeve.

    Doctor Johann Faust
    When Shade slipped back up from the floor, the Doctor smile became a Cheshire grin. "How would you like to assist me?" He asked slyly. His gaze slipped over to Gamory for the first time, acknowledging his existence. Faust felt as though everything was going to fall into place. "I'm a doctor... and a very avid scientist. I need assistants to help me in... harvesting... certain specimens." His gaze locked on Gamory, analyzing him as he still faced toward Shade. The man did not look as wonderful a specimen as he'd like, but his use as an assistant would be greatly valued, he was sure. "I can pay you in anyway you like. In fact... I would love to have you be a cleaner for me. I still have certain specimen's in a freezer; the failures and the successes. They're yours if you can rid of them for me. It wouldn't look great on my record if the government found out I was behind the missing people. But, with this new organization growing, I'm confident that it'll blow over and you will assure that I keep my position amongst the government. Work for me instead of the mafia. It will be far more rewarding." The last two sentences were, in actuality, directed at both of the mutants.

    "Do we have a deal?"

    Slade Wulf
    Slade sat upon a stool by the bar, towers of food of all kinds piled higher and mountains of bowls and plates piled even higher than that sat in front of him. He wolfed down the food like a ravenous creature; due to his nature, it wasn't surprising that he would be hungry to the point of starvation. Nevertheless, a lot of patrons and even the store owner watched him in awe and disgust; to them, it was like watching a train wreck... it was such a terrifying scene but the just couldn't look away. In a matter of minutes, he cleared every bowl and ever plate of food and leaned back from the bar while chugging a large glass of milk. When he sat it down, he huffed with relief. "Milk... it goes great with everything, even spicy foods." Slade murmured, spinning the large glass on a single finger.

    Beside Slade, resting against the bar, was his large sword with his gun belts crisscrossed over the guard. These were his trusty companions, weapons meant to show he was dangerous; and more so, they were used to intimidate the patrons should they dare make a move on him or try and cause trouble. For today, he was the restaurant's bouncer, hired by the owner due to recent troubles with the locals. It wasn't the slums, but the pay couldn't have been better... plus, free meals!

    His glass shattered as something hit it, cutting Slade deeply. Blood dribbled down his finger, but steam began to rise as the painful healing process kicked in. Slade, ever the stoic, did not show the immense pain he felt. After a while, he got used to it. In the wall, past Slade, was a rock. "And here I was, minding my own business," Slade muttered, his voice a deep, baritone hiss. He followed the rock's origin of trajectory and narrowed his single eye into a dangerous slit. Standing not to far from the door was a tall, burly man with his hands folded; though his index finger and thumb mimicked a barrel-and-hammer of a gun. "Until a Spirox User walked into a bar like he was top ****. Listen, Spanky, I'll give you until the count of three before I break those fingers. So, be a sport and walk out of here before you get hurt." Slade concluded, beginning to rise from his chair. From the looks of it, the man was a geokinetic, a Spirox User who could manipulate the earth.

    The man glared at the mutant and growled, "I don't have to take an empty threat from a mutant! This is my territory, little man!"

    "One," Slade began, slowly turning to the man.

    "Hey! Didn't you hear me? Leave!" The man yelled, taking a step toward Slade.

    "Two," He continued, walking slowly towards the Spirox User.

    "I'll kill you, I swear!" The Spirox User cried, gathering particles of dust at the tip of his still-outstretched finger.

    "Three!" Slade finished, already half-way to the Spirox User. As the man promised, he shot another rock at Slade. However, the rock bullet whizzed past his cheek as the mutant barely moved his head, not even a graze or thing of dirt. Almost in a flash, Slade closed the distance, fast enough for the man to be discombobulated by the speed. Slade slammed his palm of his left hand into the man's chin, performing an open-handed uppercut, and swiftly spun behind him grabbing him by his neck and flipping the Spirox User over his head and through the door.

