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    The video has been removed because of some Copyright Claim-sigh-
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    The only way if that would be true is if Vanitas merges into Terra ever sense I finished 358/2 Days I am a supporter of Terra=Xemnas However I do agree though is a possibility of Vanitas of how I think is the most rediculous name for a villain could be a relative of Riku due to a part of his outfit is similar to Riku's in Dark Mode. Although The Scans do finally reveal Ventus and Sora do indeed have some relation sense a adult young Teenager Sora is next to a pic of Ventus as if their Son and father respectfully.

    This is just my input on it.
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    Man makes me even think why this news isn't even out on my news stations yahoo and what ever or even stations like G4 man this would probably spread the don't talk to people online ever thing with the parent paranoia with that. Thats sick but like one person said on page one the guy who wrote the dudes name in his own blood so they catch the sick freak I wish he was alive a shame he had to die like that
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    Quinton Flynn played Mickey before? awesome but man the second thread to see this in is quite sad....I realy feel like doing a King Mickey tribute now more then ever RIP your majesty...
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    I just found out about this I feel like crying I just found out on this on Yahoo moments ago.....Its cool how his wife voiced Minnie when he was Mickey a nice and cool touch

    Rest in Peace your majesty
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    Thank you for posting this up I didn't know they had updated the site I had seen this Raw on youtube and this is a tight film the Japanese Actor of L will say one line in English though I can't wait to see our voice actor for L once again take the mantle as L maybe for the last time but still I wonder how the dub version will do this is actualy a violent film more so then the first two I realy like how they did this
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    I kinda messed up with the poll by accident and noticed ah crap oh well make a joke or have it in an authority point of view I had a feeling I get critisied for it, my bad people. Anyway I agree with a lot of you actualy you guys made sense to something so freakin stupid . I do think certain swearing should be allowed like ass damnit even hell and **** I mean Every living soul knows the word Hell so it isnt a swear word yet we get in trouble in school or saying it...accept in church-_-..

    Believe it or not I actualy got in trouble for saying the word Freaking and got suspended for a weak for it right when I had a Doctor's appointment that morning too god women teachers.

    Anyway I think we all can agree on is atleast mild swear words should be allowed and yes like another said before staff who swear in front of students dont get in trouble yet we do even in high school its utter bs if students cant swear staff cant simple as freakin that but no it dosnt work that way in society or life for that matter. I wanted to get this subject off my chest that is all
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    This has been bugging the hell outta me for ages of course swearing is is apart of our language most like **** and ******* isnt realy swearing exept for using the N word around African American and blacks yet most modern people use it amongst themselves as a term which I find a little stupid sense it pisses a lot of people off to begin with.

    Anyway A lot of us may or may not have been suspended from school from swearing even the slightest thing a lot of teachers dont give a rats ass about it yet other teachers and staff members swear yet we the student/ex student have been suspended for swearing.

    I'm making a poll to see what you guys think on this issue I'm out of school believe me I'm just fed up with how many like my self have been suspended for something SO damn stupid in school.

    I apologise for swearing too much in this post
    Also the poll is sarcasim to why I switched rolls to wear Yes should have been what no should be especialy for those who think Swearing should be allowed maybe I thought from a teaches point of view or something why I switched Yes should be Your Intelligent nt the other way around
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    I wasn't sure if this was the right forum so please move it if it isn't.

    I know what your thinking the viewer of this thread, why the heck does one need to care about the first Final Mix to be released in America? Well this is why atleast to me. You see after I watched a fight of Unkown aka Xemnas in KHFM on youtube I noticed two attacks Sora has in both our versons of Chain of Memories I bet you guys have two I'm talking about Stun Impact and Slide Dash. Now sure these are just attacks and nothing relaated to the story but it does,you see remember the rules of Castle Oblivion to Sora due to Namine she made him Donald and Goofy forget their moves and spells yet Sora had Stun Impact and Slide Dash as a remembering move while in Kingdom Hearts 1 we never had those moves for Sora only his Final Mix counterpart did.

    Too me this is what Square Enix Square soft at the time thought they proboly kept those moves in our version both times to show the Final Mix version is Canon to the story but if so which many of us didn't know about FM back then most of us were just busy with the present alot of us didn't care about releases in Japan that much as we are now. I first just wanted Final Mix just to play it without importing it then with knowing Sora had these moves in his first adventure in Japan reflected to us in Chain of Memories.

    Also remember in the English Merchandise site Square released Sora's Limit Form only available in KH2FM yet labled it as Kingdom HEarts 2 available as a form. So in a way SE is showing they have some plans to release the FM games to us as easter eggs but if so when and why so late.

    The question is if you havn't imported Final Mix one and 2 or you have and SE released them to America would you buy them?
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    First off it's been ages sense I was last here I was mainly active in the Code Vault my favorate forum I had a big virus on my laptop and took the rest of the year of 08 to fix>< Anyway to the issue at hand.

    I went to IGNcom to see if they had the Japanese Demo of BBS I so want to play it. I came to the very end of this page and at the end it showed a tentative release date for December 31st 2009. I'm posting this up to see if this release is possible or I sure hope not I don't want to wait this long for it
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    Although the idea of Reno being axel's somebody it can't be ruled out completely. Think about it Tifa was introduced to Kingdom Hearts in Kingdom Hearts 2 who's to say they can do the same for any turks member at any time The Final Fantasy characters reside as we know only know in Radient Garden.

    However I do think Riku is Axels somebody I know I know don't start a flame war with me or say it's impossible after playing threw Re Chain of Memories countless times and how Riku in the first Kingdom Hearts acted in pesonality and how it was revealed Axel's Chakrams can change apperance(Days Multiplayer) like Riku's Soul Eater/Way to the Dawn Keyblade makes sense.

    Remember how Riku reached towards Sora with his arm to take him to the worlds pay attention to how Riku' gesture with his hand was even in Kingdom Hearts 2 olume 1 Manga when he held out the bag tossing it up and down. After Sora and Axel fought he reached out to Sora the exact same way Riku did/does.

    Back on the topic at hand here I did honestly thought for the longest time Axel was reno's somebody to how close they act in Crisis Core however their are a few things that made me believe again to the whole Riku is Axe;s somebody debate especialy near the end of his comment towards Zack of the Turks helping fugitives when him and Cloud aren't. Say what you will though I may not post in this topic again just wanted to look threw and say what is on my mind
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    Thanks a mill man they work
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