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    Reserving Jenny - the doctor's daughter - Doctor Who
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    The fourth doctor let out a laugh "How wonderful, breaking all the rules of time, but wonderful." He shook the other doctor's hand. "John Smith eh yes that would be me haha" he said to the eleventh doctor. He looked at the meta-doctor "Half time-lord half human, that's never been done before. "Yes the scarf was fashionable ... somewhere, and it does keep me quite warm. Very nice to meet you 2" He said to Lea and Rose "and it won't be the last time I meet you. "so doctor's I suggest we get somewhere safer until we find what to do next."
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    "Ahhhhh" cried the 4th Doctor inside his TARDIS. "I lost complete control" he said as sparks flew from the main control panel. "Some kind of wormhole
    sucked me in and now some kind of EMP wave is draining my TARDIS of power. "Luckly I still have just enough power to land to the planet below." His TARDIS then finally materized in front of The other Doctors. The doctor stumbled out of his TARDIS, " Hello-o-o-o" I'm the doctor and that was not fun. He then feel backwards and slowly got up. "Can some one please tell me where I am?" He said picking up his hat. "and why my TARDIS almost blew me to a million peices?"
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    right now

    right now
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    Reserving the 4th Doctor
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    Could I have
    Squall Leonhart
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    Name: Raven
    Gender: Female
    Signer or Dark signer Dark signer
    Type of deck: Fables
    Special Card: Earthbound Immortal Intus

    I would also like to be Leo or Luna
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    Kh vids here is a question for you what happens when you add one 8 year old nephew goofing around. + your phone in your hand, + a swimming pool. Yeah my phones gone and with it all my pics and songs. To add icing to cake i'm on vacation. Could someone cheer me up?
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    Thanks, all of you
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    Hello there, I just arrived on my gummi ship after getting lost(never ask goofy for directions).
    Hmm well lets see I played almost every Kingdom Hearts game. I am also a major anime fanatic/geek.
    In my free time I draw, write stories, and listen to music.
    I read the rules and hope to see you all around.
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