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    WIN, my darling, pure WIN! Though... I must admit... it took me a while to remember the storyline after such a long wait ;p none the less, goodgood, nice work. ^w^ I wish they had kissed, though. Or were about to when Riku busted in. x3
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    'Obviously, never use fire.' i feel smart. 8D It actually took some of his health away, though. What health orbs? I'm talking about Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories
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    of course! :D
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    So I'm running around, having the time of my life with all the 3D graphics of KH Re:CoM, when I'm slaughtered twice by the Trickmaster. Been playing in normal mode. Any tips?
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    just to let you know....

    Sora in KH - 14

    Sora in KH:CoM - 15

    Sora in KHII - 16

    How do I know this? The box booklets and Sora spends a year in Castle Oblivion. You can modify the other ages by this comment. :)
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    The redone version is coming out, but this little Otaku ahs both. :) The sprites are inanely fun to watch. -giggle-
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    I took that into concideration, too. Roxas says he doesn't know, so the tidbit about his heart isn't quite soild, so I didn't incude that in many self-crits or the proof.
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    May have spoilers, so don't read if you haven't finished all the games. D8

    So many people find the pairing of Roxas and Namie a little unbelievable, dispite the evidence through the pairing of Sora and Kairi (which makes it really hard for people who support parings like SoraxRiku, KairixRiku, AxelxKairi, SoraxNamine, etc.). SO; I dug deeper for more proof than the obvious stuff.

    Proof 1: The way Roxas acts toward Namine
    Can you honestly say you would believe a girl who can stop time, and talks to you like an old friend? Well Roxas did. Not only that, but he smiled at her alot (Twilight Town Day Five, The World That Never Was part 2....) And can we truely say that Roxas smiles alot?

    Proof 2: Sora's actions in Castle Oblivion
    So we all know that Namine was screwing with Sora's heart, mind, and memories in KH:CoM, yes? Well, in some floor (the 6th, I believe), Donald and Goofy point out that Sora acts strange when it comes to Namine. Well, ever noticed that the way he acted was like the opposite of himself- like Roxas? Not only does this look like Namine liked/likes Roxas and longs for him, but it also shows that Roxas and Namine have probably met before.

    Proof 3: Roxas believes Namine when he doesn't know her
    This somewhat ties in with Proof 1. So Roxas runs around in the digital Twilight Town, slowly realizing his world is a little... well... 'off', let's just say. Then this random girl shows up, stopping time and talking to him like she knows him. So, insted of going "Who the frick are you?" or going "How the crap are you fluxing my time/space continum?" he believes and follows her. Also, does he not act rather protective? (in the manga, which also emphisises on Sora's relationship with Kairi)

    Proof 4: The last time we see Roxas and Namine
    So we have Namine save the Disney peeps, meeting with Kairi and Sora. Roxas comes out of Sora and starts talking to Namine with a smile on his face (he didn't smile nearly as much with

    Proof 5: Xeon connection?
    So we've got our Ms.Mysterious Xeon blipping into being, right? So if she can talk with both Roxas and Namine, not to mention have relationships with both, who's to say Roxas and Namine themselves can't meet? Further more, Axel is friends with both of them, and even if the Superiors say 'Roxas and Namine cannot meet!' when was the last time Axel listened to them?

    So if you have any counter-evidence, let us have a debate. :)
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    POST. AGAIN. NOW. :anger: jk, jk, but really, I'm dying to know the rest. tell you what- you update here, and I post an update for 'Down with the Sickness' that day or the next, de pending on the time? C'mon, what have you got to loose? ;P
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    -reads twice to understand- OH! that's a rather smart glitch. x3
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    Oh, thank you, Numora.

    That's strange; I have the teasures of every world.

    OMG, I'm an IDIOT! Why didn't i look there in the first place?! Thank You!! -gives bakie-
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    ... you didn't, really.

    You have to complete some objective to activate the next one... -forgets what it is- :/
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    So I'm running around at lvl 86 [went to go see if I could kill Xemnas, expecting to die, anf won, le gasp! (and with it in Sora fighting only mode!) First time beating any Kingdom Hearts game, being I always die at the last big boss. D8], leveling as I go, and the only things I need to do is poster duty under 30 seconds in Twilght Town, complete all the little extra things for the Olymise(sp?) tornaments, and kick sephy's butt in Radiant Garden to complete it.

    I tried to use a guide on gamefaqs for the Poster Duty, but the directions made no sense! D8 I have all of my drives leveled out and all that jazz, so we're good there....

    I don't need much help for the torns, but it would be nice to know how to rake in bigger points....

    I've been using a gamefaqs guide for sephy and can't find the power band recipe for the life of me!

    I have the Ultima Weapon (as to inform you of my materials status) but I don't need to finish all the Moogle extras, do I? Or -swallows- the gummi routes? Any help on these topics is apperciated!
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