    The Spirox User finally found a restaurant in Idenshi and he paused. "I wonder what I should eat..." he muttered, slowly making his way there. However, he paused again as he saw a large man flying head-over-heels through the doorway, rolling on the ground as he landed and hitting the building across the street, breaking away the wall with a network of spider web-like cracks. "The Hell...?" Pride asked, befuddled. In the doorway stood a tall, silver-haired man with an eye patch over his left eye and as Pride looked at him, he got the impression that the man was a combination of a snake and a wolf despite his almost-human appearance. He noticed that a crimson eye had a cat-like pupil and it held possessed a murderous gleam, one that was held back by years of discipline.

    Pride shuddered.

    "Allo!" Pride cried out cheerily. "Is there a problem?" The man turned his gaze to Pride and the look did not falter. Pride gulped.

    "No problem here," the man said, his voice a deep hiss. "Just doing my job and taking out the trash."

    Funny, Pride thought halfheartedly, though he knew that the man was being literal in the case of the man that flew from the doorway. "So it was you who threw him out? You're so scrawny!" Pride jested, hoping to kill the murderous glare the man possessed.

    "Please don't interrupt. If you're a patron, head inside and mind your business. I have to wrap things up out here," the man walked outside and approached the Spirox User lying on the ground. When he got near him, he grabbed the dazed man's hand and the index finger. With a swift, subtle movement of his own hands, a loud and nasty crack roared in the air; louder yet was the man's cry of pain, a howl of agony. "Let this be a lesson to you," the man murmured to the Spirox User, letting go of the now broken finger. With that last remark, the man turned and began to head back inside.

    "Oi!" Pride shouted. "The Hell, man?"

    "What did I just tell you?" The man sighed, shaking his head.

    "Even if he caused trouble, you don't have to be breaking bones!" Pride growled, hand upon his sword.

    "Do I have to break you, too?" The man asked. Not waiting for an answer, he head inside the building and returned outside. He stabbed a large sword into the ground and buckled his gunbelts, crisscrossing each other around his waist. He removed his large coat, throwing it over the sword. "I'm more than willing."

    Pride gritted his teeth, unsure of what to do...
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    Riluc watched the clouds as he lay upon the beach, listening to the sing-song clash of the waves upon the shore. The wind brushed his face and he smiled. "Man!" He yawned, the warm sun gracing his being. "This is such a wonderful day to be alive!" He laughed. The nice warm sand, the spray of the sea... it was all peaceful to him. Over Riluc's head, stabbed into the ground in an X-shape, was his weapons he got from the Tree of Life: Yggdrasil. He was blessed with two swords, identical sabers. Riluc knew he could dematerialize them at any time, but he couldn't stop having them around, couldn't go for a moment without looking at them. They were beautiful and interesting; he never had his own set of weapons before.

    "What a wonderful day," he sighed, closing his eyes. Not soon after, he began to snore.
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    "Do you wish to die?" He asked, stopping and glancing at her as she grabbed his arm. The shell he wore was thick and heavy and Ananta would easily feel a high-level gravity spell coated upon his person. "It would be a waste to have you caught in the crossfire. Should you have paid more attention, there was a build up of magical energy in the air. You would be as good as gone, much like Xindai will be. Would you like to orphan your child?" Lucrix did not bother removing his arm from her grasp, there was no need. "We shall leave here soon, so do not be rash. I am looking for a particular place to open a new corridor..." He concluded, continuing his walk. Whether Ananta would let go or be dragged along was truly none of his concern.
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    Username: Sessamaru
    Name: Slade "The Black Devil" Wulf
    Alias: Demon Eye Slade, Hell's Advocate, Manslayer Slade (or Slade the Manslayer), Black Fighter Slade, Midnight Slade; "The Black Devil, Slade" is his most common nickname
    Age: 34
    Gender: Male

    Mutated Features: Both eyes have cat-like pupils; however, his left eye has black sclera and a cyan iris with a white pupil. Claw-like fingernails (Black claws in dark places). In a dark, gloomy area, his features change dramatically; he has black scales and black horns that form a wide arc over his head, with a lupine face (snout and all).
    Power: Accelerated Brain Function
    1) Split-Second Precognition: Last minute reflexes caused by psycho-temporal anomalies, seeing only a half-a-second into the future. This is caused by an accelerated brain function. This is a subconscious ability that only works when stress (the will to survive) or anxiety (hearing a gunshot) are high.

