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    ....'Sup....Fifth sent me like, fifteen pms so to keep from cluttering up my inbox:

    Name: Nikomedes( Niko for short)
    Age: 18(or at least he looks that way...)
    Can u die?: why don't you try to kill me and find out
    Bio: Niko grew up in a fairly normal household. His dad had a slight gambling problem and his mom had a tendency to buy a lot but he and his twin brother were very happy. Now he is a mass murderer.
    Why you are this way: When he was 13 his brother was killed by some thugs and Niko thinks that it opened his eyes to what the world really is. His goal is to rid the world of all evil people. The only problem is that he is sociopath and usually ends up killing his definition of "bad people"
    Image: [​IMG]
    and he wears this mask [​IMG]
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    The Soul

    Soul Information
    Name- Dawn Rises
    Age- 20
    Gender- male
    Personality- He is usually quiet and observant. His calling is in Music.
    Host Information
    Name- Tristan Sanxay
    Age- 18
    Gender- male
    Personality- He speaks his mind even when sometimes it would be best to stay silent.
    Appearance- [​IMG]
    History- He was born in Colorado and was an avid rock climber. Once the souls invaded he joined the resistance but was captured and Dawn was implanted. Tristan convinced him to join the rebellion and had arrived about a week ago.
    Other- Dawn Rises goes by Riser now.
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    Sootfang loosened his jaws a little on the bear, hearing it roar. Big mistake. The bear thrashed and sent him flying into the tree. He let out a yelp as he hit it and crumpled.
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    OOC: I'm here, I'm here

    BIC: Sootfang was there. One moment his Silverwing was alone and the next Sootfang was jumping, flying threw the air to land on the bear. He grabbed a hold of the neck and locked his jaws.
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    Played By: ShadowofRiku
    Wolf's Name: Sootfang
    Wolf Status: deputy
    Wolf's Age in human years: 17
    Apperance: Sooty grey with black face and paws, Blue eyes
    Mate of: No one yet
    Personality: sarcastic, funny, loyal to the last breath
    Clan: GoldenWoods
    Gender: Female

    Let us continue
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    "The darkness in mens' hearts, drawn to these cursed medallions, and this heartless a veritable maelstrom of avarice. I wonder, are they worthy to serve Organization 13?"

    "Pardon me, lads and lass, but your captain will have no monsters today. We're turning for home. Thank ye."

    "Just like that?
    Just like that!"
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    Name:Nemijin Hyuuga
    Age: 12
    Gender: male
    Rank: Genin
    Village: Konoha
    History: Nemijin is Neji's younger brother. He looks up to Neji and admires how far he has come. Unlike Neji, Nemijin is proud to be in the branch family, saying that they are way better than the snobs in the main household. Nemijin grew up to guard the next heir to the main household. He doesn't want to meet her but knows it is his duty to serve and protect the heir. He received his curse mark when he was 7 and has been a caged bird ever since. His skills are being honed with the help of his older brother, and his byakugan is already very strong. Unlike the rest of the main household, he isn't related to the next heir. Some how they were not connected by blood.
    Personality: Calm and withdrawn, he strives to be like his brother. He does believe that whatever you do, is your destiny. It makes sense to him, and helps him cope with the curse mark he has to live with everyday. He is strong and agile but he doesn't have chakra to waste, thats why he makes up for it in excellent chakra control. He doesn't waste any of it. He has a temper and sometimes speaks before he thinks.
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    User name:ShadowofRiku
    Name: William
    Age: 17
    Home town/city/place you live: Dublin, Ireland
    aperance: [​IMG]
    personality: funny and likes to joke around. He knows when to be serious though
    Bio: He came to because he likes to role play.
    Other: he owns a pet cat named Blackstar
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    Name- Khan
    Gender- male
    Moons(age)- 6 moons old
    Persona- brave and daring, he is always testing his limits
    Appearance- [​IMG]
    Other- he is the son of the Dragga

    well since I'm a dragga "May Fenris shine down upon you"
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    hey whoa now, I'm not saying anything bad or saying it in a rude or inappropriate way so you lay off
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    characters name:Jeremy
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    My turn. You are obviously too weak. What were you thinking? Befriending humans...pft...all the humans to is make war and chaos and then die!!I'm taking over NOW!!

    Kairotu shivered a bit and his eyes went all black, without any sign of his irises. He sat straighter on Exuro and drew his sword. "I'm going down to thin out their ranks and scout ahead," he said. His voice sounded as though two people were talking at the same time. Exuro swooped downward.
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    ((hey buddy :poke::satisfied::action-smiley-030: it will be good to rp with you again))
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    Sotu walked through the door into the house that all the Sohma teens shared. He noticed Leah, his friend, laying on the couch and crept up behind her, making no noise. He put his hands in front of her eyes and bent down. "Guess who?" he whispered in her ear.
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