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    yes i do

    yes i do
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    Name: (First Middle Last): micheal sixx burnstung
    Gender: male
    Character sheet: black
    Region of Origin: johto
    Favorite Pokemon: umbreon
    Prefered Type: dark/ghost
    Height: 5'10
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    lol will do thanks ^.^
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    Lol >-< I walked right into that one :P
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    waaaazzzz that supposed to mean >,.,<
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    " alright then im off i will not return until i have completed my objective." sixx then reached into his trench coat until he pulled out a crossbow, " this should do the trick " sixx said as he looked down the eyesight of the crossbow. with those last words he walked into the shadowy area of the warehouse until he was not seen to begin his work.

    now on top of the warehouse sixx loaded up his crossbow and made his way along the roof tops of each warehouse until he was at the end. sixx looked back at the warehouse he was just at and muttereed to himself " nice confritation place." he then jumped onto a building across the street trying to stay in the shadowy darkness of the rooftops as he made his way downt town. sixx soon stopped at the sound of a cop's sirens going off intruiged by the commotion. as he followed the cop he was able to determine that a nearby bank had been robbed, and now the robbers where in a high spead chase with the law. sixx ran ahead of the vehicals and stopped waiting for the robbers to drive below him so that he may land on top of their car. as the car neared sixx jumped down and landed directly on the car. sixx then shoot at the roof of the car, the arrows going directly through the roof of the car. after three shots the car started to swerve out of control. certain sixx had atleast injured the driver he stomped in the driver side window kicks the driver knocking him out onto the second robber sitting in the passenger seat. he then reched over while the second robber was surprised by the sudden change in drivers and opened the passenger side door. he then took out a sawed off shotgun and shot booth the robbers making them fly out the door. sixx then reached back into the backseats and grabbed the baggs of money and jumped out of the car rolling onto the road with the money sixx quickly got back up and jumped onto a nearby building and disappeared into thje darkness of the rooftops once again. " -sighs- that was a close one sixx you need to be more careful " sixx said as he opened up the bags and counted the money, a total of $7,049.

    sixx then stopped and looked at his surroundings. after going from rooftop to rooftop without realizing it sixx ended up in the downtown area. after he then looked for every safe house in the downtown area. after checking each one sixx came across one safe house that gave hime him a weird feeling. he went closer to the safe house and saw his targets there unsure of what they were doing sixx waited and scoped the place out some more before he made preperations for his future attack on his targets......
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    Full Name: micheal " sixx " everlong
    Age: 16
    Likes: a silent place to relax, being to self ( doesnt know how to talk to other people well... particularly women ) having people to talk to ( but won;t admit it )Dislikes: frilly, happy go lucky people ( always overly high spirited.... it annoys him ) anyone who asks about his eye or past, more of a night owl but can still tolerate the sunlight, people who judge, super lud people ( again... annoys him )
    Weaknesses/Fears: tought to have no fears by his family he has one major fear.... making a bad first impression, hard to communicate with other people espically those who don't understand him
    Strengths/Talents: was raised in a family of bounty hunters ( henceforth the appearence and personallity )wants to be a good person, is skills in combat, can go with little to no sleep
    Personality: very silent at first... a man with few words, lost his parents but was indifferent about them ( used to go bounty hunting with them before he lost them ) wants to start all over, is shy ( but will never admit to it ) he is a man of the night.... thats when he is most active, wants to be caring just doesn't know how to show it
    Sexuality: bisexualFavorite Color: red... the color of blood
    Instrument(s): can play both the classical guitar and violin, would much rather play the violin
    Crush?: N/A
    Cupid's Brew?:no
    Availability:i have after school activites every monday,wednesday, and friday.... depending on when those activities end i may be able to post
    Other:eek:nce again sixx ( what he likes to call himself ) was raised in a bounty hunting family until he lost his parent ( didnt really effect him though ) he came to this school to try and be a normal 16 year old male, wants to be " normal " but doesn't know how to go about it. lives on his own ( usually will take camp anywhere he can... doesn't live on campus or in a home )
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    I love that song ^ @.@ that is one if the best movies I've ever seen >-< sorry but that just like made my day <3
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    Sixx gives one final glance to rivers as he then picks up the folder laid out before him. " you know killing man or a... Werewolf for that matter is easy to kill when they are also trying to kill you but, trying to capture a werewolf... Shall we call it, is harder to do when he is trying to kill you " sixx said as he looked at the pictures more carefully. His head then arose from the folder and sixx stared back at rivers. " I should charge you more but I will be honest I'm a thrill seeker kind of man Rivers and, I like the feeling of putting my life on the line so I won't charge you more.... This werewolf Martian I won't need him, I work alone." sixx then glanced at the folder one more time before he slid it into his long trench coat. A wicked looking smile then appeared on sixx's face as he thought of the future confrontation with his new targets. " not only do I get to put two pooches in the pound but I also have to deal with some lousy shape-shifters, a dragon.... I didn't know we are in the renaissance or else I would have readied my " horse " for a " joust, " now, being serious who is this so called " protector " and what can it do? " sixx said readying himself to make a mental note of this new creature called a " protector. " " as for the location of these targets? And any special request on how I go about things like, how I capture them or something like a time frame of when you need them? And as for the money your a very wise man Rivers... Giving me half now and half later, your not as idiotic or dumb as I thought you to be. "
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    As sixx walked acrossed the rather empty looking warehouse, his footsteps echoing he looked for the person he was to meet, sixx studied him for a long time before speaking. " alright who am I after and where is my money?!" sixx said in a demanding voice. He then crossed his arms and stared directly into Rivers eyes. As he continued to stare he began to paint an image of the person before him, trying to picture Rivers personality before he even spoke to him.
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    Sweet I look forward to it.. It would be nice to have an outline of what has happened so far >-< <3
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    Thanks I appreciate it... I LOVE RPing can't wait to start ^•^
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    vampire-Username: Sixx
    Name: Sixx
    Age: 27
    Show Spoiler
    occupation: drifting bounty hunter
    Personality: usually monotone... keeps to self but shows no mercy to those that stand before him ( considered souless )
    What's most important to you? im a drifter... as long as im paid i will do any job
    What do you want outta life? im indifferent about life... we all have to die sometime
    other: i was born a vampire but dont know my "parents" i lost my right eye at the hand of a witch. i used to hate them but now i can tolerate them.... to an extent


    <~ SOULESS~>
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