    2) Accelerated Healing Factor: His rate of healing, caused by his higher brain function (and thus higher bodily function), allows him to heal faster than the normal human; however, regeneration is impossible. He can heal his organs swiftly, however, his vital organs (including the brain) as most susceptible to harm and cannot heal if the damage is critical (like a direct hit from a bullet, blade, or if completely burned via cauterization).

    3) Enhanced Physical Abilities: A byproduct of his healing factor and high brain activity, he has enhanced strength, speed, and agility that slightly surpasses peak, bordering preternatural.

    4) Higher Cognitive Function: He has a photographic memory, with muscle memory to match, which allows him to remember every little detail. He is also able to learn how to use other weapons without being told/taught twice. He can grasp things quickly, as well.

    5) Demon Eye: His left eye was heavily mutated by the Spirox gene, making it completely unnatural. Due to the higher brain function and the depth of the mutation in this eye, he possesses dark vision, selective precognition (if the eye sees who or what, it can accurately (though not precisely) predict the target(s) movements/actions), and preternatural sight; though unhindered in dark places (allowing him to see both close and far away objects), during the day or in a place with immense light, Slade is unable to see with the eye, seeing only a painfully bright slate. In short, this particular eye is incredibly sensitive to light. He wears an eyepatch to compensate for it; though he also wears the patch to hide the fact he's a mutant.
    Weapons: Broadsword, Colt .500 magnum (custom-made; 9-bullet chamber with a 6" barrel) which he had dubbed "the Hand Cannon", twin Colt M1900s, combat knife
    Strengths: Expert marksman, Genius Intellect (Tactician and Strategist), High Adaptability, Ambidexterity, Expert Hand-To-Hand Combatant, and Master Swordsman
    Weaknesses: Accelerated Metabolism (must eat the equivalent of six times the meals of normal people), bright light (without the eyepatch)
    Starting Area: Idenshi

    Slade was once a soldier for the government's military. He was posted for city watch, having to patrol the city and its districts. One night, he came across a group of mutants assaulting innocent civilians; these mutants were dubbed "Ferals" due to going insane since they could not cope with their mutations, even going mad by their own appearance if not by their own powers. He stepped in to help the people, and instead became the ire of these mad folk. He fought well, but was beaten and stabbed and shot, amongst other things (such as burned, frostbitten, and charred). He passed out, almost dead, and awoke in an infirmary. As he awoke, he inquired about the group he had intervened with, only to be told that the problem was taken care of by the military and Doctor Johann Faust. Relieved, he began to feel a sharp pain. He yelled in agony as he reached for his left eye, the source of his agony. He felt pain all over his body, too, such as protrusions from his forehead that no one could see and sharp ridges from his skin that also no one could see. His fingernails elongated and became pointed. When the pain subsided, he felt blood dribble from the eye he held shut with his left hand; and indeed it was blood when he pulled away. His friends and comrades turned away, their faces contorted with disgust and pity; for not only did his eye bleed, but his entire body was soaked with blood. When all was done and over, several months later, he returned to the field; he also developed a reputation for a higher success rate. It wasn't long before he was discharged for antisocial and sociopathic behavior; however, the request to send him to an asylum was denied due to lack of evidence. To survive the rest of his days as a normal civilian, or as normal as can be, Slade became a Brawler in the slums of Oda City; a Fighter-for-Hire. His reputation grew from there, and his various other employs involved being a hitman and a mercenary.
    Other: He's essentially a human with Spirox augmentations, making him somewhat of a super soldier. He has a long scar over his left eye that is hidden by his eyepatch. He also wears a long black duster. Prior to his mutation, he has many scars across his body, including the scar over his left eye.
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    Spirox War

