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    i only understood the tale wend of that joke
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    i finally finished the story a month ago and now i just need to go collect the stars haha
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    why must my post count haunt me
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    post counts back or riot
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    Ananta looked a little lost, but she glanced over to see Aux found his mother. She smiled and waited for them to talk before she walked over and waved. "Iso, I told you he was here. And Mari, you look adorable. I'm glad you were able to find him!" She smiled at the little family. She kindly ignored hearing his mom. "Aux, whys your face red?" She teased. "You're coming with us to finish this all, right?"
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    Ananta dusted her hands and stood up. Looking back, she noticed the blue hair woman and smiled. "Hello, my name is Ananta, what are your names?" she started, kneeling down to the older kid's height.

    "My name is Izo Zisa.. im the head engineer here on the sanctuary." She placed her head on the boy's head "this little fellow trapped with us is Zeke. He got separated from his family..." he then put her other hand on the little girl's head. and this little bundle of joy is Amare. Say hi Mari!" The little girl looked barely four years old as she hid behind her mom. "She's very shy..."

    "Hello Zeke! And Mari is so pretty. Is she yours?" she asked, smiling sweetly. She awaited the answer and nodded. "Alright, so, where should I begin? Have you been trapped down here since you were put on the ship?"

    "Yup, she's my youngest. I have a son, but he's off training with his grandfather. He's training with the same weapons you all use." She looked around the prison block. "And we only got locked in here shortly after th summit. We were sucked into some portal and got dropped down here."

    "Ah, alright that means I need to explain only a little bit. My groupd, SOS, we all have been going world to world to stop No Heart. We ended up here because most of us were captured. I was just hurt badly, but not so many of us were spared. Karina over here was held captive by her father. Others were captured too and they were given trials that, as far as I'm aware, were not so fair. The summit was a disaster as well and so...yeah, things are bad. I hope your son is safe, things aren't going so well at the moment." She sighed.(edited)

    "Seems like its been rough all around.." she brushed her daughters hair with her fingers. "I hope my son's safe too... I haven't heard from him in nearly five years. I think about him all the time. I would love forMari to meet her older brother soon... tbats part of why I joined sanctuary. To look for my son and father. My husband also got lost when our world fell. So its just been Mari and I for the last few months."

    "Well, I could help you find him once we get things figured out? What's his name, anyway?" she asked, looking back at her group for a second.

    "Auxillius," she smiled. "He was barely a teenager when he left so I imagine he's gotten taller. He was not very strong though... he has red hair like his father."

    "Oh shoot uh...." she scratched her neck. "He's here too."

    "HE IS?!" Her voice immediately shot up. "Red hair, blue eyes?"

    "Super cocky and buff and wears a dumb hat." Ananta nodded.

    Iso toned down a bit. "Oh... well that doesn't sound much like him at all. My Aux was always picked on by the other local kids.. that's why he wanted to leave and get stronger. He said he wouldn't come back until he was strong. If the person you're talking about was really Aux... and he was as strong as you said... he would've come home..." a small tear escqped her eye as she quickly wiped it away
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    Ananta had really stayed quiet through everything. Taking the silent watcher approach since she was still a little timid around Karina. But coming to this cell and hearing Eric speak so rudely irked her. Beuce had already spoken but it seemed Eric was too focused on things not going their way. Ananta sighed and shook her head. "Are you two done moping about your plans not going the way you wanted them? All I hear is you two are sad that Karina is making a better life for herself despite the things that's happened to her. Stop being so selfish that things aren't going your way and let her live her life the way she wants to. Also, this dress really doesn't look too good on you, Karina. It isn't that flattering, I"m sorry." she gave a small bow.

    Stepping over, Ananta summoned water to her hands and used the water to freeze X-Ray's legs to the ground. "Should we set them free, Karina? There's other people in there who have nothing to do with this fight."
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    Xares appeared and Anants rolled her eyes towards Vanitas. "If you want to know how we can trust each other so much...well, I know everyone here is my friend in some capacity. Even if our friendships are rocky or we dont know each other too well. They're people I want to believe in and I'm going to do just that. I believe in SOS." She spoke, following after Beuce.

    Catching up to him, she looked at him. Her eyes moved back forward. "I are we going to prove their innocence?" She asked him.

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    To say Ananta had been paying attention to Aj would be a lie. She in fact ignored him, wanting to get to the prison floor. At the bottom, she saw Beuce and Kel without Karina. That either ment things were going bad or something else happened. Ananta looked sad,but she shook the feeling away. All she had to do was hope Karina was alright. Now that they were in the cell block, she immediately went to find Kaida. She approached her cell and saw her speak to Vanitas. "So, something about a traitor again? I'm more inclined to believe somebody is bluffing us." She chimed in.

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    "Well we can help by first visiting them and trying to figure out what happened. And I think the point of the well was to work together not work against each other." She suggested.

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    Ananata didnt meant to stay quiet so long, but she really had to think of how to describe her world. As they approached the C Quadrant. "My world had a large crystal located in the center of our main city. It provided life and water for all of us. It was up to 7 Sages to take care of it and train more to take that mantle. People on my world tend to live long lives. I may look this age but on my world I am currently 55. Back to the crystal, we call it the Mother Crystal. From Her, my people gain our own Crystal's that allow us to gather magic and use it to create things." She stopped and looked around, hearing the announcement. "Let's head to the prison blocks. Ah, yes, I was in an arranged marriage on my world. Those are a thing that happens. Only within our color groups, too. Like, my color group are the Emeraldine. There are more but we don't intermingle...other than to work together. So now it's your turn to tell me about your world. Anything I tell you now is just irrelevant since Crystallis is gone now." Ananta walked onwards, heading towards the elevator.

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