Awarded Pins

  1. Awarded: Jul 29, 2018


    Winner of a Decades category in the KHV User Awards
    Reason: Congratulations on winning on of our decades awards!

  2. Awarded: Dec 25, 2016

    User Awards Winner「Ricreazione」

    The best of the best (and sometimes the worst) battle it out to become the reigning champions of! (Must have won Writing, Video, Art, or Role Play Categories.)
    Reason: Winner of a category in Cycle 2 of the 2016 KHV User Awards!

  3. Awarded: Sep 12, 2016

    Luminary Residuum

    A hero's path abides by the protection of others... (Must be a Former or Active Staff Member.)

  4. Awarded: Mar 15, 2014

    Follow Suit

    Followers,'s all the same to a kind heart! (Have Over 50 followers)

  5. Awarded: Mar 15, 2014


    You have seen the passage of time on the site, memories Everlasting! (Have three or more years on the site)

  6. Awarded: Mar 15, 2014

    Premium Craze

    Welcome to Premium, now bask in the glory of a dead section! (Meet the Premium Criteria)