    Sakurano Isamu
    Isamu jumped a little and backed away from Xero. "Uuuh..." he began, blushing. His eyes shifted elsewhere, away from Xero. "Define... Spirox User..." he laughed nervously, head turning to and fro for an escape. He was a Spirox User, but he didn't like to brag about it or show off. Though he looked physically weak, he was no novice when it came to swordplay and acrobatics, all of which were augmented by his power. Sparks of electricity began to run about his body, at random, and he tried hard to keep it in check. "So, how about that weather?" He asked, backing away a little bit more.

    Doctor Johann Faust
    Anger flashed in Faust's eyes as Damnation ignored him. Here it was, a once in a life-time deal, and he was ignored! Faust kept himself composed, however. He would deal with Damnation at a later date, when it becomes more relevant to dispose of him. He wanted his genes badly, but he also kept his mania in check when the thought of his project came to mind. "Nevertheless," Faust sighed, turning to face Shade just as the mutant sunk into the floor. A slight smile spread upon his face as he slid the vial back into his sleeve's pocket. "Shade..." he called, tapping the ground with his foot. "A word, if you don't mind?" He asked politely, wearing his eerie friendly visage.

    Clive Strider
    The assassin moved from shadow to shadow, unconcerned with the events he witnessed. They were not dire to the government, so he would let them live. He eventually slipped out of the shadows as he came upon Kikei, wishing to patrol slightly longer. There was not much to do, not without a contract and not without a mission. "If only this day could be less boring," he groaned, annoyed by all the quiet.


    Clive looked around and noticed that a large number of mutants of Kikei had vanished. Hadn't he just heard of a group of mutants heading to somewhere secret? Somewhere close to the government building? "Damnation..." he cursed. How could he have been so careless to not follow? Clive glanced towards the direction of the building, massive in size, and shook his head. "I suppose reconnaissance would have to do," Clive muttered, wandering Kikei in search of someone who may have an answer to all this.

    Pride wandered into Idenshi, moving around languidly and almost drunkenly, head bowed low. "How much longer until--" he looked up and realized there was noise. A lot of noise. He looked up and realized he was finally inside the city, after hours of spacing out. "CIVILIZATION!" Pride cried joyously, running further into the city. He whooped and cried out in joy as he continued his way in, searching for the nearest restaurant with an All-You-Can-Eat buffet.
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    Lucrix heard the woman cry out her spell, turning to look at it. The spell shot towards him as swiftly as possible, but not fast enough. The Nobody opened a Dark Corridor, intercepting its path and sending it to Between and Betwixt. "I'm sure it must have hit something," Lucrix remarked. "Perhaps a lesser Nobody." He began to notice the change in the sky, feeling the power build up. He smiled from beneath his cowl, from behind his high collar; though empty, it was merely a memory of success. The tall entity moved towards Ananta, hand outstretched. "Now, it is time we end this charade..." he muttered, summoning another Dark Corridor over Ananta, sending her elsewhere. He kept it open long enough to follow, leaving behind Xindai.

    Meteora began to work in full power, accelerating towards the tower. The terrain broke in larger chunks and flew upwards toward the giant mass, adding to its strength. It was nearing the tower, threatening to break it apart.

    Lucrix and Ananta arrived in Between and Betwixt, alone. Lucrix closed off the Dark Corridor, but he knew Xindai was able to follow if he chose. However, Lucrix doubted that Xindai physically could. "It is over," Lucrix said, putting each arm into sleeves. "In a few seconds, the Reality Marble will be shattered and Xindai will cease to be." Lucrix turned away and walked further from Ananta.
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