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    I still can't get over how hideous they made them for Monsters INC. /sob
    Post by: Shuhbooty, Feb 25, 2018 in forum: Kingdom Hearts News & Updates
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    are we doing secret santa?
    Status Update by Shuhbooty, Dec 11, 2017
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    I'm not sure what to really call this, but here is my issue. /cri

    I have a super duper old Hisense tablet back from 2013/2014. This tablet has NO space what so ever and all I can do (literally) is play KHuX. Now I wanted to get a replacement for my rock. So I get this suuuuper cheap tablet not even thinking about it. (it was on sale for 20 bucks. t w e n t y d o l l h a i r s ok, I go home and i'm like "yeah ready for this ****ing upgrade" but when I go to install it- I have SO many issues. At first it wouldn't install. It was telling me blah blah and I waited a day- and then the client installed. Cool, the process has started. Takes a minute to download, my tablet does it's thing, it installs it and now when I go to click it, it doesn't even fffffff open. It shuts off completely.

    I'm an iOs user. I've never really worked with Android, and my Hisense tablet was made by google- even tho it has the play store it's so much different then this tablet now. Oh it's a NuVision by intel? Some apps aren't compatible with this, and honestly I'm ok with that. But all I want to play is KHU on this badboy. Any thoughts? Should I cash out and get a legit type of tablet?
    Thread by: Shuhbooty, May 20, 2017, 1 replies, in forum: Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ
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    I'm crYING

    I'm crYING
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    Ew, it's gross!

    Ew, it's gross!
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